500 E Nifong Blvd E, Columbia
(573) 442-2433

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Cali A.

When my boyfriend tried to order the cashier cut him off multiple times. The lady at the first window very aggressively said our total and nothing else (even after my boyfriend said thank you) and the lady at the second window said nothing, again after my boyfriend said thank you. Our drinks are a quarter empty, and everything was thrown into the bag super messily, a bit cold, and we had two four pieces and two six pieces rather than just two ten pieces. I hate being rude but like... come on.

Veronica Gerdes

I always go through drive thru here. Never had a mixed up order rarely get less than fresh fries.

Tyler Henderson

come here multiple times a week either on my way to or from work, they get the order right about 1 in 3 times, if you go after 10 they will absolutely always be understaffed with a line around the building. currently writing this from the drive thru, it’s been 32 minutes.

Bobbie McBride

It was quick and efficient despite it being prime lunch hours!

Joe Martin

Managed to screw my order up multiple times in one run. Never get what I order at this one.

Samantha Traina

Every time I have gone through the drive through the lady working the drive through window is very rude. I ask for extra ranch every time, and am willing to pay for it, yet she refuses to give us extra ranch or gives us a hard time about 2 extra ranch cups, even though I am paying. Drive through line is always long and this lady is always extremely rude, never had a nice encounter with her.

Rebekah Askew

If i could i would give this McDonald's -5 stars. I ordered $55 of food and 2 of which were bacon cheeseburger. When i got them from a delivery i didn't get burgers i got bacon chicken cheese wrapped in cheeseburger paper. I called and was told that it was not there fault but the fault was my delivery driver for not unwrapping my sandwiches and checking them. Now doesn't that first of defeat the covid-19 policies to have a stranger touch my food? And i think if you order one thing and they make the wrong thing and wrap it wrong then it is the fault of whoever made it and the management should make things right instead of cussing a paying customer out on the phone for being upset that they didn't get the food that they ordered. I WILL NOT BE GOING TO THIS MCDONALD'S EVER AGAIN.

Indiana Jones

My burgers look like they were cooked on a grill that hasn’t been cleaned in a week! There are spots of black residue all over the patties. I never leave bad reviews anywhere but I’ve never gotten a McDonalds burger that was so disgusting. The service was slow and the fries were COLD. They also didn’t close a Big Mac box so when it tipped over in the bag parts of the sandwich fell out and the sauce got on everything.

Richard Drywater

They were super busy but the drive thru moved along quickly.


The last 3 times I went here the diet dr pepper has been off. The first 2 it tasted like soda water. Today it taste like they put coke and diet dr pepper in my cup.

Tim Welp

Slow service and took for ever

John G.

This is a typical McDonald's restaurant but mostly drive-through at this point. The food is fresh hot and service is very fast and friendly.

Recon on Fortnite

The last 3 times I went here the diet dr pepper has been off. The first 2 it tasted like soda water. Today it taste like they put coke and diet dr pepper in my cup.

Nancy C

This is what fast food it all about. Great service, lots of smiles and food was quick and hot.

Jeffrey Thompson

I want fresh fries! Either thier fries are the best or the worst... Today was the worst....

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