Outback Steakhouse

2415 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 327-6900

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American Spirit

I liked the good place, the waiter was polite, we left a good tip, I ordered a ribeye steak - the most famous steak in the world. A thick edge is cut from a cut of beef from the 5th to the 12th rib of the animal. Despite the fact that literally “ribeye” is parsed into “rib” and “eye” (English rib “rib” + eye “eye”), the name has nothing to do with the drawing supposedly resembling an eye. The "eye" in this case denotes the center of the best boneless tenderloin. The cut from which the steak is cut is located at the intersection of 6 muscles that are least involved in the movement of the animal. All this is of fundamental importance for the taste of a steak: a lot of fat layers melt when cooking a steak, softening muscle fibers, and the meat turns out to be unusually juicy, acquiring a unique refined taste.Classic ribeye is usually made from grain-fed marbled beef.Rib-eye on a long, trimmed rib bone is called a tomahawk steak.Parking: Lots of parking spaces nearby, I arrived by truck and I easily parked my truck!

Echo Cortana

I enjoyed the shrimp, pasta and steak, but my bloomin burger was a bit too rare for me, fries were delicious. The rye bread was SO YUMMY!! MMM yassWe got the medium wings as an appetizer and they were really disappointing to be honest. They were lightly seasoned. Too lightly, they weren't spicy in any capacity lol. Overall I want to say the food was well seasoned if you enjoy salt and pepper as your main seasonings and MAYBE some paprika or garlic if you're lucky.Overall it was okay but could be better for sure.

Brent Mulkey

Order medium rare steak was medium at best booming onions had more batter than onions. Do yourself a favor Montana Club is way better and only a few blocks awayFood: 1/5


It had been years since I went to an Outback we were after crab, not knowing about the missing crab off the coast of Alaska at the time, the crew was more than on top of everything making for a good mealFood: 5/5


We went to the Outback for their signature prime rib. So disappointed to find out that they no longer have prime rib on the menu. Not really a good explanation from the waitress as to why they dropped it. Very very disappointing as we were looking forward to this so much as its been several years since we have been back to Missoula. We heard another table trying to order the same thing. Oh well the steak and lobster was very good....just not prime rib.

Kimberly Anderson

We ordered Outback on Door Dash. My "medium" steak was so burnt I could barely cut into it. I was very disappointed. The loaded mashed potatoes and the potato soup were both great, as was the burger.

Cindy Preston

Wait staff were all great. But, Outback's menu is tired and needs updated. I love rice as a side, but this is just the worst: little flavor and way too sweet.

bruno maluf

The Worst Outback that I have been!Maybe this was the last onion in the kitchen. Lol

Joseph S.

Great service and good food. good recommendation for steak. Never a bad experience there yet from los angels to Reno to Montana.

Andy Tassy

Had a great dinner, steak was done perfectly, melt in your mouth! My thanks to Aidan for putting up with us! Great kid, excellent customer service! Had a really good time!

Kelly W.

I have eaten here numerous times and have been pleased with the service and food for the most part. I came in at dinner time on a Monday night. As soon as I sat down my server came over with bread and water and introduced himself as Dylan. He took my drink order and served it very quickly. He was back promptly to take mu dinner order and checked on me several tomes throughout my meal. The food was delicious and the service outstanding. Thank you Dylan

Jennifer Hanson

We drove a very long way from Alberta, Canada to get to this Outback Steakhouse! We were not disappointed. I ordered my all time favorite, Alice Springs Chicken and Aussie Cheese Fries. It was just as delicious as I recall. Service was not bad. We were both very satisfied and happy after our meals.

Deanna Smith

Mostly have had steak, baked potatoes, veggies and salads. Food and service are mostly good. Drinks are well made. The only thing I would say in the negative was when I ordered a to-go order they seemed a little rude about where I should go to do that and also rude about where I should park, which didn’t matter at all. With CoVid guess I didn’t know the new routine. One salad I got to go was not good at all, hard pieces that were inedible. Staff do make an effort to see that you are satisfied, for the most part.

Michaelene Williamson

Excessive prices for drinks.The staff and food were good quality, as has always been our experience. I do have a problem with the drink prices. Outback has a very nice selection of beer and hard liquor. But the cost was excessive. One person in our party ordered an expensive whiskey (over $8 a shot) and Coke. On the bill we were charged the $8+ for the whiskey, but they charged over $3 for the Coke in that drink. I've never had that happen before, anywhere. And $3+ for a Coke is excessive anywhere. He had 2 off these drinks totaling about $25 for them.So, good place to eat if one doesn't order alcohol.

Colleen Richmond (Cbisqit)

This place is awesome. Our food was delicious and the girl, Deidre, who sat us was so very nice and she got us the best seat in the house. I will continue to come back because of our great experience. Thanks Deidre!!!

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