Estia Greek Street Food

5753 Twelve Mile Rd, Warren
(586) 248-4999

Recent Reviews

sandra gadda

Delicious food, had my first gyro sandwich the other day and it was amazing. I love having so many topping options for a great price.

Roxane Mensah-Rose

The customer service was horrible! She was short and rude like I was wasting her time. I was so disgusted with the experience which made the food not taste very good. I drove clear across town because I've eaten here before and it was good. Not sure I'll go back again. It's a shame they will lose business they keep rude people working for them.

Dawn Sketch

The food was very tasty and everybody behind the counter was wearing their masks today. They were very accommodating and we were able to eat outside. We ended up coming here after walking out of a different restaurant nearby. The food was good size portions with vegetarian options.

Anna Bustamante

Quality of ingredients is great. Their bowls are customizable and are very fairly priced. Will definitely continue eating here! Pssst! Try the pita bread on its' own with garlic or yogurt sauce! ????

Brent Coppinger

They type of place to give you the most of your money when buying and the staff is very personalized to ensure a great visit every time. I lost my wallet here once and it was returned to me without a dollar missing ?

kim davis

Great food here! We were heading to one of our favorite restaurants that turned out to be closed and ran across Estia Greek Street Food and what a happy accident that turned out to be! I loved the spicy feta and my husband thought the homemade hummus was some of the best he has ever had! Will absolutely return in the near future!

carole chi

Very accommodating owner and employees. Delicious handmade pita bread, gyros, hummus, ample great Greek salads! Great place for a fundraiser! Lovely outdoor patio.

Jeff Peppler

Fast service and tasty food.

Anita Cadez

I was very happy with the assortment of Greek-type foods available. The restaurant was clean and very easy to social distance from the other diners.

Bob Dudis

good gyros quick. and friendly staff. 0lus they have Pepsi products. Will be back for sure

Carole Chi

Delicious food! Generous portions. Fast, polite service. Everyone wears masks and hand sanitizer is available on the counter. Plexiglass shields between workers and customers. Outside seating available.

Scott Parris

Love this place so much. I eat here once a week. Everything on their menu is amazing! 5 out of 5, easily!

Kelly A.

Hands down the best Greek Gyros and garlic dip I've ever had. We cannot wait to try more on their menu.

Amanda E.

We have been a long time Estia customers however today we have never been treated so disrespectfully. My husband came to pick up my order for me. When he arrived he wasn't aware that preordered meals were already sitting on the take out shelving so he approached the line waiting at the counter. There was 1 person in front of him which was helped by this specific individual who was heavier set but when my husband approached the counter he was polite asking about my order. The man behind the counter looked at my husband, didn't say a word, and just walked away from him completely. The other customers witnessed what happened too. The other worker there approached my husband apologizing for the other person's behavior and assisted my husband. My husband wore his mask too so it's not like he wasn't following the rules in anyway. I'm sad to say we won't be back to this location ever again. We have met the owner who is fantastic but he may need to review the way his customers are being treated.


Everything I am in the Sterling Heights area, I will always have to stop by Estias to get me the Americano Gyro! Amazing greek food!

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