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Reviews for Layla

Went in for lunch and we had the Wilford Brimley Burger for me and the Patti Smith for my wife. I have to admit I was leery when I read the menu but so very surprised. The burgers were delicious and the fries were great as well!

Great food. The apricot ketchup was slightly sweet, just the right amount. You've got to try the hummus. The kale chips were good, though a bit greasy on my fingers, photo attached.

Started off pretty great. Back half went downhill. Chicken was dry unfortunately. Service went weird & flip... Not sure what was possible going on behind the scenes? May try again later date. Menu was fun for sure.

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Smoked Wings $7.25
Seven pecan smoked jumbo wings tossed with choice of spicy chili garlic, BBQ sauce, smoky mango sauce or sambal buffalo sauce.
Southside Nachos $8.00
House made chips topped with shredded BBQ chuck, BBQ sauce, sumac onions, house pickled jalapenos, pepper jack bacon sauce and Mediterranean pico.
Fries Basket $5.50
Served with apricot ketchup and dill tzatziki.
Sweet Potato Fries Basket $6.50
Served with curry lime aioli.
Krispy Kale $5.00
Flash fried kale chips, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
Falafel Fries $5.50
The superfood of French fries. served with tzatziki aioli.
Stuffed Falafel $7.00
Crispy falafel spheres stuffed with goat cheese, served with spicy date jam.
Britney Pickles Spears $7.50
Tempura battered pickle spears. Served with chipotle aioli.
Perks of Being a Cauliflower $7.50
Crispy cauliflower bites tossed in sambal buffalo sauce. Served with blue cheese dipping sauce.

The Greens

Layla Salad $4.00
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