Coma Coffee

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1034 S Brentwood Blvd, Richmond Heights
(314) 250-1042


Monday 7AM - 4PM
Tuesday 7AM - 4PM
Wednesday 7AM - 4PM
Thursday 7AM - 4PM
Friday 7AM - 4PM
Saturday 8AM - 4PM
Sunday 8AM - 2PM


Google Google: 4.6
Yelp Yelp: 4.5
Facebook Facebook: 4.8

Reviews for Coma Coffee

Anna Damato

A great place to get some work done and have a very good cup of coffee.

Jake Bernstein
Very good coffee. It's basically in a parking lot / office building so not a great vibe for a coffee shop. They try for a minimalist look but don't quite hit more
Aubrey G.

Cute place for coffee! The cold brew is absolutely the best. Don't miss out on the pastries either, they are amazing.

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Espresso Bar

Cortado $3.50
Double shot of espresso with 4 oz of milk
Cappuccino $3.75
Double shot of espresso and 6 oz of milk
Latte $4.00
Double shot of espresso and 12oz of milk
Americano $3.00
Double shot of espresso and water 12oz


Grey Line Tea $2.75
Grey Line is Hugo Tea's hand-blended earl grey crafted with bergamot oil from Italy's famed Reggio Calabria. The tea base is a malty scotch-like Yunnan black tea providing balance for the citrusy bergamot.
Green Tea $2.75
Da Ye Xi is a daily green tea. Sourced and crafted for easy drinking. Some might call it a session green tea. Da Ye Xi is single origin, from China's Guangxi province. It's made from the da ye varietal of tea plant--typically reserved for darker teas--giving Da Ye Xi a unique, smooth and savory-sweet flavor for your everyday cup of green tea.
Wonder Mint Herbal Tea $2.75
Wonder Mint is a no-nonsense organic peppermint tea sourced from the world renowned mint farms in Washington State. You'll find Wonder Mint has an exceptional balance of minty sweetness with a smooth finish.
Hugo Chai Latte $3.75
Sweet and spicy tea blend with milk.
Iced Tea $2.50
16oz of iced grey tea.
100 Year Black Tea $2.75
This is an organic black tea plucked from hundred-year-old tea trees on China's unspoiled western frontier, 100 Year is unequivocally smooth with flavors of warm honey and malt. It's an everyday breakfast tea with plenty of caffeine and a bold, complex flavor that can only come from trees that have been around since before your great grandpappy was born.
Matcha Latte $4.15

Pour Over Coffee

La Colmenita, Guatamala $4.75
12 oz. Washed. Dark Chocolate, Clementine, Praline
Nyeri, Kenya $5.00
Washed. 12 oz. papaya, mango, kiwi
Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia $4.75
Natural process coffee. Red berry, jam, milk chocolate. 12 oz

Daily Drip

Daily Drip $2.75
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Coma Coffee

1034 S Brentwood Blvd, Richmond Heights, MO 63117