Outback Steakhouse

1321 E 78th St, Bloomington
(952) 854-1950

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Morrice Loy

It took awhile to get in. There was a long wait. It is hooked in with Comfort in. Short walk to Mall of America. Food was great! Fresh! Our waiter was great as well. Good clean atmosphere.

Patricia Jones-Henry

The service was great! We were seated in 5 minutes. The greeter was very friendly. Our server was on time with our food and drinks.

Melissa Miller

Service was friendly and attentive. Food was delicious, everyone I was with cleaned their plates! Connected to the Comfort Inn Airport hotel so majority of the guests seemed to be staying at the hotel. Would definately go back if I was ever in the area again.


4th of July, place was packed. Food came out cold just as a huge group came in. 15 or more people, easily. The manager still took time to personally come make sure everything was okay, not once but twice. Watched to make sure our streak was still cooked to perfection even after reheating it. Great food and staff. Great job.

Nancy Lecocq

Fantastic service! I believe my server was Lauren B. I ordered the center cut steak with coconut shrimp, sweet potato and broccoli with cheese. It was great! The steak was a little tough, I know it wasn't a great cut but they managed to prepare it to my liking. Lauren realized that my broccoli wasn't prepared as usual so she sent over the corrected one. Unbeknownst to me I wouldn't have known the difference being from out of town. I thought it was still good. Though I have to say the new one was really good!! Yay for Lauren! You just made my day! Thank you!!!😁😁

Dan Ng

Been here for many years and food is always consistently good here. Dad’s favorite place. Should really sign up for their whatever rewards program they offer here.


Outback steakhouse has a good selection and a fairly consistent quality. I personally prefer their selection of seafood and shellfish. You can always get a lobster tail on the side, and it is a wonderful addition to any meal :-)

Anthony Martinez

did not like the steak the only thing I liked was the mashed potatoes and mac and cheese

Greg Boatman

Exceptional service and outstanding food!!! Chris Anderson runs a wonderful restaurant!


Had lunch here twice this week while working nearby. Service was friendly and quick. Good burger one day and top sirloin another. Well cooked to medium and fairly fast. No issues with quick seating or with split checks. I would definitely return.


I have to say that this restaurant serves the best prime rib that I have ever tasted. I ordered with their optional creamy shrimp topping. The rest of our party's meals were also exceptional. Exceptional value for the price.The service was great. We were seated quickly, waiter very attentive.Tall boy Foster's was perfect to wash it all down.Only criticism would be the need for more washroom attention the used paper towels were over flowing the bin.There is an alternate entrance via adjacent hotel.

Dawn McCarthy

We Went To Outback After Our Meeting For A Nightcap We Arrived After 10:30PM We We're Seated Right Away Ordered & They Bought Two Loafs Of Their Warm Bread For Us To Eat Until Our Drinks Came! The Four Of Us Had A Wonderful Time... We Will Be Back Soon For Dinner!

Troy Zumberge

Love this place!! Nice, quiet, friendly staff, delicious food, what more could you ask for? I have yet to try something, off thier menu, that I didn't like! Sitting right next door to a hotel, a great place for the locals, and those visiting from out of town.

Marc Zack

Service was very good but the prime rib was especially fatty. I should have sent it back but didn't have the time or the patience. Otherwise the staff was pleasant.

Ana Schanzenbach

I had never been to an outback steakhouse before, but I will definitely return! Steak was absolutely amazing - perfectly cooked to order for all 9 of us. I swapped steak for chicken in my fettuccini alfredo and it was delicious. Very friendly and attentive waitstaff!


The food is great and the service was very good. When I came, the restaurant was not full. The ambience sound was in a good volume level. The menu you can find on line.

Crown Heights B.

Outback should really take away their curb side to go because they're NEVER available no matter the time of day. They will have you standing around waiting for you to have to walk to the bar to pick up your order. There's only been two times I've come in and they've not had an attitude. I come to Outback a lot and I can say hands down this location is the worst. Not only does curbside suck but also their customer service, they prepared a pasta meal with no sauce and said it was just a misunderstanding. How can you make a pasta dish without pasta sauce? And then when the "manager" brand the dish out again, he just put it in my bag like I wouldn't want to look at it to make sure it was correct. It just doesn't make scene. I would say think twice before eating here, this is poor customer service at its finest. This location truly sucks!


Steaks expensive. Should be perfect. All of our steaks were wrong. Medium was raw. Rare was well. Lots of fat. Not st all happy. Bread was cold. Do not worth it at all

James Neumeister

Down in home town area, knew they have always had a great menu and service! Always happy to eat here!

Oliver Watts

I had a lovely meal here with work colleagues. The host and waiting staff were extremely attentive and helpful. The food was highly enjoyable and the location very close to a number of nearby hotels ( in fact, it is attached to one). They even serve some lagers familiar to an Englishman which was a nice discovery. I highly enjoyed my visit

Outback Steakhouse
Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse

1321 E 78th St, Bloomington, MN 55425