Little Caesars Pizza

1063 Patton Ave, Asheville
(828) 252-8877

Recent Reviews


Rude and immature employees, the pizza is great but it’s bitter tasting with the customer service at this location.

Christian Conder

The employees are rude and unhelpful. Don't expect a pleasant experience or good food. not even that cheap.

Skylar Pippinger

For the price, I don't really know of any place with better quality pizza. Been a family favorite since I was little.

Jamie Lea

Fixed my special order just right

william emerson

What do you expect with a chain. Poor food, poor service, poor management, poor upper management (Richard), No accountability.

Mary McQueen

Same story from night before hard and cold!!!!!


Always consistent and affordable delicious pizza

Beth G

Good pizza for the price

chris james

I get the supreme stuffed crust and it's an awesome pizza for the price!! Really a great tasting pizza!!

Chad Ledford

It feels like an odd thing to say, but it's the best Little Caesars I've ever been to.

Mike Pruett

The xtra most bestest pizza was awesome

Casey Smith

The Pizza is always the same (good) which not only Little Caesars can say. The prices have not changed since I have moved here (which not all places can say) but there seems to be an extremely high turnover. Out of the local Little Caesars this is defiantly one of the better ones.

Asheville Girl

Last time ordered bacon and did not get it. No Pepsi this time or last in the big bottle's.

Rachel E

Always good

Dee Gomez

They made me a fresh pizza and it was amazing and my cheese bread was made fresh and loaded down with cheese I would definitely be going back so nice very quick and makes sure the customers are all ok and taken care of 20 stars I'll give it

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