The Cheesecake Factory

3195 28th St SE, Kentwood
(616) 956-6580

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Johanna Ghofulpo

I ordered the fettuccine Alfredo and it was very greasy. I got bad stomach cramps from it. I'm not sure if it's from the grease or if I can't tolerate it. But as always the cheesecake from there is awesome. I got some raspberry lemon cake and it was good. I'd probably would order something else as a meal instead.

Stephen Michael Johnson

Good food a bit slow but they were busy.

Gregory Miller

Great service and food was great too.


4-21-22Very busy at 1PM, loud atmosphere. I was alone, so they asked me to sit at the bar. I was there for lunch, and was able to order without any issues. I enjoyed the recommendations from the young man working the bar. Fried cauliflower with dip, and a peanut butter cup slice of cheesecake. Very filling, couldn't finish it. $19.


Very nice place, however when you come later in the night the service is really lacking. Had to wait a good 30 minutes before we could order. The bread came out right as our food did. We only had water during our 30 minute wait to order. Even asked for bread and it never showed. Had the steak tacos, the steak might as well not be there since there's hardly any.

Dirk Bremer

Service was very slow and I almost had to chase down the server to get my check as I had an appointment and feared that I wasn’t going to make it. The food was very good and a bit on the pricey side. Atmosphere was interesting.

Samantha Paasman

The food was not worth the price and the service was beyond AWFUL. We got completely ignored by the staff. I would NEVER recommend it to anyone!!!!!

Cecil P

We had a very tasty meal. We had a hard time only eating half since restaurant food is so high in sodium and calories, we usually try to save some for a meal for the next day. Plus, we obviously wanted to save our overeating for some cheesecake. My only comment is they seem to try too hard to expand the cheesecake options. Some appear to be more cake and toppings than cheesecake. None the less our food and cheesecake were great. Lindsey was a great server attentive without overly checking in. Being in the Woodland Mall is a plus. As luck would have it, we parked at the opposite end of the mall, so we walked the mall to the cheesecake factory and then at the end of our meal we walked and shopped our way back to our car. It was nice to shop in an active mall. The mall in our hometown is basically dead even the anchor restaurant has moved out.

Austin Goff

My son turned 13 and we were looking for a place to go, I suggested it because I remember it having a very large menu and I remembered the cheesecake being good. Only the 3rd time visiting one of these places, as I typically try to avoid corporate/large chain restaurants. I hadn't been since 2015 in Anaheim, CA; I was shocked at the prices. I ordered a bowl of pasta with a dozen small shrimp and it was $26. No bread, no salad, nothing to accompany my meal. All the cheesecake and the best they could offer for my son's birthday treat was a bowl of ice cream. Skip that, we ordered cheesecake. No fanfare, no birthday candle, no singing, nothing to make it special. Interacted with the manager on duty twice, once at the bar, and ran into him again in the bathroom. No greeting, no thanks for coming in...Also multiple things on the menu that they were out of or couldn't produce because they were short staffed. I suppose that if you are the type that normally eats at Applebees you might consider this fine dining, the ambience was nice and I always like the open kitchen concept; but I could have gone to Leo's, Butcher's Union, or any other locally owned place and gotten a far superior meal and paid the same or less. Our waitress Audrey was fantastic.

Kylie Cook

The food was absolutely fantastic and the service was great too. There is a large menu with plenty of different options to choose from; surely there is something to satisfy whatever craving you have. It’s the perfect place to go for a nice date night.The options for cheesecake are endless! There’s tons of flavors; you can go wrong with any of the options.I definitely recommend making a reservation. The wait time was extremely long.


Have been to other Cheesecake Factory locations in other cities and having now visited this one, I can see why this one is so poorly reviewed. Really is no excuse for a Cheesecake factory being ranked almost at the bottom of Trip Advisor restaurants for a mid sized suburb. Not sure Cheesecake Factory is making a great effort at this location. This restaurant is smaller than many of their other locations. Inexplicably, it also has a large outdoor seating area, which obviously wasn’t being used during February, and doesn’t make a lot of sense considering the usual frigid climate in Grand Rapids for seven or eight months out of the year. Our problems mainly had to do with them being out of lots of menu items. They are obviously having supply chain issues at this location. First, tried ordering milk for the kids and told they were out of milk. Then, told they did have milk after all, which was weird. Next, tried ordering a couple of appetizers and was told they were out of the appetizers we wanted. Was then given a list of the appetizers that they were out of. Literally, almost all the appetizers were out. Ordered a regular club sandwich for my lunch and they delivered a chicken avocado club instead. Waiter blamed it on the kitchen for the mistake. Finally, my wife ordered a marshmallow chocolate cheesecake and was told they were out of that type of cheesecake. Service was fairly friendly and the cheesecake was great. Rooting for this location to improve. Grand Rapids is a great place and it deserves better.


To begin, we were excited to eat from here fro the first time. We tried to put our order in online 3 x over the course of an hour, before their website allowed us to put an online pickup order. In that hour, we tried calling in our order, 2x....only for the phone to be let ring and ring. We place our order, and are told it will be 45 minutes. As we are a 30 minute drive that gives just time to warm the car and show up right about perfectly timed. Well we received the text that it was ready in 15 minutes.... It had to sit for the 30 minute drive to get there. When we picked up our order they forgot the 2nd bag.... Needless to say the food was cold. I do understand that the cold food is not entirely their fault, however, I did not enjoy my food... And the experience as a whole was stressful and cold food is very unappealing.

Lime Light Beauty

Ordered a meal because it looked good online, picked it up and it looked nothing like the picture … I still wanted to give it a try and I tried the food and it was disgusting . The chicken looks raw and unseasoned. It tastes like the meal did not even have salt and pepper and it was also missing ingredients. You pay enough for these meals FOR NOTHING. Do not recommend!

MAD-TJ Travels

3 stars for the food, it was decent .I understand the global supply shortage , but literally all the dishes we initially picked were not available. The server should have been notified before hand.We were told the bread is being freshly baked , would take time, but after 30min, ‘ Sorry we are out ‘The serving lady was good, nothing on her, but overall pretty bad experience.

Kimberly Hudson

Cheesecake factory [GR] It's been awhile, though I've never been to this location. Mel was the greatest in helping us decide what to order [with every course!]. He was very very attentive to our needs [down to what we didn't like in our food even]. I didn't even get through the entire menu, [which was pages and pages of food!] once I saw the Cajun Jambalaya Pasta I stopped in my tracks. It was great, not as spicy as I would have liked, but I loved that they were able to do all chicken. I had had a problem with my order about a quarter of a way in and it was taken care of with quickness! We chose our cheesecake ? delights togo [#30thAnniversaryChocolateCakeSlice] very nice location can't wait to return! the #TropicalGingerCooler #thecheesecakefactorygr #detroitchik ingr

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