500 E Nifong Blvd E, Columbia
(573) 442-2433

Recent Reviews

Tim Welp

Slow service and took for ever

John G.

This is a typical McDonald's restaurant but mostly drive-through at this point. The food is fresh hot and service is very fast and friendly.

Recon on Fortnite

The last 3 times I went here the diet dr pepper has been off. The first 2 it tasted like soda water. Today it taste like they put coke and diet dr pepper in my cup.

Nancy C

This is what fast food it all about. Great service, lots of smiles and food was quick and hot.

Jeffrey Thompson

I want fresh fries! Either thier fries are the best or the worst... Today was the worst....

Terry Luebbert

McDonalds. Quick fast food.

scott tharp

Good service e order corre t food hota fresh overall good experience

Scott Wagner

Excellent service. Friendly staff

morgan mcafee

It's alright. That mcgangbang is fire with mac sauce.

Tricia Detienne

so glad they have opened back up. i actually missed visiting them. staff was a little unorganized after a few weeks off but food was still great!!!

Kylee R.

This McDonald's absolutely SUCKS! I rarely eat McDonald's but any time I've ever gone here the customer service disgusts me. Every time I've left I've almost made a comment towards the person at the window about how unkind they are. I've worked in customer service, and I've always gone above and beyond to be friendly to customers. To see these people giving the least amount of effort possible, literally not even saying anything is just so ridiculous for how much they make an hour. I asked the lady for a fork and she completely ignored us and closed the window, and so we had to sit there while she ignored us until she opened it again and we had to ask again. She definitely heard us. It's just so pathetic. They could at least hire some decent people, just for the reputation of their company. Pathetic. The employees are always rude. One time I waited almost 30 minutes for a McFlurry, which was liquid by the time I got it. I was too afraid to ask for a new one because I've probably get yelled at by the employee

Brooklyn J.

My Big Mac wasn't even fully in its box when I got it. Once I opened it there was lettuce everywhere and the sandwich was layered all over the place making it incredibly messy to eat.

mike sanders

This is the only McDonald's in Columbia Missouri that's worth going to! They always smile the food is always fresh and delicious and I cannot ever remember getting a wrong order at this particular McDonald's!! The other McDonald's in my city really need to take a lesson from how this McDonald's is run and operated!

John Hunze

Service is terrible! More than once I've waited 12min for a frappe and still had to ask someone who was standing around to make it for me!

Brian Weise

went thru drive thru at 2 am ordered 3 sausage biscuits and 2 hash browns no hash browns but got a large fry its okay but it would have been nice if they would have asked or said something

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