Hello Juice & Smoothie

1000 S Newstead Ave, St. Louis
(314) 376-4135

Recent Reviews

Michelle Rock

I'm from out of town and visit St. Louis for work quite often. This will definitely be my new go-to spot for smoothies and juice. Loved the ocean bowl so much and it's a nice spot to do some work.

Hope Wills

This was my first time here, and I ordered the Ocean Bowl. It was fantastic and it’s also really blue because of the blue SPIRULINA in the ingredients, it’s supposed to be good for you. Anyway it was very clean, very busy, pretty cool place. Also bonus across the street there’s like this park with weight equipment that is there for the community and we tried each and everyone. It was kind of neat. :)

Sandra K.

This place is good and super cute But can the staff please wear gloves? I was waiting for my açaí bowl and the guy making it kept stroking his hair and then peeled and sliced a banana - held the actual fruit in his hand as he prepared my bowl I was grossed out!! PLEASE USE GLOVES LIKE OTHER PLACES Also the avocado toast is awful So spicy - who adds cayenne pepper? I couldn't eat it

Carla H.

This place is a perfect spot to chill out and do some work or just have fun with your friends. Their choices are yummy and not to mention quite beautiful. The decor is also stunning and fun.

Shelby B.

Such a cute place!! Definitely a good find in this area if you are looking for a good smoothie! Definitely takes a while to get your smoothie/bowl if it's busy so be prepared!

Kristin M.

What an impressive business from the incredible attention to detail in every aspect. The location is even perfect and relaxing. The selections of juices, bowls, broth, smoothies, tea, refrigerated selections (especially the amazing Coconut Cult yogurt available for purchase) are all well thought out! I placed a couple of orders via Grubhub and they were perfect. I even called to reserve some Coconut Cult yogurt for my daughter to bring home (3 hours away) and asked the sweet girl on the phone if she could provide some ice for her to put with the yogurt. When my daughter arrived the sweet employee made sure to provide plenty and was super friendly. Such precious employees and very friendly! Thank you for a wonderful healthy place to visit!

Jillian Boehm

Delicious and healthy. It was so refreshing to order a smoothie that had real ingredients. Can't wait to try some of their other stuff.

Lexi S.

Delicious juices with options for smoothies, smoothie bowls, teas, and toasts. Bright and airy atmosphere. Great for a quick and healthy breakfast!

Christy A

Lovely decor and overall ambiance both inside and out (where you can enjoy sidewalk seating, nice city views and people watching. Service a bit dry (not a single smoke or thank you was given). Not to be petty but niceties actually hold a lot of weight. It's a form of appreciation; making patrons feel welcomed.

Ian Marshall

Smoothies here taste great, 100% come from nature, and I'll let you read some other people's reviews for glowing adjectives about that. I will say immediately felt there was some untapped potential here- smoothies were hard to drink toward the end, basically had to spoon them. The menu of flavors covered all bases but didn't feel especially original or that there was something "signature" about them. Just some food for thought: I'd definitely go back here but I've had more memorable smoothies like at Romancing The Bean in Burbank, CA.

Christy A.

Lovely decor and overall ambiance both inside and out (where you can enjoy sidewalk seating, nice city views and people watching. Service a bit dry (not a single smoke or thank you was given). Not to be petty but niceties actually hold a lot of weight. It's a form of appreciation; making patrons feel welcomed. Anywho, I opted for the avocado toast, h2o and chased it with a ginger shot. All very tasty! A perfect light & healthy mid-day snack. ~Christy

Josh Kroehler

This place is incredible! Their Açaí bowls are huge and delicious! They have the best tasting granola I have ever had and their avocado toast is bomb! We will be back!!

Jessica Florac

Visited from out of town and just wanted to package this place up and bring it home with me. Excellent (and huge) açaí bowls. You could easily split one. Loved the added “crunch” to their avocado toast too.

Jessica F.

Yes yes yes yes yes. One of my favorite stops in STL when I was in town for a wedding. The açaí bowls are very generously portioned, the interior is colorful and bright, internet speeds are fast, and the avocado toast was great! You can't go wrong with a stop here!

Dayne O.

As someone from Hawaii the açaí bowl here is by far the best I've had in Saint Louis so far.

Gagik K.

Amazing place amazing vibe and the food yes AMAZING.. free parking in a great area. The decor is modern and simple. The staff is super nice. They have a depressurization room for lunch meetings. Just an overall good place.

Debbie Yee

Very cute little smoothie and juice bar in the grove! The staff are super friendly and welcoming. There’s a ton of natural light and seating, a relaxing space to spend an afternoon reading or working. I only ordered the açaí bowl, and it was huge and quite delicious. There are a ton of outlets everywhere and free WiFi!

Mindi A.

Hello Juice is a bit of a hidden gem for a healthy and tasty smoothie. Located in the Grove but off of the main drag of Manchester, you get to venture into the neighborhood a bit. The indoor decor is inviting and comfortable and homy. They have lots of seating that you can enjoy your smoothie in store or take it to go. I love their smoothies! I appreciate the whole ingredients and eye on nutrition. When I make my own, i usually add vegetables and flax seeds and the like. It's awesome when I find that in a store! They also have a larger meeting space off to the side. I'm not sure if you can reserve it or how, but it looked like there was a meeting in there on my most recent visit.

Rebecca C.

I've been to Hello Juice & Smoothie several times over the past few weeks, and I can say every experience here has been great! The space itself is so well-designed, with lots of natural light and minimalist earthy decor. The wall up against the front windows is all bench seating with large, comfy pillows to relax on while enjoying your smoothie. Hello also has nice tables and chairs right outside so you can enjoy your smoothie with your pup! Speaking of smoothies, this place has so many excellent choices made with wholesome ingredients. Some of my favorites include their Lavender Smoothie, loaded with real Lavender flavor and dried lavender flowers on top, Açaí Bowl, and Pitaya Bowl. Not only are all of these beautifully made and served, but they're all delicious too! If you are a fan of sourdough toast, then you need to give their toasts a try too. They get their sourdough from another local favorite of mine, Knead. Hello's Avocado Toast really knocks my socks off since they add a bit of red chili flake to pack an extra punch on top of the avocado, tomato, and hemp hearts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds! Their Banana Toast is pretty amazing as well, with almond butter, fresh sliced bananas and drizzled with honey. I really appreciate that Hello works with Jessica Bippen of Nourished by Nutrition to get a better understanding of the ingredients they use. So responsible and commendable! If you don't have time and just want something quick and on-the-go, you can grab a fresh juice out of their cooler. Kathy, their green juice, is my go-to favorite. I love how they name their juices! If you haven't visited Hello Juice & Smoothie, please do your body and stomach a favor and check them out!

Lauren S.

Great space and atmospheric feel that is open, clean and calming. Comfortable seating. Great menu, I enjoyed the sump cold brew and açaí smoothing bowl. Will definitely be back to try their toast options, Broth varieties, and other smoothies. Good to have this place in the Grove.

Amber M.

Great refreshing pitaya Bowl and good study space. The place has large windows and natural lighting and the WiFi works!

Sara Wang

We were visiting from Texas and decided to stop by this place since it was close by the University. I've never purchased a smoothie that was worth more than eight dollars before, but I would definitely come here again if I visit St. Louis again.

Margaret T.

I've seen Hello Juice in passing quite a few times, but never ventured in. It was either too cold for a smoothie, too late in the day, or I had some other random excuse. Well, now that it's basically summer and I get out of class by 3pm most days, I'm out of reasons. Since temperatures are in the high 80s, it's perfect smoothie weather! I wanted something fruity but not pure liquid sugar (that's you Smoothie King. I had you once and I'm never going back!). I tried the passionfruit smoothie ($7.75) and my boyfriend ordered the golden mushroom elixir with cashew milk ($5.25). Ideally, I would taste more passionfruit and less banana, but I still liked my drink. The golden mushroom elixir wasn't totally for me, but maybe it's because of the cashew milk (just tasted a bit too watery). Prices are decent and the two employees who assisted us were great. I also loved the decor. When I first walked in, I noted that the store seemed a little out of place for STL. It felt like I was back on the west coast, which I definitely appreciated. I do wish they were located closer to the CWE and that they were open later. It seems like a super cute study spot, but since they close at 6pm, I most likely wouldn't be able to study there.

Maggie H.

Fun fact: I remember approximately 3 dreams per year. Two days ago, I had a dream that Hello Juice and Smoothee stopped selling bowls. Dream me was devastated. Awake me was horrified. I stand by my previous review but I'm adding a star because I enjoy the bowls so much.

sonni the hungry yogi

The atmosphere is super cozy and the employees were patient and helpful. I ordered 3 smoothies and 1 pityaya bowl. It took about 10 minutes for my order to come out and everything was beautiful, vibrant, and delicious. I love the aesthetic of the building and the chill energy. Everyone I shared the bounty with loved it. Will definitely go again and maybe try some of the other options next time.

Flo K.

I've been here several times and I described this place as amazing. I love their smoothies and juices, they are certified fresh! Everything I ordered is very good and fresh. It is pricey but definitely worth it and I will be back soon!

Stranger Brains

I really wanted to love this place. I manage luxury properties and have a gorgeous new building down the street. I was looking for a healthy smoothie place for my residents and myself to enjoy. The atmosphere is fresh and fun but the customer service was dull and boring. The wait for 2 smoothies was also disappointing. However, the smoothies ROCKED and tasted AMAZING!

Winnie H.

I don't always notice the decor and atmosphere of a shop as soon as I walk in, but it struck my attention immediately at Hello Juice & Smoothie. It is what I'd describe as a modern, minimalist bohemian style with open windows everywhere, making it very easy to unwind. You order at the counter and the friendly staff will bring it to you. There aren't too many options to choose from, so it's easy to recognize what you want right away. Note that if you're going to get a smoothie cup, don't expect to see any toppings since they only come in smoothie bowls. I ordered the Ocean smoothie cup (blue spirulina, banana, pineapple, mango, coconut milk), and my friend ordered the Pumpkin Spice smoothie cup (pumpkin, banana, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice, coconut milk). We both preferred the Ocean. It has a thick consistency with a light, naturally sweet tropical taste. It satisfied my hunger for a couple hours until dinnertime. My friend typically likes pumpkin spice, but the Pumpkin Spice smoothie missed the mark for her. She took four sips and said that it was bland and felt heavy. The staff were nice enough to let her exchange it for an Ocean smoothie. I appreciate a place that values customer satisfaction.

Marci E.

Really cute, popular place. Creative, healthy menu, although I'll know better what to order next time. The avocado toast was really pretty and I loved all The seeds, but it was way too salty. The blue smoothie was also really fun to look at, but the pineapple flavor overwhelmed the smoothie and it was the only flavor I could taste. They were so busy, I didn't want to bother them to make it over, so I brought it home and added more bananas, almond butter and date syrup and it was amazing. I'd like to see a few other smoothie flavors. I shared their salad and it was perfect. The acai bowls looked fabulous.

Sara B.

This place was flippin' awesome. Immediately upon entry I was like, "I want to move in." It was an open and bright and inviting space and I really enjoyed the couple of hours I spent working on my paper. Good tunes and free WiFi didn't hurt, either. I ordered the pumpkin spice smoothie bowl (plus spinach) and holy crap, dudes - best smoothie combination I've ever had. It was filling, nourishing, and just what I needed on an unseasonably hot day. I'd love to go back next time I'm in town to try a different smoothie bowl or one of their seasonal salads. What a rad place!

Joshua H.

Just opened in the Grove! My neck of the woods! Literally! Steps across the road from my apartment complex this place just swung open its doors days ago. I been watching it come alive over the past 3 weeks and suddenly its taking shape as a real deal venue which I now got to sample for myself! Besides this spot being a very cool place to come in and just chill out with big bright open space, windows, chairs, sofas, tables etc....the vibe is chill as well. The kind of place thats part happy hour, part coffee house and part dining room all in one. Has a old school nostalgia vibe that meets urban living thing going on, I like it! Very inviting and welcoming. The menu is focus on juices, smoothies, bowls and toast options from what I could gather (and recall upon this review). They had run fresh out of juices (must be that good!) when I got in at 515pm on a Tuesday night. No issue as it was the smoothie bowl I was after and a smoothie bowl I got! I opted for 1 of the several signature bowls they have (cups come without toppings, bowls do) for $9. I opted for the cherry cocoa. They were out of their homemade vegan chocolate bar which normally comes on this order so I opted for added cherry on top and that worked just fine for me! Minutes later I had my cup (it was to go) of goodness in my hands and as can be seen in the picture....looked delicious! All that fruity color had to be good! Couple hours later after the gym I crushed that sucker and loved every last bite of it! I like how this one was a better balance of pureed fruit (with chunks of cherry in it) to toppings as other spots in town sometimes get off. I also like how this place has a feel on its own, more of a St Louis, Grove, thing vice a chain place where it feels more commercial and recycled. Not that those are bad things, they are not. I just like the feeling of unique one of a kind thing this has going for it. Being just feet from my apartment, this is very quickly going to be a routine stop for me, for better or worse (more better I say) catch me the next time your in sipping the Sump coffee they also serve here!

Max R.

Three words: This space, though. I stopped in with Julia on their first day open this past weekend. The buzz of the newness and everyone's excitement was totally evident. They are doing big things! Outside of having delicious juice, the owners and their team are off the charts hospitable. If you couldn't tell simply by entering this welcoming space, you'll know for sure when you get to the counter, ask questions, and get to know the folks behind Hello Juice & Smoothie. We decided on juice this particular afternoon, because we were on our way to lunch, but they also seem to have some amazing food that I can't wait to try. Immediately, I felt like I was on a first-name-basis with their juices ;). (They only have first names.) Julia and I opted for Nancy and Linda, though Richard sounded really good too. Good ole' Nanc, was my drink of choice. She is delicious, which may catch you by surprise since she is full of zucchini, lemon, celery, pineapple, and parsley. Julia got Linda, she's more on the sweeter side: pineapple, turmeric, orange, and Bee Simple local honey. Hello is knocking it out of the park! Come get you some.