Outback Steakhouse

1321 E 78th St, Bloomington
(952) 854-1950

Recent Reviews

Liz P.

Did Curbside takeout during this pandemic times. Ordered online and went to pick up. Majority was fast and easy to use. However, I had some trouble applying my gift card online. I called and was advised they can help me when I get there. Arrived at the restaurant location, and there were signs up clearly marking for those food delivery services and for those doing curbside pickup. Staff greeted when parked. Service was fast and friendly! The gal who helped me with my gift card issue was so kind and did it with a smile! That's what customer service is about! Greatly appreciate it! Please keep on smiling and continue with your great service! Ordered the ribeye steak, loaded potato, caeser salad, fillet mignon, sweet potato and house salad. All were delicious! Again, thank yuh for the great food and service! Will be back for more!

Jehmal R.

A huge thanx to the folks at Outback in Bloomington! After a third party delivery app totally screwed up our order (on Mother's Day!) the folks at Outback went above and beyond to save the day! Our meals were corrected and delivered promptly by their amazing staff! A huge thanx to such a class act!

Hoa N.

My 5 year old was in the mood for steak for dinner and Outback had a no delivery charge until the end of April so that was perfect plus there's online ordering. During the pandemic, I didn't want to do curbside pickup and was happy that they deliver to our address. So I ordered online and specify the dinner time for delivery of 6pm. I had completed my order around 4:30pm. Food came around 6:30pm. The delivery person apologized for the delivery being late because they were busy. Food was room temperature but still flavorful. We had their Wednesday meal deal of 6oz sirloin with a side and drink. So three orders of the sirloin steaks with add on grilled shrimp. We also got bread. It was a good dinner. 5 year old was happy.

Kelsey K.

This is a good family spot to eat at, especially if you're a meat and potato's kind of person. It can get pretty busy during dinner hours but they can take your name down. Usually the wait isn't too long though. One of their signatures is the bloomin onion. No place has something like this and it's amazing. Seasoned, batter fried onion petals that satisfy that deep-fried craving you're having. It comes with a sauce that compliments it well. I personally like to dip them in ketchup though. They have really good ribs too. The bbq sauce is sweet and tangy. I was a little disappointed with the surf and turf. You only get four pieces of shrimp with your steak which is nothing. It all tasted really good though.

Dennis M

This restaurant was an easy choice for us as it was close to hotels and away from the busy districts. Staff was friendly and helpful. Not noisy, not too dark, good for families and small groups.

Chris D.

Tonight was a completely different experience . I went in and wanted just a soda to go . The hostess was nice enough to show me where I needed to go for the to go counter. I went there and it seemed like I was a bother. One of the gentleman asked if I was picking up an order. I just told them I wanted a soda. It seemed like it was a waste of their time. The other gentleman took my order and my card to pay and went to get the soda . He came back and didn't say thank you or anything . The stars go to the nice hostess. I'm just appalled at how irritated some of the workers are. Such a shame cause last night my experience was super amazing.


We had excellent service, food, and birthday ice cream. Our server was friendly and fun. My only complain was my steak was too done. I chose not to have a new one.

Willie Esparza

At the moment you step in that place the stuff gives you a pleasant feeling. Very friendly team, it is a friendly restaurant to hang out with friends or with your date. very good cooking, qualified chef de cuisine, good cost and professional service. Highly recommended.


We came on a crowded Friday night and were seated immediately. The service and steaks were excellent- I had the sirloin while my wife had the Victoria filet. The filet was very good.

Michael H.

We came on a crowded Friday night and were seated immediately. The service and steaks were excellent- I had the sirloin while my wife had the Victoria filet. The filet was very good.

Gary H.

We ordered two Filets done medium! The 6 oz. was well done, the 8 oz. was rare. They devote an entire page in the menu to describe how to order your steak complete with pictures. Disappointing! The salads were fresh and good. The loaded baked potatoes were good. Bread was good. Wine was good! Still very disappointed. Bad position to be in, really nothing you can do to recover from this and feel good about it.

Sue J

Outback is one of our favorite places. THis is located right next to Holiday Inn Express where we were staying. Service was great and food tasted wonderful.

Minnesota Folk

Year after year we try try again.. now it's not even real butter served with the bread! Ugh last meal there.... service was good only reason for a "2"

David Wilson

I sent my friends to this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I go their often. This recommendation is always successful. The the cooking is tasty and the crew is very friendly and cooperative. Every time we visit this place we enjoy a pleasing time. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Jaxson Harrison

This spot is amazing and broad, the food was yummy and the prices were very fair. quickly, productive service and very friendly waiters. Highly recommended.


Very busy time to go which I understand. Food was ok had steak and lobster steak was missing seasoning but was soft the way I like it. Asked for more bread didn't get any. One steak was supposed to be medium well but was very medium rare. Not sure I'd be in a rush to go back.

Doug Moore

Friday night, seated 530p just before the rush. Server was nice and friendly but service has gone down last few visits, not listening-- drink orders wrong, appetizer wrong; steaks are good but the baked potato skin was drenched with salt, instead of the light brush of oil and a sprinkle of salt, too much and disappointing. It's still a decent value, but make sure they know your order. Good atmosphere, casual, relaxed, family friendly. Plenty of staff on the floor has everything covered to a T.

Paul Foss

have been here more than once and have always had servers that I was impressed with. The food is succulent with seasonings that enhance and bring out the flavor without overpowering or masking the natural flavors of the entree's and appetizers. I will definitely go back

Jim P.

Have been back to this location after the Christmas rush was through. Went to the bar area and didn't have to wait for a seat, they were on a very short wait for the dining room and were moving fast. Ordered the large cut of Prime Rib and it was cooked to perfection, the salad was fresh and I didn't have to ask for refills of water. Didn't have an app or dessert as the entree in itself was very filling particularly with a loaded baked potato. Outback's menu is rolling and new items are continuously arriving on their menu and their price points are not bad at all when compared to the portion and what you receive at other casual feeders. In all, I was happy with the service and quality.

Laura Potter

Friday night out with the family and it was pretty busy but you would’ve never known it! We were seated immediately. Service was top notch and we got our food so quick. The manager stopped by to check on us. You just don’t see that very often. And most importantly, the food was fantastic! Probably the best steak I have ever tasted.

Jen C.

The food was very good but the server was clearly overwhelmed. The thing that made all difference despite that the server struggled was the restaurant manager, Sarah. She was amazing. As soon as she learned the waiter was struggling she helped out and made sure we had a very pleasant experience. Things happen and waiters have different levels of experience the fact that Sarah cared and did what she could to make this a pleasant experience for our family is what matters most to us. Thank you!

Chris Tyler

Good steak. Nice service. Aussie 4 course meal is a great value. They overcooked my steak, but fixed it promptly. We were there for a birthday, and they gave us a free birthday Sunday. We love there Aussie cheese fries, and there house ranch is amazing.

Tara S.

Where do I begin? This is their version of Medium rare. My steak on my steak salad came out almost the same and I ordered it medium well. The manager who came over was a bit argumentative but eventually took the items off the bill. Oh and my salad was supposed to come with blue cheese but it came with no cheese. Then when my steak was recooked for my salad, it came back well done. We were all pretty frustrated by this point and decided to order dessert but the server just threw the check down and didn't ask. We flagged her down and ordered a Chocolate Thunder from Down Under to share and sadly, they didn't offer to comp that. We really like this restaurant but this was an unfortunate train wreck all the way around.

Debi Anderson

We hadn’t been here for several years but remembered having great service last time. They exceeded our expectation! Taylor offered exceptional customer service and made us feel so welcome! We will be back!!

Dirk Coe

Excellent service and great food!

Ciera Kilen

Got there and they said it would be a 30 minute wait, but got a table within 5 minutes. Our waitress was awesome and went out of her way to make sure we were all satisfied! Food was awesome!!

Karen K. Paylor

Great steak and lobster at a reasonable price!

Jimmy Stewart

Awesome service and food. Don't let the Outback's chain scare you away from this location. First it is a larger property than most Outbacks and it is roomy inside for large parties. I visit a lot of Outbacks in my business travels and patronize them because I like the rewards program they offer.

Todd Mork

Great service and great food

James Patrick Dzandzi

Very friendly atmosphere. Love everything about this place. Will like to visit again any time am in the Bloomington (MN) area.

Jim S.

Awesome service and food. Don't let the Outback's chain scare you away from this location. First it is a larger property than most Outbacks and it is roomy inside for large parties. I visit a lot of Outbacks in my business travels and patronize them because I like the rewards program they offer. I found this location to have extra friendly, knowledgeable servers and management. My server tonight was William (Will) and he was very much experienced with the Outback options that are not on the menu. There are two options I always request and he knew exactly what I was talking about. This is the first time for me to visit at this location. The Manager on duty, Sara, came around to make sure that everything was at or better than my expectations. I appreciate customer service driven managers like Sara that follow up with the customer. Highly recommend this location.

Tom H

I took my family of 5 here yesterday and we had a great dinner. We showed up at about 5:00 on a Sunday evening and got seated right away. Our server Niki was awesome and brought us two loafs of bread and waters right away. I like that the kid’s waters had covers to prevent spills.

Kristen Jakobitz

There was a 30 minute wait for dining when we arrived but immediately found seating in the bar area. Service was friendly and courteous. Food was hot and delicious. Great first experience.

Nicole Schroeder

Food and service were great. Very busy during dinner. Their call ahead service is a bit confusing. Calling ahead cuts your wait time in half. It does not mean that you get right in when you get there. However, it was nice that they had some sample appetizers available for people waiting to get a table.

Laurie Witherby

Wait really long. When they finally seated our group who was there to celebrate a birthday, they didn't tell us they were making two of our party 14 sit separately in a booth instead of at the table with all the rest of us. And the booth was in a different server's section so they told us we couldn't even have them on our bill nor order together. Kind of ridiculous.

Kamalani L.

Stopped by for dinner with the family one night. The place was clean the staff was friendly. The bread that they give you while you wait for your food take extremely long to come out. My wife ordered medium rare but it was more like just rare. The beer during happy hour was cheap so that was a plus. Overall I would go back again for dinner

Corey D.

Came here after a long day from work and thought I would get a salad and a couple of appetizers. After ordering a drink I got the side salad, aussie petals and a side of fries. The salad came out in it's normal fashion served with the soft delicious bread that they have. Onto the petals and fries. The petals were obviously overcooked and were crunchy, the fries were........not there yet. Had mentioned to the bartender, she was checking. Another 5 minutes goes by and I by this time was done with my salad and pretty much had my fill of the petals. I was about ready to cancel the fries and just leave when what looked like the head chef came and said they were making them. When they did finally make it out, they were fresh and hot and tasted good. They did take that off the bill which I appreciated. They may have just had mis communication or a bad night, but the reviews do seem a bit low. The service otherwise was good, and I'll be back in the area for a month next week and will give them another try.

Bruce M

Whil49.50e driving down the road trying to decide where to eat, we were passing the Outback. What the heck, we said, we have not been there for awhile. Let's see if anything has changed. Our party of four was seated right away. We were greeted by our waitress soon enough and we placed our order for Blooming Petals ($5.49). No drinks at this time other than water. One kid Mac-Cheese ($5.99), a 6oz sirloin with all the shrimp one can eat, (I had 3 helpings) $18.99 1 Outback burger ($10.99), and a Grass Fed Cheddar Burger for $13.99. I did order a Brandy Old Fashioned, but it was $9.50 which is the price of a smaller bottle of EJ, plus it was not a very good one as it was mixed. Dawn was our waitress and was very nice and attentive. When I ordered my second heling of shriimp, she went ahead and brought the third one at the same time. Talk about thinking ahead! Good experience and a good meal. We like this Outback better than other ones in the area and will return again.


Order was delivered quickly which was on Friday night during busy time. Appetizers were delicious. Will eat here again.


Order was delivered quickly which was on Friday night during busy time. Appetizers were delicious. Will eat here again.