Bandido's Mexican Cafe

159 1/2 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill
(919) 967-5048

Recent Reviews

Cassandra Serre

Bandido’s is delicious! Our favorite Mexican spot in town. Antoni is so nice! The food is fresh and authentic.

Lily g

They like to scam drunk college students. Ask for an itemized bill and price conveniently goes down— also they ask for a tip when they auto grat parties of 6 or more. SCAMMY

Sayali K.

Service was great, ambience was also fairly pleasant. Food is okay too - just nothing spectacular. I'd probably go again if I was in the area and hungry but not going out of my way for it either.

David Doughten

Met some friends before the Heels game, my Burrito Supreme was the ? !!Food: 5/5

Diane W.

I work at UNC and we come to Bandido's for lunch pretty often. Their chips have this super good seasoning on them and the salsa is made fresh. Sometimes the salsa can be quite spicy but it's always delicious. Pre-Covid they had a salsa bar-I'm not sure if they plan to bring that back. I recommend the chimichanga and the margarita chicken bowl. I have never gotten a bad meal here and the staff our wonderful.

Justin T.

I know great Mexican food. This was fair. Chips and salsa game needs work. The fajita sides tasted from a can/bag. Not very fresh. Now, service was pretty good. Very friendly staff.

Madeleine Austin

I purchased the Sonora Shrimp under their "On the Lighter Side" section of the menu while at the nextdoor brewery. Bandido's provided the menu and brought over the food. I had not planned on ordering, but had missed lunch and dinner and needed something to hit my protein goal. I ordered the Sonora Shrimp.I have to say, with great hesitation because I don't want to drag anyone down, that this was the worst Mexican food I have ever eaten. There were five dime sized shrimp buried in sauce and cheese. I would have been better off microwaving shrimp at home, which is a shame because I was ravenous. I was disappointed and could practically see my $15 burning in front of me. I tried, but after I picked out the few shrimp I really couldn't eat anything else. It was certainly not a "light" meal nor anything that I imagined. They sure weren't as shy with the sauce, cheese, and rice as they were with the shrimp.I would have spoken up, but they were serving from across the street and I was not in their restaurant. I pray that the quality is better if you are physically there. I felt compelled to write this review so that somebody with a lick of sense can change things. However, I will not be giving them my business again.Please note that I was not IN their restaurant. The attached photos are my leftovers from the evening prior. So they don't look like they did in their prime, but I assure you it wasn't much different. This is after I sifted through to find my five baby shrimp. They were buried in the sauce graveyard. "On the lighter side" my tail.I hate to see Mexican food disrespected like this. I hope things improve. They at least have to change their menu description. This was not "seasoned shrimp (...) grilled to perfection." It tasted reheated and totally unseasoned. You can't hide the fact that you gave five measly shrimp by covering it in cheap filler. Especially for almost $20.


Employees were friendly but food was terrible. Absolutely the worst food I've had in a very long time. Mostly inedible. Also, there was a strong odor or fumes that were really offensive. Not a good experience.

Brittany L.

the only 2 reasons this gets 4 instead of 5 stars is bc the mojito is SO strong. i'm dr*nk typing this and my buddys carnitas in the chimichanga are on the dryer side. if you like a strong drink, heck ya order this strawberry mojito. also, these spicy frijoles charros are 10/10. they're not too spicy but PACKED with flavor.

Travis Rives

A UNC and Chapel Hill staple. Have been going here for many many years and will continue going for many more to come. If you want good Mexican on campus, this is it!

Frasier Linde

I got the Margarita Chicken Rice Bowl, and left satisfied. If anything, I would have traded a bit of the chicken for more avocado/veggies. The size of the bowl makes the portion look a bit smaller than it is. The chips and salsa were also good (salsa has some heat) and I used some of the chips to dip in my bowl. Dining room was full of college students, some of whom were a bit loud, but that might have been the particular night (post finals).

Benny T.

Bad food, worse service. Took us an hour to get seated and they served two tables before us even though they came after. Terrible system the waiters are running.

Ella N.

came to Bandidos on a weeknight. I arrived with a friend at 8:30 and ordered a margarita that was decent as well as an entree each. we were still there at 9:00 which is apparently when they close and our waiter started taking our food that we were still eating. Needless to say we were disappointed

Cameron Baker

Had the pork burrito and it was pretty good. The refried beans were delicious but definitely could have had more.

Alondra Salomon

It was our first time coming here and it was a great experience! They were very kind and the food was delicious. It can be hard to find good authentic Mexican food these days but whenever in doubt, this is the place to go!

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