403 E Nifong Blvd, Columbia
(573) 442-9404

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Charles Helander

Please try to understand where I’m coming from. I spent the last $5 I had on a 4 for $4 going to this particular Wendy’s today. They were about to close. I believe I was the last person they served. These outstanding employees did something that I never expected: defied a moral dilemma of fast food. You see, at the end of the day, all the excess food gets thrown away, which is wasteful, on the contrary, these employees gave me a medium fry instead of the standard small and gave me 9 nugs instead of 4. Instead of wasting the food that was already prepared, they gave it out to an unknowing stranger to brighten their day. Do you understand what I’m saying? This made me write a REVIEW. On GOOGLE. Normal people don’t do that. Weirdos review fast food restaurants. Understand I’m not telling you to expect this blessing my any means either. All I’m saying is, if you visit this Wendy’s, you may experience something magical.

Scott Wendling

Food is always fresh at this location but there's usually a fairly long line.

Bruce Wood

Good food here. The service was really good too

Ryan Coffee

One of the better fast food options in my opinion. This location is typically pretty busy especially the drive thru, I don't think I have ever been there when the line isn't wrapped around the building but it seems to go relatively fast.. Just make sure to double check your food to make sure everything is correct because it's still a fast food drive thru and they will give you the wrong thing sometimes.. like today I got a free salad ?

Bruce Troyke

A blessing in disguise?In the first couple of minutes I spent, waiting for the drive through line to creep forward, I was, admittedly frustrated. As minutes 3-15 went by, I started to realize that Wendy's had, in fact, gifted me to opportunity to craft the Great American Novel (GAN), as I waited interminably. Admittedly, I just wanted to pay for my food, ostensibly receive said food, and be on my merry way, but these things were not in the cards. Instead, I sat in my car as my food was prepared - I'm assuming starting with hunting and slaying the animals... while ideas for the great American Novel spun through my head. At a given point, they pushed me through the line and got me fed, but that isn't the story here... Through this experience, I know that the GAN will be a story of true craftsmen overcoming obstacles to provide the world with a sought-after good. 3 more visits to this disaster of a restaurant will give me ample opportunity to write this piece. I can't stress enough what kind of an embarrassment this place is. I know that businesses don't have feelings; they are soulless enterprises, but anyone there today "working" or being paid to, breathe I guess? should feel some level of shame about their work today. This was equally as embarrassing for me to sit through as it was for me to chronicle about it. Were it not for my ruminations on the GAN, this would have been an abject failure. As it turned out, with a few more visits, I may be able to polish off the GAN and get my agents off my back.


One of the worst fast food places in town. Not only are they slow, they can’t get orders right either. Last time I checked it’s not hard to read a screen properly. After waiting 20 minutes I get up to the window and magically there systems down. Does nobody here care about their job at all?


We ate at Nifong location several times and two years ago we picked up some food in the drive through and both burgers were absolutely soaked in ketchup. So we didn't go back for two years and Sunday we decided to try again. We ordered two burgers one with no ketchup and no pickles and the other with no ketchup. I take them home and neither have ketchup or pickles and the two pieces of onion on both burgers were literally the size of a wedding band. I was the only one there and I can't fathom how our order got screwed up, the receipt even had the orders correctly. Needless to say, it will be another two years before we go back.

Machezne Capps

I picked up a Doordash order from here and not only did they give the person a water instead of a coke, but they forgot the two 4 pc spicy nuggets they ordered. When I called to have it fixed (10 minutes later), they said there was nothing they could do because they're closed now. Didn't offer to make it right for him at all. This guy literally paid for two 4 pc nuggets and a coke and didn't get any of that. This is why I always check my personal orders from fast food places. However, we can't do that at Doordash for obvious reasons.

Kaylee Bacon

Always fast and easy! Never messed up an order

Clinton Bradley

Tyler was AWESOME!!!! I havent bit into my food yet but Ill be back because his customer service.

Maclain Prom

Man I didn't actually go to this Wendy's but I bet it's sick

Tiffany Brockway

I have to give them high ratings. I went through the drive thru and the line was long so I was concerned how long it would take but before I knew it I was able to order and get out of there. I expected it to take 30+ mins to even order but it took about 20 mins from when I got in line to when I got the food. I was concerned that the food would be cold or not fresh since I received it really fast but the food was hot so that was great.

Juan Garcia

The food great but the service was slow they need more help waiting over 15 minutes and that going through the drive through so that way they getting 3 stars only.

Matt P

Understaffed tonight, bit were extremely professional and courteous about it. Had to wait a little longer but the employees made it bearable

paul 62788

Sat in drive threw from 138am to 150am when we finnaly got to pull to the speaker they closed their system 10 mins early and would not take our order

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