Shio Ramen Shop

3605 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City
(816) 541-3215

Recent Reviews

M B.

1st timer. Tried the Shio Ramen and the okonomiyaki. The okonomiyaki was good, but the Shio Ramen was awful. The broth was lukewarm and everything else in the bowl was cold. When I spoke with an employee about the cold ramen, unfortunately he couldn't have cared less. There are better places to spend your money.

Edison Barton

two days ago was our first time in this fine restaurant. But It is surely not the last time. We enjoyed the evening very much with the excellent service, with the exceptional meal and wine and with the honest charge. We will no doubt return there again.

Yicheng B.

Small ramen shop in midtown on Broadway. Broth and noodles are good, but there just isn't enough meat and toppings for the relatively high price. Side dishes are also overpriced. Service is also meh. Weekday lunch special is $8 for noodles and broth, no meat, which is fine. Location is v convenient. Nothing about this place wows me. Personally I'd rather go to Komatsu ramen or Sama Zama, which are both super close to here. This is still on my regular ramen rotation, but def not my first choice.

Tina H.

Small quaint ramen shop tucked away on Broadway. There's only a few tables and the kitchen is open so you can see the love they put in your food . I had the shoyu ramen an it was pretty good, I always ask for an extra egg! You can park on the side of the building or in front.

Mathew Reynolds

This place is no doubt one of the best restaurants in the region. Always when I go there I am remarkably pleased. They preserve their very high level service and the topmost level of dishes they offer. You are always happy with this place. Very recommended.

Maria Ahumada

I've been trying to try Shio Ramen Shop for several weeks now. Each time I wanted to go, the place was closed. Finally, last week I went there for dinner. I had the cheapest noodle dish on the menu, cost $12. Because the restaurant is small, and since I was there alone, the waiter directed me to the bar. The noodles were tasty, the dish freshly prepared. Food was excellent. The next time I go, I plan to order the kimchi which I've heard is delicious. If you like noodles, give Shio a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Wayne Giles

Small restaurant with a very intimate feel. A diamond in the rough for sure! Excellent service, great food, healthy portions of all dishes that we ordered. A great experience that I definitely recommend everyone try!

Vivienne A. R. Costilow

Great quality place and super clean and efficient. Food is delicious and quality is top tier. I love savory pancake and every bowl is amazingly flavorful. Sweet and knowledgeable staff. Do yaself a favor and go there.

Baylee King

Absolutely loved this ramen shop! The ambiance is nice and the staff is amazing! My husband and I came in five minutes before closing, but the staff greeted and served us anyway. Lovely people! Wonderful experience!

Michael Todd

Excellent place to go for Ramen. Super cute atmosphere. I will definitely visit again. And if you're busy, they have a to-go menu!

Shelby Smith

I stopped by last night for the first time before heading across the street to a concert, and I’m glad I did! I ordered the Yakiudon and it was SUPER good! Cozy atmosphere, the staff was very nice and helpful, and I’ll definitely be back when I’m up that way again!

Danielle S.

It's hard to give Shio a review becuase I'm just not a fan of this style ramen. The broth to me tastes way to salty and greasy. It's a very powerful taste if you are used to eating tonkatsu ramen. The restaurant is really cool inside, so it's worth it to eat there just to get a window seat! The woman who was working the night I went was super friendly as well!

Danyell L.

It's hard to give Shio a review becuase I'm just not a fan of this style ramen. The broth to me tastes way to salty and greasy. It's a very powerful taste if you are used to eating tonkatsu ramen. The restaurant is really cool inside, so it's worth it to eat there just to get a window seat! The woman who was working the night I went was super friendly as well!

Lisa H.

I'm not really a Ramen person but a friend suggested it so I thought why not? First off, it's not really a place that stands out from the street but the ambiance inside was cozy. I loved the art on the walls! I.meant to ask about the artist and forgot. We were there on a Monday night and there was a constant flow of diners and carryout customers. I ordered the dan dan noodles medium spicy. They were good, definitely made my nose run. I found them to be a bit dry. My friend ordered her regular entree with the egg in it (ack, can't recall the name) and it looked good. I just tasted the broth and it was flavorful. The best part was the service. It was impeccable. The waiter wasn't intrusive, took our order and continued to fill our water glasses throughout the evening. Loved it. Great experience.

Alberto Wilen

I ordered their vegetable ramen. Very tasty. However, the price point of $14.00 for a bowl was not commensurate to the serving size. Based on my experience at eating at numerous ramen spots around the country, the serving size should be bigger. Won’t go back.

Ian Coburn

Not the best ramen I've ever had, but it does the trick for the itch I wanted to scratch (I grabbed a lunch special). Cozy atmosphere and welcoming vibe makes you feel at home. Best part is how close it is to Penn Valley where I take classes, for any hungry students I suggest you drop in and check it out.

Josh Littrell

Flavor like ive never experienced before and the guy running the show is extremely engaging and inviting. You feel like a guest in someone's home while eating here. I don't have a bad thing to say except that i eat until im almost sick every time i go. 11/10

Sabina L.

We were given free champagne on new year's eve, which was a lovely surprise. The server was really friendly and funny. The choy sum salad was tasty, salty and sour with pickled mushrooms and a nice crunch. I thought the ramen bowl was pretty average though. Pork was good, broth was ok, not a fan of the daikon. The inside is small, not ideal for large groups, but it's cute and could be a nice little date spot. There is a free parking lot a few doors down from the restaurant.

Rachel Haverty

Enjoyable atmosphere- has a NYC vibe. The ramen was great. Small selection of beers, but they still Did the trick.

Hector Bernal

Great place to get some amazing Ramen. Service was great, and I love the ambience of the restaurant, I can easily recommend this place to anyone looking for good ramen here in Kansas City.

Breena Ambrose

We tried to come in for lunch and it wasn't open it's supposed to be open till 2 and it wasn't it was 12pm. What's the point of having store hours if they are not followed. Went to Komatsu two blocks away, always open and probably better anyway.

Joy Covington

Went here with a friend and even though it is a very small seating space (max of 4 people should eat here together) we had a nice time sitting. However, it took an hour and 10 minutes for us to receive our food but when they brought it out to us, they paid for our order to thank us for our patience. Overall, a nice tiny KC restaurant to stop by if they have one of their 23 seats available.


Nice little ramen shop at the heart of Uptown. The noodles are top notch, chewy and fresh - just the way I like it. The pork was well prepared, but the chicken may be a hint dry. The egg was not sweetened, though acceptable for sure. It was better than expected for fusion restaurants, and I find myself liking it more than other restaurants of similar genre. Will recommend.

Vince Basso

GREAT ramen and service. New fav

Johnathan Vang

I absolutely like the dishes and service, fantastic area nearby to my apartment. The employees are always helpful. Will come back again.

Corbin Lee

Been here several times, best ramen you'll ever eat

Joe D.

This is a (at least) 2x/Month visit. It's a small joint. There are two 4 tops and a number of 2 tops and 2 bars with 3-4 stools. Small and inviting. There's nothing on the menu that's not fantastic. The Dan dan noodles are my go to when tan tan tsukemen is not on the menu, because I like spicy. I want the tan tan tsukemen recipe so hard, I'd punch a baby. Great Kim chi, and the peppers with fish flake are an interesting but affordable app if you're looking for one. And you should. Because they're great.

Leslie K.

Small space so be prepared to wait. It's well worth it though! Homemade noodles, broth is amazing, great service. We tried the vegan and also the regular and the flavor was amazing with both!

Dee L.

This place shouldn't get the one that I am giving them. I was not greeted at the door like the other guest that came into this small restaurant. She yelled from the cash register may I help you as if I was lost and didn't belong there. That really is a very bad mark in this place in my eyes. The food wasn't impressive either don't this is a place for African Americans since we are greeted from the cash register and not offered a place to sit.

Faria M.

Oh.My.Ramen Recently just moved to Kansas City, and wasn't too hopeful on finding a really good ramen shop here in the Midwest. Well this may not be super authentic Ramen straight from Tokyo, but it was what I needed on a chilly fall evening. Shio has a really cute & cozy space. The inside is lined with small tables and the walls are dotted with red & gray art pieces. It's the perfect spot for catching up with a friend or a casual date night spot. I got the Shio Ramen bowl without the pork belly. There aren't too many options for us non-pork eaters out there, so I was happy to find a spot that used chicken broth instead of pork broth. They also have a vegan option available. The Ramen itself was really flavorful (albeit a tad on the salty side in terms of the broth). The Shio was topped with black garlic oil which gave the ramen a nice subtle flavor. Overall would highly recommend, and I will be back.

Jonathan Rojjanasrirat

Great noodles and broth. Love the vibe. As good as always!!!

Mingran Y.

Service is okay Food is okay Space is small Price is bad There's nothing that really stands out about this place. I'm writing this review following my second time at Shio. The service and staff are really excellent, and I can tell that they are passionate about the food that they serve. However, the food itself is far from good. As per the restaurant's namesake, they do serve an authentic Shio Ramen. Its a chicken-based broth that is supposed to be light and clear, which they achieve well. However, the broth lacks both depth and flavor and tends to taste just like salt water. The noodles however are pretty decent, and I have heard (but did not confirm) that they are made in-house. I also ordered an appetizer of Okonomiyaki (the pancake) which was good but came out cold and covered in way too much sauce and Katsuobushi. All in all, saying that this place serves "amazing" ramen is far from the truth. I hate to make comparisons to shops in the coastal cities, but there should be a standard that this place attempts to live up to. You are most definitely better off heading over to Lenexa, KS to a place called Aoyama.

Matt Gotschall

The food here is incredible. Can't wait to go back

Erica R.

Cancel all future dinners, I will only be eating ramen from now until spring! Kidding...sort of...maybe... This was our first visit to Shio - when we first pulled up I was a little nervous about where the heck to park (I have parking anxiety, don't judge me) but never fear, there's plentiful parking around back. The inside of this little shop is just that...little, but it's super cozy and perfect for dinner for two. We ordered the Okonomiyki (Japanese savory pancake) for a starter and it was really a good way. The pork belly on top was amazingly tender and flavorful. No offense at all to the dish, but next time I'll skip the app and save more room for RAMEN. I got the Shio and hubs got the Shoyu - the waitress recommended these as the "traditional broth and noodle ramen". Both were absolutely delicious. At first I was a little jealous because hubs broth packed a bit more of a punch, but to be 100% honest, we both agree that the broth is amazing, but maybe just a hair on the salty side if you're eating a whole bowl yourself. Shio is definitely the winner for both of us, but you better believe I'll be back (tomorrow) to work my way through the rest of the menu.


Not impressed with the flavor of the broth. Undeveloped, too reliant on soy for flavor, noodles somewhat firm. I thought the small unique atmosphere would be cozy. However, hearing everyone including the somewhat pretentious staff's conversations the whole time, I found it to be honestly just annoying.


perfect portion size, staff that explain well, and delicious fresh food.

Jacob K.

Left Komatsu Ramen down the street after a distasteful experience and came into Shio for dinner. Prompt and amazing service, high quality food and great atmosphere. Brian was the man!

Ryan Wallace

Great little ramen restaurant! Friendly and prompt service. The ramen is fantastic and homemade. I'll definitely be back!

Tyler Baile

Staff was very friendly and the Shio ramen was fantastic. Would definitely recommend if you’re in the area.

Chris Anderson

Not really impressed. Seem quite expensive for what you get. Overall the food wasnt horrible, service somewhat desirable.