755 Merrimon Ave, Asheville
(828) 252-8075

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Tonia Mitchell

Fresh loved it.

John Baley

This is McDonald's. They serve food that is bad for you that tastes good. This outlet is adequate in that they prepare fried foods and cheesy meats in bread quickly, along with sugary drinks. I go there for the coffee. Plain, black, coffee. It's delicious.

Richard Sharpe

Was waiting for 20 mins on my apple pie by the time I got it my fries was ice cold will not be going back

Ohmstar McGuffin

The one thing you can say about this location is that it is consistent. No matter when you go (lunch, afternoon, evening), the fries will be disgusting. They're always severely under-cooked and insanely over-salted, as if adding a ton of salt will make them taste better. Nuggets are chewy and rubbery, even when employees claim they were just cooked. Burgers are over-cooked. I don't understand how the food can be this disgusting this consistently. To be honest, I appreciate how disgusting this McDonalds is. It reminds me why I normally avoid fast food. Thanks for being so disgusting!

James Hartley

Good if you like fast food

Daxx-Terry Green

Very good sausage, egg and cheese biscuit

Leisa Smith

Clean bathrooms! Fast and efficient service.

John Lomax

The drive through employee just attempted to memorize my debit card at the drive through. All they had to do was swipe it and give me the receipt. he glared at it squinting for about 45 seconds. clearly trying to memorize my card number. I called their corporate headquarters and the police. I have yet to receive an apology from management.

Freya Galaxy

As soon as I was about to place an order they closed and everything on their menu is not available false advertising

Courtney Smith

An extra nugget and a rogue fry! ? ? came here on New Year’s Day with the kiddos I was babysitting. It made their day that on New Years they got an extra nugget and a random fry in the bag (we didn’t order fries, their mama said either nuggets or fries but not both lol).

Jessica Avary

Friendly place to stop for my afternoon sweet tea.

Tammy Pend

Great service, friendly staff. Hot fries

Daniel Breen

They took way too long for fast food

Sister Discordia

just close down. why was noone at all taking orders at drive through? this place just needs to give up.

Beth P.

close down already. nobody working the drive through at all? people were pissed...maybe someone died? maybe tell people you are closed in the middle of the day or turn off the drive through....this place is just gone into the gutter the last few years. I wish they would close so someone like taco bell could take that huge space. trash fire.

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