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Well ,I came in stood by glass counter for about 3-5 minutes not being acknowledged .one guy was on other side putting glazed donuts in a box , never spoke .there where 3 ladies standing by the ck stand waiting,.finally a young white guy came up, an started waiting on people . The whole time a black female employee was yelling about being there 6 mths, since her father died something like that .over my shoulder. Lol I thought it was not very polite to be yelling full review

Krispy Kreme super disappointed this morning. Stopped at 745am to get a dozen of your highly advertised Halloween donuts and you have none??? Really you would think on Halloween day especially you would have had plenty of these on hand. Parents like to bring these as treats for kids on this day and I stopped to get something for my employees working today. Definitely need to plan better.

Came in on my way home from work about 8:30 pm was going to surprise my wife and son with something sweet. Looked at the selection figured out what I wanted and told Nancy the lady working that took almost 5 min to ask what I wanted that I wanted the cake batter from the donuts that were fresh. I could tell they were fresh because they weren't like the other rack dried out and a little shriveled up. I wasn't trying to be difficult I just wanted a fresh doughnuts to full review

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About Krispy Kreme

Even if you're not having a hot and fresh glazed Krispy Kreme donut, you can still enjoy all their other varieties. Glazed chocolate cake, chocolate frosted, chocolate frosted with sprinkles, powdered strawberry filled, smiley-faced donuts, and even donut holes are always available. Seasonal offerings often send customers into a frenzy and have their own fan base. The Santa belly donut and the melted snowman donut often sell out fast, so if you're hoping to try one, get there early for the best selection. Be sure to order some coffee or even iced beverages like an Iced Original Kreme Coffee to enjoy with your donuts too. There are also bagels and oatmeal to choose from if you're on donut-overload but we think you'll find it hard to leave without at least ordering one donut. You can enjoy your donuts there or take them home. And should you take them along with you, just remember that you can make it hot by popping it in the microwave for 8 seconds. It's almost as good as getting it right off the line hot and fresh.