New York Bagel & Deli

2050 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary
(919) 851-9050

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Linda Higdon

I decided to stop this morning for a bagel and coffee & extremely glad I did. It’s a very layer back and pleasant atmosphere. I chose the Asiago bagel toasted to perfection with plain cream cheese I liked that after they prepared the bagel they also cut it in half and wrapped in parchment paper, and they cover with a large amount of cream cheese (always a+), I also tried the hazelnut coffee, I was very pleased! I’m Italian and so I appreciate good bread and good coffee! I drink my coffee black so I’m very picky when it comes to the coffee I don’t want biter coffee, I prefer a nice nutty oily flavor this was a great cup of Joe. The workers had great customer service skills I also met Tommy the Owner a very nice gentleman this deli has a very family oriented feel to it & made for a nice end to my morning visit to my new favorite place to stop. I also enjoyed that they have outdoor covered seating as well.I don’t usually leave reviews but I felt this one really deserved a 5*star rating.

Maria C.

Anyone who gives this place a bad review does not know what a bagel is, what real Italian bread is, pastries etc. Being a transplant from NY this is the Real Deal! I travel far to go here. Never had bad service or anything sub par. Staff busts their butt to serve you, they are busy - you will wait sometimes but totally worth it -they are busy because they are that good!!! Ambiance well it's a small shop May not be gorgeous but it's clean!

Deidren Kiwin

Some of the best bagels in the triangle, and they are very generous with the salmon in the lox bagel. The lettuce and onion could have been fresher, but I'll take the extra lox over veggies any day. We will definitely be back!

Harrison D.

Place is fantastic. Great service, delicious bagels and a five star deli. I hit them with an off the wall order for 14 bagel samiches at 6 am on a Friday and they busted their tails to deliver, it was fantastic. The boys at hobs roofing were very happy at lunch time!

Jon Graczyk

I’ve been here on a few occasions and never had a bad experience. Today was no different…wait…it was different…they exceeded expectations today. I had the best sandwich I’ve ever had in the Carolina’s. I usually stop in for bagels/breakfast sandwiches in the morning. They are wonderful. Today I had family in town and they wanted NY sandwiches. We got tuna and chicken salad sandwiches along with a Turkey club. Everything was stellar. Fresh rolls, tasty toppings, large portions. I’ll be back for lunch again…and breakfast. Thank you.

C. A.

There is a lack of good bagels offering in the area, and a lack of appreciation of what a good bagel should taste like. NY Bagel and Deli offers one of the best options to find in the area.

Emily Kim

Bagel was so good! Nice texture and great tastes. The line was quiet long even I visit early morning in weekday. I hope server gives more time to look menu.

Vince R.

I asked my family if they wanted me to run out to get some breakfast. all said yes and they wanted bagels....these bagels. I drive 20 minutes past 3 other bagel shops and numerous grocery stores. it is worth the trip. my son loves Cinnamon Sugar, my wife Everything and I like a good onion. Never disappoints.

Brittany C.

So yummy! Great bagels and pastries. The place is always busy which is a testimony to their service and quality.

Ben D.

Great breakfast spot ordered delivery while I was staying in town. I got a steak and egg one day and a salmon bagel sandwich one day. Both were good definitely preferred the salmon. The steak tasted a bit dry and tough. But not too bad in those areas. The salmon tasted fresh and well balanced with the capers, cream cheese, and onion.

Dave Strimas

Walking in the doors to this place instantly takes me back to my childhood on Long Island. Finding a true bagel deli outside of NY has always been a challenge. The ambience, the bagels, the customer service, the pastries... This place gets everything right, down to the right kind of booths and drink cooler. I don't go here for any sort of cheap novelty. It's simply the real deal just in another state. I don't care if the line is way out the door. Waiting here for a good meal always proves to be worth it.

Chris Gyles (Gyles)

Come grab an authentic New York bakery and Deli breakfast or lunch. While you’re there might as well order your 3-6 foot Hero for your Labor Day celebration.

Bryan Gardner

First off, forget any negative reviews about this place its amazing. Everything is good! Everything is fresh. They are busy! Staff always handles the line! Some are friendly. Some are New York friendly. Love the atmosphere! My favorite is pastrami egg and Swiss on an everything bagel. Amazing again. But… the cheesecake is the best cheesecake on planet earth. Most amazing texture. Try it..if you find better let me know!

Samantha C.

When asking for a bagel to be TOASTED I expect it to be TOASTED - not just warmed up so that by the time I eat it on your front patio it's already cold from the walk from the register.

Wendy Myers

You can always tell how good a place is by how long they're lines are, and it was out the door for a very good reason. My husband and I just moved here from Ohio but are originally from NY so when we heard of this place we had to try it. The shop is a bit small a deli counter and 5 or 6 tables to sit at but the food was out of this world good. We truly felt like we were back home in NY so much so I called my parents in NY just to tell them about the place.

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