Slows Bar BQ Grand Rapids

435 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids
(616) 454-1588

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Hannah Taplin

I've been ordering from Slows via delivery for a year now. I love barbeque and am quite picky about the brisket I eat because it's so easy to screw up. Lemme tell y'all I have never had a bad meal from Slows. It's always hot, well portioned, and worth the price. I haven't been able to go to the dining room because of the pandemic but just know that I will be hitting the market as soon as possible. Thank you, Slows!

Karen Marheine Vuurens

Great food! Enjoyed it all and took some home.


Ordered from Door Dash. Slows stiffed us on half the order. The other half we received was inedible. The ribs were tough as leather. The barbecue sauce was like watery ketchup. The wings were dried out like they were under a heat lamp for a long time. The cornbread was rock hard. Door Dash refunded the missing half, but we should get a full refund because none of it was edible.

Pamela Mcclenton

Everytime I go to slows the food is AMAZING ! must try the brisket sandwich ! Drinks are good too!

Tony White

Food was verry good and the service was fantastic i definitely will make plans to be back food is a bit pricey but it is worth every penny.

Barry Reaume

They where on point.

Jayson D.

Slow's has reopened recently for indoor dining at limited capacity (like everywhere else). Their usually vast supply of on tap brews has been for the time being reduced to four. Bizzes are hurting, and it's been a dicey ask to get folks out and about while the virus still flies. Slow's is doing what it can to keep going as safely as guidelines allow: limited seating, distancing, staff in masks, etc.

I've eaten here plenty before the pandemic began, and tonight I gave it another whirl. I like to sit at the bar and chat with the bartenders whom I've always found to be friendly. I've never waited more than five minutes for my food order, and the same went for tonight. I usually go for their baby back ribs, mac and cheese, and cornbread--all washed down with a crispy draft lager (tonight it was Founders' Solid Gold). Food's been better on some visits than others--my cornbread tonight was hard--but it's never been bad. A big sell here is their fun variety of six dipping sauces (table squirt bottles on hold during the pandemic--ask your server for specific sauces).  

The BBQ is decent and the vibe is fun. Go for the ambience and friendly bar service. Also available for take out.

Melanin Melanie

Burnt ends very dry. Disappointed ? Gonna stick to my regular spot Two Scotts. I dont recommend!

ciarra brock

Traveling all the way from Virginia, sllws was highly recommended and they did not disappoint!


Overall a massive letdown. Ordered the big three, sweet potato mash, and cornbread. Worst brisket I have ever had, it was soo dry and hard that I could literally snap the slices in half. Half the pork was amazing but the other half was so drying it went into the trash. The chicken was ok, but to fair its chicken... it’s never going to be that great. Cornbread was also soo dry, we just threw that away. Sweet potato mash was shockingly good. The meal really felt like it was days old and reheated in a microwave.

Tania Hricik DeVries

Ordered a lot of food tonight for a birthday dinner. Sandwiches were mostly good but the bacon on the brisket one was very overcooked making it hard to chew. The pulled pork and brisket entree sides were not so great. A lot of fat on both that needed to be cut away. The Mac and cheese was over cooked and the fries were not cooked. They were soggy and did not appear even have been fried. The cole slaw and beans were best part of a subpar meal. Sad birthday dinner.

Funk Monk

Good Q. Pit beans and wings are my favorites here. Consistency goodness.

Daniel S.

As a BBQ place, it is disappointing.  Compares to Detroit location in the same way that our Downtown Market compares to Eastern Market.  Not bad, but there are better spots in town.  

But...if you can get them to leave the bacon off of it, the Yardbird's vegetarian version might be the best maybe vegan meal in the city.  I love that sandwich and it makes everything else about the place seem so much better.

Fine for dine in or takeout.  If takeout, be clear on instructions.  If you leave room for error in interpretation (eg:  you want BBQ sauce?) it will be found.

Tiffany P.

I chose Slows bbq to Cater my wedding and let me tell you They were freaking amazing from Tasting explaining prices and serving choices. The Food was on time and It was delicious first time experience for catering they made it so easy for me I'm 100% satisfied with Slows Bbq

Jim Vaughn

Great food. Waffle fries, baked beans, and their original sandwich, The Reason, are delicious..

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