Big Tanks Soulfull Kitchen

2130 E Arbors Dr STE 125, Charlotte
(980) 355-0366

Recent Reviews

Ndia J.

Food quality negative zero, customer service negative negative zero. I was told the food was made fresh which was a lie. They freeze the sides and warm them up. So, the side were watered down. I waited over 30 minutes for my food when I was the only one in the establishment with an order. They always running out of everything. Literally opened 3 hours before I got there no green vegetables, no oxtails, NOTHING. I looked at my sides, they gave me a side of cabbage well what was left in the pot, that's not even a full side. I had to complain about that to be compensated. I sent a message complaining about my services and they just read the message. I then called in and spoke with one of the managers and they told me it was basically nothing they could do. Also they he couldn't issue a refund nor a credit. I spent about $50 and all he could offer me was 1 free meal when I purchased 4 meals. That he hoped I would come back to eat. I will not be returning to this establishment!!! Overall bad experience!

Vonetta G.

Food is rich in flavor and delicious. I was very pleased with the service plus delivery.

Summer Knight

Even with bad reviews I wanted to give this place a try. I’ve been craving Mac n cheese and DIDNT want to drive far for a soul food restaurant and decided to give this place a try.I tried to order but the cashier was extremely rude to the point that I put the menu down and left. The menu online is different from the in store menu. Several things are written in and there is no indication on what has sides/what doesn’t and if something can be purchased individually. I wanted the pork chops which is listed under entree but also wanted to add bread. So I asked if I could add bread and the cashier said “it’s not a sandwich” which is why I asked if I CAN add bread to it. This was the third rude comment that was made so I decided to leave. Not a good first impression and I will not return or recommend this place to anyone. I’d 100% prefer to drive 40 minutes to La’Wans

Summer K.

Staff is rude. So rude I didn't even place an order. The young man tried to be helpful but the young lady at the front was very rude and then very passive aggressive when I walked out. I will not return here.

Lathiafa C.

This business doing awesome due to covid 19. If there is a wait that mean the food is cooked fresh to order. If the food ran still mean quality. There are other alternatives such as calling and placing order ahead. My statement that I stand behind is that this establishment is doing superb for it to be new and thriving during this pandemic. It operates with the same rule and cleanliness as mandated. I love it here.

Ellie kang

Poor management and poor quality of food. Lots of stuff on the menu are not available. The menu is printed poorly on normal printing paper so keeping the menu up to date should be a breeze. The food is below average. Some items salty to the point it's not edible, meat was tough and dry. There are plenty of comfort food places that are cheaper and better.

Scott Huffman

I love good food and I understand things are different under Covid19. Bad service ruins the experience. It should not take 45 minutes to serve your customers. Especially when they are on their lunch break.

linda allder

They were out of greens and yams. They need to perfect the Mac n cheese and use better quality ingredients. First time ever getting soul food and I did not eat the Mac and cheese nor the broccoli cheese casserole which was not good. The sides were not hot at all, it was 45 minutes to closing but still. I won't be back...but gave it a try. I did not taste care and love in preparation of food. I was also talked out of what I desired because they said it would take 20 minutes& they went on to tell me what they didn't have as opposed to what they did & I hadn't even looked at menu.

Tanisha Williams

Probably the best soul food I’ve had in Charlotte! The chicken was so good nothings better than hot food togo! ?

Lisa Wallace

The staff was very nonchalant about my hour and 1/2 wait for over seasoned food and a very rude staff.

Kenneth F.

The family ordered lemon pepper and buffalo wings. They are now my go to place. The wings were awesome.

Tiffinie Parks

I’m going one star because the cashier was pleasant. I ordered a Veggie plate with Cabbage, greens, mac and cheese and yams. Let start with the cabbage disgusting it was brown and flavor less, the greens were so salty they seemed hot, mac was ok but no seasoning and my yams were I’m going to assume we’re mashed sweet potato’s. I’m no stranger to soulful food as a daughter of parents from Alabama that can burn. This experience with Big Tank wasn’t soulful at all.

Carla Jones

I wanted to try a new soul food experience I got up this afternoon and headed to Big tank. Website said they closed at 7. I arrived at 6:15 I was asked numerous times if I ordered already or if ordered online I said no they then shared with me that they close at 7 and don’t want to cook past 7.. huh? They repeated this twice. Also said no orders after 6:30.. but who would know that? Plus it’s 6:15. I’m still hungry! I really wanted to support and try them out but horribly saddened at the message and lack of customer service. Shouldn’t be this way. Businesses need to do better

ashlyn lahr

The prices in the restaurant are more expensive than those listed online. I walked in to order some beef ribs and even though it was listed online and in store on the menu I was told they are no longer selling it. They are very expensive. Sides cost $6 and oxtail for large is $25. The feel of the restaurant is one of a fast food place so it definitely does not match the cost. Also I don't consider many of the things on the menu to be soul food like peanut butter and jelly sandwich, bologna sandwiches, wings, burgers and hot dogs. I walked out .

Gwendolyn McElveen R.

The Chicken looked and tasted like it was refried from the day before. The mac and cheese taste like it was scrapped from the bottom. No!! The food is not good!! I wasted my money! This food is terrible!!

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