The Camino

105 N Pattee St, Missoula
(406) 317-1260

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Luke O

Camino is one of the higher end places to go and eat in Missoula. Tacos will run you 6-8$ a piece with 3 being a meal size.They have good cocktails, but a semi limited bar and what they can offer.Guac is on the spicy side for Guac but has great flavor.Overall, good place to eat. It will have Mexican vibes but is less true Mexican and more Mexican hipster. All in all for a nice dinner in Missoula it’s gonna be a win.

Marisa Patton

Loved that we could give our phone number to be texted when a table was ready so we could walk around and shop while we waited. Once seated we had ordered and received our all of our food/drinks within 30 minutes. We felt a tad underdressed after a day of hiking, but it wasn't really an issue. Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious and we would absolutely recommend this place to anyone in the area, just be prepared for it to be a little loud and difficult to carry a conversation without yelling at your neighbor.

Misty Coulter

I recommend this restaurant if you're more interested in the drinking than the food. The food was okay, yet interesting. I appreciate the unique flavor profiles and fresh ingredients, yet I found it lacking in overall flavor. The cheese dip was tough and hard to chew, and it was greasy. The margarita was top notch ? I leave a very generous 4 stars because we had great service. ?

Tara Holloway

Omg i dude and went to culinary heaven. I must try everything on the menu. Service wax amazing. Atmosphere top notch. You will not regret eating and drinking here.Food: 5/5

Wyatt Walker

This place has the audacity to call itself Mexican cuisine. I could get a more authentic Mexican experience and atmosphere from Taco Bell. The food is outrageously overpriced for what you get. For starters having to pay for chips and salsa as well as rice and beans. Both of those come standard in every other Mexican joint. The menu has no entrees, instead made up mostly of "shared" foods. If you want tacos, too bad, you have to pay $7 for a singular tiny taco. The Camino can be best described as a Mexican restaurant put in a laundry washer and set to whitest whites.


I understand that the restaurant's concept is sort of a Mexican-influenced tapas-type place, with sharing encouraged. But this was a bit limiting if the group is not interested in sharing plates. In that event, there are really no one-person entrees; the best choice would be to cobble together a couple of tacos. The cocktail offerings are fun and there is a very extensive tequila list. The atmosphere is lively and the service was very good. A nice choice for a restaurant that one can enter directly from the lobby of the Residence inn.

Theresa Olson

Everything was soooo good, drinks appetizer and 4 different kids of tacos all EXCELLENT!!!! Plus friendly service, definitely will go backFood: 5/5

Lisa W.

Ok....short and sweet. Some of the best Mexican food I've had in a college town. The wait staff was very friendly and quick. The tortilla chips come in this big ceramic cup with a handle on it that's perfect for passing around the table. Everything was perfect. Well done!!!

Brooks B.

Pretty solid food but my one gripe is that they use "The" instead of "El" in the name of the restaurant. Everytime I say the restaurant's name it feels very uncomfortable. Change the name to El Camino.

Andrea Grant

Best mexican restaurant in town! Im from Mexico City and this is the only place in Missoula that has REAL mexican food, their cochinita pibil is so good! Their queso fundido is unreal, I haven’t eaten anything like that since I lived in Mexico. I finally found a restaurant where I can go whenever I feel homesick and miss mexican food definitely will come back soon??

Timothy F.

It was a busy night but they wedged me in. The restaurant vibe was great and the service was on par. The food and drinks are pretty much on spot. Go beyond the Margarita de Casa because their repertoire is much broader. Definitely will be back.

เอกชัย แสนวิเศษ

Absolutely blown away on the first visit. Quality and quantity of the food is top notch. Be prepared to wait for a table during peak hours but it's worth it. Our server, Brooke took care of our every need and had very helpful suggestions. The prime rib is their specialty but everyone in our party tried different things and everyone was pleased with their meal. I highly recommend this restaurant.

M A.

One of the best food experiences of my life!! I loved this wonderful spot, and the ceviche was so amazing it made me teary. The drinks were delicious and the people were nice.

Joel R.

Beautiful restaurant, great service and very attentive . Food was delicious , had the cochinita pibil Torta . The Jamaica is also a great choice traditional with a twist . Over all happy with the meal . Thank you!

Cortney B.

The atmosphere was fun and the drinks were strong (in the best way). We had reservations and it's a good thing. After .h6pm we watched them turn people away, one after another. It's always a good sign when the restaurant is full and people are still trying to get in. The server was awesome. He was friendly and attentive but not overbearing. The food was good. We really enjoyed the chips and salsa, the crab tostada, the pork taco, mahi taco, and our favorite was the carne asada taco. I ordered the ceviche but didn't care for it. I didn't say anything about it to the server but when he saw the bowl still full, he inquired and then took it off my bill. THAT is how you keep customers. I'm not one to complain if I don't enjoy a dish but it was awesome that he noticed and cared. We also had the churros, which we enjoyed. Overall, we had a great date night here and will go back.

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