The Electric Cheetah

1015 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 451-4779

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breadmaster 23

My brother raves about this place, and I ended up going here with him this evening. The food was fantastic, and now they have outdoor seating in the back due to COVID. I rate my experience 4 stars because it took forever to get our food. They may have been more busy than I thought, as I didn't see how many people were outside, but we likely waited 45 minutes for 3 dishes, and 15 minutes at least for drinks. Besides that, I highly recommend the setting and music played there. Lastly, for those who have never been there before, The Electric Cheetah changes their menu relatively often, so don't count on getting the same dish twice.

Carlos Roman

I used to come here back in high school and I remember the food being great, but upon returning- while the service was friendly and welcoming, the food was not.Pork belly hash was an open faced sandwich that didn’t make sense, flavors lacked and wasn’t consistent. My partners’ sandwich was cold, looked like microwaved bacon and their house potatoes were boiled then fried it seems. No real flavor. Minor tweaks they can make, hopefully they catch this soon - as I do love this spot and will come back for lunch next time.

Jimmy Heath

The whipped feta is to die for.. this place is amazing . As a vegetarian, fantastic options!

King Karai

Small restaurant with loud guest. The theme didnt really match the name nor was the menu vast. The ? were good but a little too crispy and wayyyyy too salty. ? for my fries was amazing. But the cake was horrible ill give it a zero.

Ethan Schaub

First time to this place and Loved It the Mushroom 2 Way is AMAZING and so is their Root Beer!!!!

Michelle W.

I so badly wanted to love this place. Mac and cheese is my absolute favorite food and It was very subpar at best. For that price I want some bomb ass Mac and I got cold/room temp, crusty, left out mac 1 hour after ordering. And I felt like the cheese was so lacking. We waited 2 hours in total between a table and getting food. The monster cookie was awesome though and I know my way around a bakery. Kudos for the cookie. However, Mac and cheese not great.

Robert Gilmore

Went here about a half dozen times when I first moved down the street. Service was inconsistent, sometimes excellent, sometimes poor. Food was inconsistent, sometimes good, sometimes underwhelming and on two occasions awful. Generally overpriced, even if sort of trendy. One time I let them know about an issue with my order and they would not make it right, so I have never been back. There are too many other good places where being a customer is valued to spend my money on a substandard experience.

Jeremy S.

The fries? Fantastic. The monster cookies? Good. Everything else? Meh. My wife got the Big Oinkers. I'm a huge fan of apple butter, but it just doesn't work on a sandwich like this. I got the Mac burger and it was entirely forgettable with a subpar bun. Service was tepid at best. Grand Rapids has a lot of great options; this doesn't appear to be one of them.

Laura Schadoux

A really nice variety of vegetarian and vegan options! Great apps, entrees, and drinks. Entree sizes are a bit small for the price but that can be expected with the excellent quality of the food. Can be a bit expensive so probably best as an occasional eatery for most people. Definitely not a health food restaraunt if you're looking for healthy options.


Nice family atmosphere, pleasant and attentive staff, and excellent food. Unique menu choices that were all delicious, and their craft root beer flavors are very fun and tasty. Definitely on our list of places to go again.

Kylee B.

This place was everything I built it up in my head to be. We were passing through on our way to upper Michigan and stayed the night in Grand Rapids. I looked up. Place to have dinner because we always like to try local places when we travel. The menu caught my eye because my kids love trying new root beer. We were not disappointed. Our server was patient and friendly. The Goat cheese dip appetizer was so so so good. My salmon Mac and cheese was so tasty and the rest of the family enjoyed their meals as well. It was not a "cheap" meal but worth every penny.

Arturo Cazalla

Love the vibe and space this is in. The food was very flavorful and was a great value. I will be visiting here again. The Philly Cheese Steak soup was fantastic and so were the sweet potato fries. The bacock sandwich was good. The waitress was very much on top of everything as well.

Brian W.

Visiting my mom and dad in Grand Rapids, my partner and I, both of us long time plant based weirdos, home in LA, stumbled across the Electric Cheetah & absolutely loved it. Our server was super kind and cool and explained the Cheetah's vegan options throughout the menu & beyond the menu. It's a beautiful space with amazing distressed tin siding at the wall base inside and a canoe on the ceiling, #theupsidedown .... I went to middle and high school in Grand Rapids a thousand years ago and it's so awesome to visit now with jewels like the Electric Cheetah to be discovered. #Easttown

Caroline B.

This place was amazing! My first dine-in experience since the pandemic, so thank you for the great experience Electric Cheetah staff! The Mac-n-cheese is to die for and so was the grilled cheese and fries!!

Erin Heavilin

Biggest problem: they never choose the right serving dishes. Always too small! So odd. Food is usually very good, but sometimes over-salted. Rootbeers are a dream. Some of the staff are super friendly but be ready to wait. In conclusion...hit or miss.

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