1539 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids


Reviews for Sloth's Revenge

This place was recommended as a new hot spot in the area and I took my mom with me to give it a try. We ordered the barbecue wings, the Golden Goat (Cuban sandwich), Boomers (fried mushrooms) and Za'Tar fries. The wings were good sized and pretty meaty. The Golden Goat was decent. I would likely try something different just to experience more on their menu. They gave us a huge order of mushrooms and they were pretty good. The batter was a little too doughy for my full review
The food was really good after I got what I ordered. This place is straight up take out. There's music blaring so it's hard to hear the guy taking orders. My only issue is that my order was made wrong. I'm not sure if it's because the guy taking orders couldn't hear me over the music or was just to drunk to under stand. He clearly had been drinking for a while and smelled like a spilled beer. I'll probably go back and hopefully will have a really to edit this for a better review.

Carry-out street food. Really chill inside. When we went in it was super busy but the dudes were friendly and quick. They got through an entire lobby of people in no time, and the food was delicious! Didn't think to take any pictures because I scarfed it all down but just saying - I could totally live off those Godzilla fries!

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