300 E Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo


Reviews for Sky Deck

I'm writing this review more as a reminder to myself. The Good: 1. The view of downtown Kalamazoo is as nice as it gets from 7 stories up. 2. NO cover between 6PM - 8PM. The Needs Major Improvement: 1. I order the Sky Blue and was charged $7.50. My best friend ordered the same drink and the waitress charged her $8.25. This continued throughout the evening. The fact that the drink prices are inconsistent is absolutely ridiculous. When I pointed this out to the full review
If you're looking for a swanky place to go in Kalamazoo, SkyDeck is your place. I always feel like the drinks are a good $2 more than the other bars in the Entertainment District, and there's only the 1 bar so you may have to wait if it's busy. Oh, but it's never been busy when I've gone. Background music was playing, and yes you can get a view of the city, but there's a lot of cranes and building going on now, and you're only really 7 stories up. full review
We enjoyed the views from the Skydeck. The staff was friendly but there were a few options for drinks. The feel when you walk in is an upscale bar but the menu feels more like a college nightclub. Prices weren't bad but I was also not impressed by the drink options. We came earlier before the nightclub crowd to watch the sunset over Kalamazoo. I don't regret my visit but I also don't think it's for us. I'd definitely recommend to visit at least once. The full review

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