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Jake G

Going to add my frustration to the wave of unhappy patrons within the last three weeks. I will say this is mostly on the corporate side as the app will allow unlimited orders to come in, without understanding how flooded the place already is.Waited once for near an hour bc I had already biked there. Will probably wait out to order at this location again until the pandemic is more under control- second the unsafe conditions and crowding inside.

Duderino 1

I am a delivery driver and this Chipotle is by far the worst restaurant for pickups in the entire twin cities metro area. For the last 6 months during this pandemic every single time I have been in this restaurant (and I often refuse these deliveries) it has been packed with at least 20 to 30 drivers waiting in the lobby. The average wait time is probably 30 minutes. the system is designed for the food to be ready when we arrive. Believe me, we do not get paid much, and we get paid nothing at all while we are waiting. When we have to wait 30 minutes for a pickup our earnings dip below the minimum. It's a complete abuse of the system, but they don't care. They do nothing to get their act together. And, needless to say, it is dangerous for so many people to be congregating together every single night.

Jessika Mozia

My experience here was horrible. In the midst of a pandemic, the staff did not follow any of the social distancing guidelines. I placed my order online like the restaurant required and arrived shortly after the listed pick up time. The order was not ready and the restaurant was packed with customers who were also waiting for their order. After speaking with one of the staff members about my order they found my receipt in a stack of un-filled orders and placed my receipt on the line to be filled. At one point I had to ask one of the employees to wear his mask appropriately so that it covered his nose and mouth, this employee was also not wearing gloves while loading orders into the to go bag. I will not return to this chipotle.

Benell Weatherspoon

Man this is super sad to have to write because this is my neighborhood location that I have been eating at for many years. I’ve given multiple chances and tried to pass off the mistakes/errors I’ve noted as a bad day or actual lack of food items. But dang, you guys are doing a TERRIBLE job and this is now the consistent experience. Extremely delayed mobile order pick ups, the staff have no clue whose orders have been completed or not. Very rude interactions from the staff, everyone seems extremely irritated always when us customers are simply asking if our orders are completed not. No urgency or customer service whatsoever. The last two orders I have made have included chips + they have been out both times. My orders are usually around 8 pm, this is odd considering they are listed to be open until 10p. The portion sizes are often extremely light which to me seems like it is due to rationing the food close to closing so more does not have to be cooked. One of the staff today was actively touching her braids and then bagging up orders, did not wash her hands. Also placed a piece of cheese on her arm and started drawing on it with the sharpie. Like whaaaaaatt!? So ODD and unsanitary. Considering we’re in a pandemic, this is an extremely unsanitary and unprofessional location. This entire site + staff REQUIRES a restructuring, immediately. Super disappointing.

Ellen Eckhardt

I love Chipotle, but have been repeatedly disappointed by this location. I ordered online not long ago and they forgot to put chicken in my bowl, so I opted to go in-person for my most recent visit in hopes my order would be completed accurately. I was not greeted upon arrival, and found out after standing in line for several minutes that they were only accepting online orders (a fellow customer, not the employees, told me). Not a big deal, but I decided to leave when two employees got into a screaming match while I was standing in the lobby placing my order on my phone. If an accurate food order and baseline customer service are something you expect, consider an alternate Chipotle location.

Alexander Chase

People waiting over an hour to get their food while the website let them select pickup within 15 minutes. Dangerously overcrowded during Covid. I'm contacting the health department. Maybe corporate will take it seriously. What a joke.

Leni L

No refund for missing items and incorrect meal after a 55minute wait on a pre-ordered meal. Rudest manager I have ever encountered. I had the WORST experience i have EVER had at any restaurant, let alone Chipotle tonight. Not only was my wait time above 55 minutes, even though I pre-ordered online through your app, my order was incorrect and missing the chips! When I politely asked to be refunded, both the cashier AND manager were EXTREMELY short with me, but the manager ESPECIALLY was indescribably rude beyond belief to me, especially for someone who had just waited with no complaints for more than 55 minutes on a pre-ordered meal. She told me they could not refund me and to go online myself and they would not help me with it. When I politely suggested a gift card for the amount of chips that was missing, she refused and looked at me as though I was crazy and her tone of voice was SO derogatory. At other businesses not only would people be reimbursed for their meals for such an atrocious wait time no questions asked, there would be NO QUESTION of refunding for a MISSING item and incorrect meal. I am appalled. And the way it was handled? As though the customer - me - was in the wrong? Some serious customer service training needs to be had. I have worked in customer service all my years and food service and I know how tough it gets, believe me. But if you cannot handle it, and you are going to refuse fair treatment to a customer along with plain nasty treatment to them...just do not bother. ESPECIALLY as a manager of all positions. I am disgusted. And then, I get home and my burrito is pint sized small. And freezing cold to top it all off. Not to mention incorrect and missing the salsa. The worst experience I have EVER had. First you mess up an entire order, then you make me wait nearly an entire hour for it, and then you take my money and refuse to even refund it. Thanks for the worst service of my life, and not even offering to make it right in the least.

Carly L. Paolillo

I ordered my meal Saturday at 724pm. Waited on store. Got my meal at 9pm. I called manager Sunday to get my order remade. They wouldn't give me my complete order because I didn't complain about the chips. Terrible business. Terrible staff that don't care about their job. Terrible manager who didn't make this right.

Blai Lee

Right bag but wrong order. Try to call them back and no response only through an automated voice machine. I’ll never used online order again, next time I’ll just go in and do takeout.

Kalyna B.

Wth is this midget freakin burrito?! Completely messed up our order. Never coming back to this location!

Naomi M.

I would give this chipotle a rating of negative stars if I could. I have ordered here in the past through their website for delivery. The first time they messed up my order. This time around, I got a call from the delivery person who said he was told by the employees they were not going to make the order. We waited over two hours for the delivery with no communication even though we called the location multiple times. We decided to drive instead to order but when we got there the store was not slammed and the employees were goofing around. Do not order from this location.

Toni Helland

Usually everything is good. Last night it was not. I ordered online for delivery. Door dash was well over an hour past delivery time. Then order was wrong and extremely skimpy. Yes I ate it because I had waited long enough. I dont think I will order that way again. 9/11/20. Sad because I love Chipotle.

Joan S.

l ordered a delivery and when it arrived I was shorted my chips. I called the driver he said he has nothing to do with it and I needed to call the restaurant. I called the restaurant and got automated messages until finally I got the phone to ring. It took a very long time for someone to answer and they said they didn't know what I was taking about and they couldn't help me. They said go on line and get a refund. Can't find that link either. What a racket. Never again do I order from them.

Foster J.

This place needs a new night-time manager desperately. I think the staff is trying the best they can though. If you order online, expect a wait.

David Holt

Temporarily closed likely due to covid compliance violations per the dept of health notice

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