Max’s South Seas Hideaway

58 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids
(616) 551-0016

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Krystal L.

Max's south seas hideaway takes the cute tiki bar theme to a whole other level. From their creative cocktails to their full on tiki ambiance, I couldn't get enough of this place! The minute you walk in you're completely submerged into all things tiki and if you're a fan of that theme like I am then this will be your new favorite place! Our server was nice enough to recommend her favorite cocktails to us since it was our first time there and I was impressed with her recommendations. Each cocktail was tastier than the last! (Just an FYI, they are a bit on the strong side though so if you plan on having more than one than you might want to find alternative ways home) They also had a short food menu in case you want to grub a little in between cocktails. Definitely a great spot to check out when you're downtown!

John K.

This review only relates to an online drinks order gone bad, but I feel if I only review positive things then Yelp reviews become meaningless. I placed an online order for just TWO canned drinks for pickup on a Saturday afternoon at 4:21 and my confirmation message said they'd be ready in 30 minutes, at 4:51. I also picked up some food nearby and showed up for the drinks at 5:00 figuring they were long since ready but was told they'd be about 5 more minutes (my guess, no one even knew the order was placed). 10 minutes later they came out on ice in plastic cups! No doubt a bit watered down by now, I said they were supposed to be in cans for take home and they went back and put them in cans. They offered to remake them but I was already 55 minutes in on these drinks so I took them transferred to the cans and left at around 5:20, a good 25-30 minutes past the original pickup time I was given and an hour after placing the order. Disappointing any time but especially because I also had food I was taking home. I did order the same two drinks a couple weeks ago, later in the evening when they were far busier, and had no issues. I voiced my disappointment several times about the long delay and the cups vs. cans issue and was just told "sorry, but they also have inside customers to make drinks for." I get that, but it shouldn't take 50 minutes to make two drinks no matter how busy you are. And an online order seems like the default would be to put in sealed cans; not to mention my order specifically was for cans. Rant over, hopefully my next visit goes better.

Iheartgrandrapids I.

Hey hey party people!!! ⁣⁣Have you heard the news yet? ⁣⁣Introducing:⁣⁣Max's Luau Brunch! ⁣⁣Max's will be offering Saturday and Sunday brunch from 11-4pm! After 4pm they'll revert back to their incredible dinner menu. ⁣⁣If you know anything about Max's, you know they are known for their one of a kind cocktails (that are now available for to-go!). They'll also have new brunch cocktails available as well! (Think passionfruit, guava, pineapple, grapefruit ) ⁣⁣This is no ordinary brunch menu, you'll forget you're in Grand Rapids altogether as these dishes taste like you're enjoying brunch in Hawaii. ⁣⁣Here's some of our favs:⁣*Ohana pancakes & savory kimchi pancakes⁣*Spam hash and eggs (um...SO good!)⁣*Jerk Shrimp with creamy cheddar grits⁣

Abriana B.

We went here to grab after dinner drinks. The theme and decor of the restaurant is super cute! We sat upstairs at the boat bar. The drink menu is rather large, but our bartender recommended all her favorite drinks to us. The presentation of the drink was nice and they definitely don't have a light hand when it comes to pouring! Fun atmosphere and good drinks!

Lele H.

Wonderful time tonight!!! Drink menu is larger than food menu! Drinks and food were outstanding. My only complaint was the rice with the tacos. Completely wrong with this theme, it should have been white sticky rice!Atmosphere is awesome!

Erin K.

I can not speak highly enough of Max's. Fromthe service to the amazing cocktails, everything here is fantastic. I order the vegan green curry, our server said it was one of his favorite meals, the gentleman that brought our food even mentioned that I was in for a treat. Umm, wow, it was by far the BEST and most DELICIOUS meal I have EVER had. I couldn't stop eating it. Then we ordered the table side bonfire, do yourself a favor and get it. Just do it, you won't regret it. Today was our 11th wedding anniversary and this was the best one yet, and Max's played no small role in it. Oh and want a great drink for 2 get the tiki bowl. For the love of all that is good go to Max's you won't regret it.

James S.

UPDATE: Max's is now starting brunch and just like their traditional dinner options, the brunch menu is phenomenal as well. I could write a super long dish by dish review on their brunch menu but I won't. I'll rank my top 3:3) The kimchi pancake - as it says in the name it is super savory. I love all things that have to due Korean cuisine so Ioved this. The kimchi flavor is pungent but tasty. 2) The lomi lomi toast is great. The foccacia is light. The avocado is fresh as is the sous vide egg that accompanies it. It's a lot of different flavors. 3) The 'Goon Pizza - it's a crab Rangoon pizza! More tasty foccacia but the crab Rangoon filling is amazing but they add mozzarella and furikake sauce. I'll be honest - there's a lot going on here with this but it is so good! The brunch menu is expansive so you'll have to make multiple trips to try everything ;-)

Mona F.

This place is AWESOME. The food taste great and everything is moderately priced. The staff are very friendly and helpful( and they are all wearing mask/ if your nervous about the covid). They have a HUGE list of fun cocktails that will leave you feeling "toasted" and the atmosphere is like a little hawaiian hideaway. It is totally worth a check out. Also the bathrooms are downstairs and are clean.

Devin Dailey

Wow. What a great place to go for a date night. Max's staff went above and beyond tonight. I made a reservation for 9pm. My wife and I got there about an hour early to see if the bar was open. Unfortunately they were filled up in the bar. Within seconds, Lydia who was working outside near the entrance called in to see if there was a table available for 2. She got us a table and asked us to wait a couple moments and they would have us seated. We were in. Ahmani was our waiter and he was super kind and timely. We had our table and got our drinks fast! Food came out quicker than I expected it would. The food was amazing! The staff continuously exceeded expectations. Eventually Christopher stopped by the table to ask us how the food was. We let him know it was amaze. During the conversation he offered us a tour! After we finished our meal and drinks we went around the restaurant and he had plenty of interesting things to say about the decor and aesthetic of the interior. Such a great time and was not expecting this at all. Great job Max's Staff!!!

Adam Wolff

Everything about this place is amazing. Drinks can be overwhelming, but you can always ask for help. All the food was top notch, nothing felt rushed or fake.Birthday dinner came with a free Tableside Campfire, complete with Homemade S'mores Mixings. Worth. Every. Penny.

Sara Shields

We are tiki fans and loves Max’s! We spent a few hours in the Atomic Bar tonight with Nolan. Hands down the best bartender at Max’s and maybe my fav ever. Great drinks, great food and a great team at Max’s.

Cameryn S.

Came here last night with a friend and had an amazing time. We sat at the bar, which is decorated so beautifully, you truly feel like you are on vacation. We were served by Nolan, who also mixed our drinks. He made the experience incredible by offering lots of information about the menu and mixing the best drinks. The drinks are around $10-15 but they are worth it because they are crafted wonderfully. We got Nolan's special mai tai and the formidable dragon, which were both tasty & strong. We shared a Demerara dry float after which was my favorite cocktail of the night. We tried the chicken satay with peanut sauce which was delicious and seasoned well, and the tableside bonfire, where you get to roast marshmallows at a mini fire brought right to your table! As someone who has been to several Tiki bars (3 dots & a dash in Chicago, Aku Aku in Orlando, The Broken Shaker in Miami, etc) I can say that this bar blew me away...All in all, it was an unforgettable night and we will definitely be back!

Syd Thomas

Max's was fantastic!! Thank you Nolan and Jim for your hospitality and the great food, drinks, tour and all around good time! Can't wait to come back!

Aaron Lee

Noel was too busy talking with his friends to make our drinks. :(The place looks fantastic and everything smelled so good.But unfortunately both bartenders ignored us after we ordered and continued to chum it up with their fellow co workers and the regulars.After being patient for over 20 mins we walked out. So beware, if you aren't regular good luck getting any one to pay attention to you.

Carrie Schenkel Reasonover

Both the food and the drinks were absolutely amazing! After having made 41 drinks from the Smugglers Cove book, this was an amazing destination to experience and savor! We appreciated the measures Max’s is taking around COVID-19 and felt very safe and socially distanced. This was a perfect escape for a few hours from everything going on in the outside world. Can’t wait to come back again!

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