Clean Eatz

1950 Hendersonville Rd #11, Asheville
(828) 483-6300

Recent Reviews

Ava Holler

Food is good, but check your meal plan order before you leave the store. None of my meals were labeled. When I got home I had to open each one and label it. Two meals were not what I ordered.

Chris Nadeau

I have been using Clean Eatz for months due to a variety of reasons. They are hands down the best staff, have the greatest meals, and make it almost too easy. I pick up my meals on Sunday. I eat for a whole week for less than I spend on a night out with some buddies. The food is great. The incomparable service is what keeps me coming back time and time again. Keep up the awesome work! If you haven’t tried them, do; it’ll be well worth it.

Cheryl Critcher

Not for me.... it's for veagany, granolaly transplanted ashevillians which is not me. I would definately select it over fast food if there was a drive through but I can make this at home and more inexpensively.

Michael Steffin

I was very impressed with the "The Prime Time" and "Chipotle Pasta Bowl"! The flavors were consistent and on point! Quick and Simple for on the go when you didn't meal prep!

Chris N

The best of the best! I order the meal plan weekly. It is quick, easy, and always great food. Friendly staff and quick service every time.

Katherine Phillips

So happy Clean Eatz came to Asheville! Saves me a lot of time each week, the meals taste amazing, the pricing is unbeatable, and the staff is very friendly! I have tried numerous meal prep companies and Clean Eatz is by far my favorite.

Kayla Bird

I have recently started using clean eatz for my lunches every week. I have gone every Sunday and I just walk in a pick up the weekly meals. No one explained to me that it is a different process during the week and that you have to order meals ahead of time. Unfortunately this Sunday I had to work so I came in today and was told that I could not pick up food as I had in the past. I was not told about the process whatsoever and am now screwed for the rest of the week. The food was ok at best but I was willing to overlook that for convenience. I was really hoping that they make an exception but that was definitely not the case so I will now be looking for a new local meal prep company:/

Angelica Gardner

Love the food here. Only downside is when I order online and I go in for pickup, the nutrition info aren't on those containers like the ones you can buy out the store.

Leah Susan

Loving the meal prep service so far, but I really wish they would include macros and ingredients and grams listed on the meal plan service when you get the meals, especially if you get the half carb or no carb options so that you can track them in your own apps and things like that. Frustrating getting the half carb option but then not knowing how to log it.

Kevin Pennell

I just enjoyed my first of many meals from Clean Eatz. Healthy yummy food, great service, and reasonable prices. What more could you ask for? Well done!!

Susan Bargar

Clean Eatz has been such a life-changing experience for me! I don't have to worry about temptation to make poor nutrition choices at the grocery store with their meal plan orders and it is so easy! Their pricing is incredibly reasonable as well! On week two and have no intention of stopping!

Susan Andrews

I am SO GLAD this place finally opened!!! My son loves these meals, and I love the option to add extra protein! They are perfect for his after-workout eating. Great prices, fun people. Buckeyes that are healthy!? And different beverages that are zero-calorie (nice change from just water).

Edward Hughes

I love this concept, it’s exactly what all of us need to maintain healthy consistent nutrition. The portion sizes are spot on and the pricing per meal is quite affordable. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I will be back !

Emily Turner

Wow, The meal plan options are amazing! Can’t wait to get this weeks meals! Everyone needs to try something at Clean Eatz, definitely worth it!

Patty Robertson

Love this concept! It’s so nice to be able to grab something to eat that is great tasting and healthy. The build a bowl with shrimp was great!

Brian Krickhan

Service was good. Friendly and helpful staff. I’ve had two meals here so far and they were excellent

Sarah Gentry

The shrimp Alfredo grab and go was amazing! The cafe menu is loaded with some great picks too! Highly recommend for those on the go!

Anthony Franco

I go to clean eatz three days a week and have had nothing but great experiences there! Great staff and even better food. Big Boy Wrap is by far the best post workout meal in Asheville!

Maegan Caldwell

I used to order these meals online, super excited when I saw Asheville finally had a store! Eating in store is even better, love this place!! And they have 1st phorm in store even cheaper than it is online... win win situation!!

Jonathan Thames

Awesome staff and superb service. If you want good quality and healthy options definitely drop by!

Ember Latrella

This is basically meal prep and planning with out having to do it yourself! The staff is friendly and helpful. The meals are really good and healthy. You have done the meal plan for 2 weeks now diet week I did 5 meals this week I ordered 10 and then bought 6 more when I went to pick my plan up. I don’t get tired of my meals this way and I don’t have to plan, prep, cook and clean! It’s saves so much time. Hardly even have to go to the grocery store. I love you Clean Eatz you make my life easy and keep me on track with calories,carbs,and protein! And it’s affordable

B. Fonville

Was excited to see somewhere on this side of town had the Beyond Meat burger. Ordered it to go and it was so under-cooked and cold that I had to throw it out and eat lunch out of the vending machine at work :(

M. G.

Build your own bison burger to-go. Very tasty, good portion size.

Yin Y.

Great addition to Asheville. Loved our meals. Friendly staff and nice casual seating. U can also get frozen premade meals to take out. Vegan friendly a bonus.

Runda Alamour

I had a great meal doing build your own bowl. Super healthy and delicious!

Amber O

The shredded beef bowl is amazing! The restaurant is nice and clean & the staff is pleasant!

Nicole MacDonald

Loved the steakflex salad and buffalo cauliflower!

Patty Robertson

Great option for convenient Delicious-meals

Mali C.

Customizable, delicious, quick, and fair pricing what's not to love. Fast casual win! Plenty of variety with burgers, wraps, smoothies, and salads. But I think build your own bowl is the way to go.

Crystal Linville

I had the turkey clean eatz burger and it was awesome!