Hello Juice & Smoothie

1000 S Newstead Ave, St. Louis
(314) 376-4135

Recent Reviews


Very chill ambiance. Peaceful even. It has a place for the kiddos and a very home feel changing station in the bathroom. Service was friendly. Not amazingly fast, but not notably slow either. I'll be back.

Stephanie Serra

Such a cute place!!! Customer service is awesome and I love the atmosphere!!! I had their girlswholift smoothie and super delicious, but I loved that it wasn't super sweet. Overall highly recommend checking this place out. If your a parent they have a little kids section, how cute is that!

Brian Burmeister

Really great vibe with clean bright space. It takes a little bit to get your order, but the product is delicious.

Goddess Glow

Delicious and healthy smoothies!! This is a great quiet spot. I can't wait to go back !!

Madison N.

Redemption!!! Their bowls have improved and their visuals too. I definitely recommend coming here!

Mary A.

Whenever I'm craving something fresh, I think of HelloJuice. The fresh pressed juices are ready to go in the fridge fro easy grab and go. The acai bowls are also pre-made, so its easy for the staff to add the final toppings and get you your bowl in less than a minute. I'm complicated, so of course, I needed my acai bowl custom made. The staff was ready accommodate my need for no honey and whipped up a fresh bowl in less than 5 minutes. The granola is may favorite part- and lucky for you, you can even buy some to go! If you are looking for something that feels a little more substantial than a smoothie or juice, I also recommend their toasts.

Mary D.

This place is fresh and delicious. Their seasonal menu keeps us coming back. Every ingredient seems well thought out and is definitely delicious.

Melissa Nelson

DELICIOUS. Airy ambiance with a lot of natural texture. Super cool enclosed space for young kids to play. Friendly staff. Sweet location across from dog park and soon to be finished adult exercise playground. So glad I discovered Hello juice! I'll be back.

Christine Schmidt

Spacious and airy juice cafe with several options and a warm atmosphere. The Girls Who Lift smoothie had the perfect amount of healthy energy and sweetness.

Sarah M.

IRRESISTI-BOWL! I love açaí bowls and have been to many places in other states. So when I heard about Hello Juice & Smoothie in St. Louis, I knew I had to visit. Nestled on Chouteau and Newstead, the space is bright, open and peaceful, giving customers an oasis-like feel. With high windows, different seating options, and an immaculate setting, this is a place everyone will enjoy. It is ideal for studying or working, just be sure to bring ear plugs or headphones, as the blenders are constantly whirring! The staff is always warm and inviting, and with an additional charge, they can make substitutions to your order. Ashley is awesome! Onto the food. I'm a creature of habit so I stick to the OG açaí bowl. The base is smooth and chilled açaí, on the sweeter and thicker side, which is exactly how I like it. It's topped with granola, coconut flakes, blackberries, blueberries, simple syrup, and strawberries. Although ~$11 dollars may seem like a lot, you get your bang for your buck because the bowl is pretty large and jam packed. Other fun food options include their fresh cold-pressed juice (bring back the watermelon and mint please! Or maybe do a strawberry mint julep type of juice), a seriously awesome avocado toast, different açaí bowls, waffles, smoothies, bone broths, ginger shots and more. It's an amazing plant-based alternative eatery, and you leave feeling healthier. This is hands-down one of my top 3 favorite places to eat St. Louis!

Maria S.

I have always wanted to try this place. I was given a giftcard to Hello Juice for Christmas and I was so excited to finally have the opportunity to go! My family and I stopped in yesterday around lunch time. The atmosphere is very cozy and friendly. The staff was not very friendly and barely communicated. We did not get greeted or thanked. They were out of many ingredients, leaving one of my family members with nothing to order. My mom ordered a smoothie. The employee informed her that they were out of apple juice and coconut milk and said that would have to use oak milk. This was no big deal. However, I ordered an açaí bowl, which did not have any acai in it. This was not communicated with me ahead of time and somewhat defeats the purpose of an acai bowl. I overheard them telling another customer they were out of almond butter. I understand that busy places can easily run out of ingredients, but they seemed to be out of a lot of their main ingredients. It was also disappointing to be served something that is missing the main ingredient. Overall - I was disappointed that a place that seems to promising would become a let down. I have been to other juice bars that have similar menu items that are far more welcoming and always make their products correctly. I hope this review only leads to positive changes that will allow me to give Hello Juice one more chance.

Hailey S

Holy smoothie bowl! I had the opportunity to try The OG Açaí bowl - it did not disappoint! They should rename it the OMG bowl because OMG its amazing! I can’t wait to go back and try more! Highly, highly recommend! The people are welcoming and the atmosphere is everything.

Rylee T.

I've been to Hello Juice & Smoothie a few times now and I can confidently say that they have the best açaí bowls in stl!! The staff is so friendly and the decor is so modern and chic. I have now tried the 12 oz. drip coffee, Avocado Toast, The OG Açaí Bowl (super filling), and Hangover ("detox") shot. I only have good things to say about this place! SO cute and such great food. I can't wait to come back and try the juice and smoothies! As always, shop local :)

Hailey Marie

Holy smoothie bowl! I had the opportunity to try The OG bowl - it did not disappoint! They should rename it the OMG bowl because OMG its amazing! I can’t wait to go back and try more! Highly, highly recommend, and they have an awesome atmosphere!

Jeff Nafziger

The smoothie bowl I had was very flavorful and filling. The bright, open storefront makes a great place to eat and relax.

Julie R.

I have struggled to get on board with the smoothie bowl concept, largely because of cost. Yet I've still found myself at Hello multiple times ordering a smoothie bowl on a week day off from work. The one time I tried to go on the weekend, it was too crowded. I really like the ambiance inside - it's very cute, modern and clean. It's a great spot to get a little reading done.

Mike White

it's great if you're ready to try something really different from typical breakfast offerings. really healthy and tasty

Dom Newton

The foods great & healthy! The staff was so sweet today this kind gentleman at the cash register came and helped me carry my stuff to my car because my hands were full with two kids .

Sarah D.

Wonderful, healthy choices. Busy for a Sunday afternoon. With as many employees as they have behind the bar, they should be a bit faster. Long waits, beautiful ingredients. Place to go and hang if you are not in a hurry.

Ben Scarboro

Huge, fresh, juicy açaí bowls well worth the 3 mile walk from the city! Also very friendly staff and cozy environment to read in, study, work, or catch up with a pal. Can’t wait to come back!

Zach H.

This is the spot right here! Healthy foods galore! Loved the açaí bowl I got it was very big and filling. Also their banana peanut butter toast is amazing. They just got a new fall menu in with a ton of items. This place is a must try!

Alexis E.

Clean, delicious and filling menu with tons of gluten free options couldn't ask for anything more!

Jay M.

After working out at the gym my Dad wanted to try this place out. And oh my and I glad he did. What You Need To Know: - Safe location in the city of St. Louis - Owned by a really cool couple - Family friendly (even a child play area) - nice decor perfect to chill or have a meeting - the smoothie was INCREDIBLE - everything was freshly made I will highly recommend this spot. If you are in the mangrove area stop by.

Michelle Rock

I'm from out of town and visit St. Louis for work quite often. This will definitely be my new go-to spot for smoothies and juice. Loved the ocean bowl so much and it's a nice spot to do some work.

Olivia B.

Hello beautiful space and friendly staff! I love coming to Hello Juice & Smoothie to make up for my weekly fruit/veggie servings! My personal favorite is the "Kathy" cold pressed juice made right here in St. Louis! "Kathy" is light and refreshing. I love the taste of celery, so I'm quite biased here. My brother ordered the Ocean Bowl when he came, and he loved it. He's generally a pretty picky eater, so it was nice that he could get his fruit servings here! I was incredibly sad to learn that Hello Juice doesn't serve the almond and honey oat bowl anymore. It was, by far, my favorite meal on the menu!! Instead, I ordered the strawberry toast. It was sweet and tasty. It sure came with a healthy serving of strawberries on top, too! For just $5, I thought that this was a great serving size! Overall, the open and clean layout really puts this place high on my list of places to hangout or study in St. Louis.

Raphy F.

BLUF: Hit da spot! Large servings. A little pricey but worth it! My wife and I have been failing to eat our daily fruit/veggie servings this week (tsk tsk!). So, we were wanting to have something more refreshing during lunch. We stopped this place after church and were pleasantly pleased with the experience! The ambiance in this little smoothie shop was super chill! Very modern, open, clean look. A good kickback place for young adults and such. I ordered the acai bowl and she ordered the ocean bowl. Freakin' amazing! I can't wait to try more from this little shop.

Sara F.

Street parking Love the interior design & layout. Very clean, open & bright. Friendly service. I ordered the Ocean Bowl (most expensive acai bowl I've ever had) but it was HUGE & delicious. Would have loved more granola in it to balance the bowl but ended up going back to ask for more and had to pay an extra dollar. Delicious but like I said, too expensive for me to frequently purchase. ***no military discount***

Hope Wills

This was my first time here, and I ordered the Ocean Bowl. It was fantastic and it’s also really blue because of the blue SPIRULINA in the ingredients, it’s supposed to be good for you. Anyway it was very clean, very busy, pretty cool place. Also bonus across the street there’s like this park with weight equipment that is there for the community and we tried each and everyone. It was kind of neat. :)

Sandra K.

This place is good and super cute But can the staff please wear gloves? I was waiting for my açaí­ bowl and the guy making it kept stroking his hair and then peeled and sliced a banana - held the actual fruit in his hand as he prepared my bowl I was grossed out!! PLEASE USE GLOVES LIKE OTHER PLACES Also the avocado toast is awful So spicy - who adds cayenne pepper? I couldn't eat it

Carla H.

This place is a perfect spot to chill out and do some work or just have fun with your friends. Their choices are yummy and not to mention quite beautiful. The decor is also stunning and fun.

Shelby B.

Such a cute place!! Definitely a good find in this area if you are looking for a good smoothie! Definitely takes a while to get your smoothie/bowl if it's busy so be prepared!

Kristin M.

What an impressive business from the incredible attention to detail in every aspect. The location is even perfect and relaxing. The selections of juices, bowls, broth, smoothies, tea, refrigerated selections (especially the amazing Coconut Cult yogurt available for purchase) are all well thought out! I placed a couple of orders via Grubhub and they were perfect. I even called to reserve some Coconut Cult yogurt for my daughter to bring home (3 hours away) and asked the sweet girl on the phone if she could provide some ice for her to put with the yogurt. When my daughter arrived the sweet employee made sure to provide plenty and was super friendly. Such precious employees and very friendly! Thank you for a wonderful healthy place to visit!

Jillian Boehm

Delicious and healthy. It was so refreshing to order a smoothie that had real ingredients. Can't wait to try some of their other stuff.

Lexi S.

Delicious juices with options for smoothies, smoothie bowls, teas, and toasts. Bright and airy atmosphere. Great for a quick and healthy breakfast!

Ian Marshall

Smoothies here taste great, 100% come from nature, and I'll let you read some other people's reviews for glowing adjectives about that. I will say immediately felt there was some untapped potential here- smoothies were hard to drink toward the end, basically had to spoon them. The menu of flavors covered all bases but didn't feel especially original or that there was something "signature" about them. Just some food for thought: I'd definitely go back here but I've had more memorable smoothies like at Romancing The Bean in Burbank, CA.

Christy A

Lovely decor and overall ambiance both inside and out (where you can enjoy sidewalk seating, nice city views and people watching. Service a bit dry (not a single smoke or thank you was given). Not to be petty but niceties actually hold a lot of weight. It's a form of appreciation; making patrons feel welcomed.

Christy A.

Lovely decor and overall ambiance both inside and out (where you can enjoy sidewalk seating, nice city views and people watching. Service a bit dry (not a single smoke or thank you was given). Not to be petty but niceties actually hold a lot of weight. It's a form of appreciation; making patrons feel welcomed. Anywho, I opted for the avocado toast, h2o and chased it with a ginger shot. All very tasty! A perfect light & healthy mid-day snack. ~Christy

Jessica Florac

Visited from out of town and just wanted to package this place up and bring it home with me. Excellent (and huge) açaí­ bowls. You could easily split one. Loved the added “crunch” to their avocado toast too.

Josh Kroehler

This place is incredible! Their Açaí­ bowls are huge and delicious! They have the best tasting granola I have ever had and their avocado toast is bomb! We will be back!!

Jessica F.

Yes yes yes yes yes. One of my favorite stops in STL when I was in town for a wedding. The açaí­ bowls are very generously portioned, the interior is colorful and bright, internet speeds are fast, and the avocado toast was great! You can't go wrong with a stop here!