Clean Eatz

1950 Hendersonville Rd #11, Asheville
(828) 483-6300

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Shea Johnson

The food here is so fresh and clean tasting! They take their time with it. I think I am going to love it eating here and ordering my prepared weekly meals. I hope this place dont change! Thanks

Shawna Metzker

AWESOME! Owner is a gem and the food is really good. No more skipping lunch because I don't have time!!!


It has been a while since I’ve been here BUT there is a huge difference in service and food. Also, I used the restroom on my visit and was disgusted by how filthy the restroom was. The restroom looked like it hasn’t been cleaned in months. After seeing that, it made me question the cleanliness of the restaurant as a whole. Honestly, this was my last visit to this restaurant. The service was horrible and we were not impressed by the menu changes and proportion changes as well. I mentioned several times to the lady taking our order that it had been a while since we’ve been in. She could’ve mentioned the changes in the menu and proportions, but she didn’t. Eating healthy is important to us but unfortunately, this is not a place on our list anymore. It’s clear that something has changed for this business and it doesn’t seem to be for the positive.

Nick Meyer

The food is excellent and the staff was amazing. Wish we had a Clean Eatz where we live. Highly recommend this place!

Phillip Evans

I had wanted to start Clean Eatz meal plan and I called to ask a few questions. They seemed like they did not have the time to be bothered. I wanted to know where I could find the sodium content of their meals because I have to limit it. I called the Cary store and spoke to rhe manager and he gave me the email for corporate info. Sent corporate an email inquiring but no response. If you want to eat healthy you need the nutritional information of the meals you are consuming so you can make a wise decision. Oh well will give someone else my business.

Julie Lee

I am so thankful for service Clean Eatz offer especially during this Covid 19 lock down. I've been using their meal plan since late summer of 2019 and haven't stopped. With low carb diet, it's difficult to come up with different menu everyday and prepare fresh meals. Clean Eatz makes it so easy to eat healthy delicious meals in just few minutes. Huge time saver and my body feels healthy. Asheville location staffs are all very friendly and their cafe menu (I typically do build your own bowl) is also delicious. My co-workers also love this place for quick healthy delicious meals. Definitely worth trying!

Michael Klakamp

This place is great! I was a bit skeptical at first, but after my first week I can safely say I’m hooked. The meal plan is such a good deal, considering you can get 5 meals for $40. I was spending close to $10 a day eating out for lunch, even at fast food restaurants. The meals are well portioned and leave me feeling full, they taste amazing and almost everything on their regular menu is under 500 calories. They even have low carb/gluten free/half calorie/extra protein options for people interested in those. I can’t recommend this place enough!

Ava Holler

Food is good, but check your meal plan order before you leave the store. None of my meals were labeled. When I got home I had to open each one and label it. Two meals were not what I ordered.

Chris Nadeau

I have been using Clean Eatz for months due to a variety of reasons. They are hands down the best staff, have the greatest meals, and make it almost too easy. I pick up my meals on Sunday. I eat for a whole week for less than I spend on a night out with some buddies. The food is great. The incomparable service is what keeps me coming back time and time again. Keep up the awesome work! If you haven’t tried them, do; it’ll be well worth it.

Cheryl Critcher

Not for me.... it's for veagany, granolaly transplanted ashevillians which is not me. I would definately select it over fast food if there was a drive through but I can make this at home and more inexpensively.

Michael Steffin

I was very impressed with the "The Prime Time" and "Chipotle Pasta Bowl"! The flavors were consistent and on point! Quick and Simple for on the go when you didn't meal prep!

Katherine Young

So happy Clean Eatz came to Asheville! Saves me a lot of time each week, the meals taste amazing, the pricing is unbeatable, and the staff is very friendly! I have tried numerous meal prep companies and Clean Eatz is by far my favorite.

Chris N

The best of the best! I order the meal plan weekly. It is quick, easy, and always great food. Friendly staff and quick service every time.

Katherine Phillips

So happy Clean Eatz came to Asheville! Saves me a lot of time each week, the meals taste amazing, the pricing is unbeatable, and the staff is very friendly! I have tried numerous meal prep companies and Clean Eatz is by far my favorite.

Kayla Bird

I have recently started using clean eatz for my lunches every week. I have gone every Sunday and I just walk in a pick up the weekly meals. No one explained to me that it is a different process during the week and that you have to order meals ahead of time. Unfortunately this Sunday I had to work so I came in today and was told that I could not pick up food as I had in the past. I was not told about the process whatsoever and am now screwed for the rest of the week. The food was ok at best but I was willing to overlook that for convenience. I was really hoping that they make an exception but that was definitely not the case so I will now be looking for a new local meal prep company:/

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