2405 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 541-8031

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Michelle Powell

Went through drive thru and ordered cheese fries and it was horrible. The handful of fries wasn't worth the money and my child was horribly disappointed.

Dave S.

Nice people, but food didn't taste good. I tried the cheese fries and they were a brick of tired fries.

Montie L.

Was in for food about an hour ago. Ordered a bacon cheeseburger. Burger had NO bacon. Mustard, ketchup,pickles, cheese, burger on a bun. In the past they had lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise when I ordered them. Terrible burger.

Edie C.

Messed up our order, and then remade it for free no questions asked. BUT found not one, but two hairs in the remade sandwich.

Mareena McLean

I prefer the Hoagieville Express on Broadway because they always get my order right and I always get fresh fries. Here I feel like they gave me half as many fries and they were barely warm. My patty on my black bean burger was barely warm too. I asked to add mushrooms and they added about half as many as Hoagieville Express does so I paid the same price for less food. The food tasted good, but the experience could be better. Overall I love the chain and most experiences have been great. This most recent time was a bit lackluster.

Brandon Clark

Drove all the way across town based on the closing times online and found it closed 45 minutes before the posted time. Won't waste gas or effort coming here again.

Scott K.

It's an okay place to grab a quick burger but probably not a place I'd go back to. Prices are good, burgers are good, BUT they are drive through only!! It's 2022 and their lobby is STILL closed! Would be okay any other day but this day I happened to be pulling a 25' trailer!! Fortunately I'm an excellent driver so I managed it okay. Like I said, good burger and good price but there are other places I can go and sit inside.

Andrew Young

My wife's Superchick was great as always, except the cheese wasn't fully melted. Cheese fries were prefect. My Original Hoagie, however, was inedible. The roll was so chewy it took over a minute to chew the first bite. Had to throw it away.

Tiffany S.

We were visiting from another state and wanted something quick to eat, that wasn't a regular fast food chain. The seasoned fries were way too salty, the bacon on the fiery super chicken sandwich wasn't cooked enough (it was chewy, not crispy) and the sandwich was a little dry because we didn't want the tartar, since we didn't know what was in it. The fry sauce was mustard-based, but there's no information that states that on the menu. We also didn't receive any napkins, even though it's drive-thru only. Needless to say, we won't be back.


I've always been a big fan of Hoagieville, but this time was a rather unpleasant experience. The cheese fries, usually my favorite item, had so much salt on them there was nearly an 1/8" on the bottom. Needless to say I cannot eat them without stroking out. There's at least a 300% daily value of sodium on these fries. Come on guys. You can do better than this. It wasn't even busy!

Kara Miller

I wasn't going to write a review because my husband and I really do love Hoagieville, but this is the SECOND time this location has served us RAW CHICKEN. I honestly love the Spicy Super Chick, and that's all I ever get. We stopped going for almost a month because of the first time we got served raw chicken. Today we thought we'll just go back and get it again because we were really wanting it and you'd think the same mistake wouldn't happen again. But sure enough, I had already eaten MOST of my sandwich before my husband noticed his was pink. We will be emailing corporate over the situation but we think others should be aware. Back-to-back raw chicken sandwiches. We'll just go to the one in the mall from now on.

La'Daniel Boykin

Coming from Colorado, I visited Missoula about 2 weeks ago. My girlfriend's mom took us here and the burgers were really good.

Steve R.

They have changed there menu no more steak not much left on the menu cheese fries are still there and good only thing left to go there for it's just another burger joint now price just doesn't justify the stop at all very disappointed in just about the whole experience drove miles across town to get a ok philly sandwich I could have got a few blocked from home.

LeEtte Rae

Best cheese fries ever!!! The fry sauce is a must try too. I stop here every time I’m in Missoula! The whole family loves it

Ai S.

Gross food. Gross place. Dirty hoagies that are famous only because the whole world knows they suck. Terrible food and terrible service however, the cashier was very nice. The restaurant was absolutely dirty and made me feel like throwing up the "food" i had previously ingested. 0 stars would be too high of a rating.

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