Erwin Square, #A-100, 2200 W Main St, Durham
(919) 294-8939

Recent Reviews

r largo

great food!

Ricky Cleveland

This place is always good. It will make you say chipotle who?!!!!!! food is a million times better. Way more flavor and its actually served hot!

Eduardo Sandoval

First time in and I was really impressed. The service was quick and friendly. The arepa was cooked perfectly with a little crunch. The avocado chicken was awsome and the banana that I added to it was delicious! I will definitely be back!

Chuck Hicks

Great food and great service! The menu is varied enough that anybody can find what the want. We had arepas but bowls are available too. We can’t wait to go back!

Collette Jackson

This South American restaurant has the best Arepas in town. The service is quick and friendly. I placed my order via telephone and it was ready in 5 minutes, being that I said I would pick it in a 10 minutes.

Corinne Goudreault

This food is so good! The arepas have always been fresh and well cooked when I have been there. The filling is always delicious. Their signature avocado sauce is good with everything. The salsas are very cilantro heavy so I stay away from them. Definitely recommend. Their catering is good as well.

Barbara Maha

Stumbled into the place. Great casual restaurant near Duke hospital. Low cost for a great taste. Staff was kind enough to walk my father through the menu as he had never had arepas before. I like the corn based arepas best. Guacamole was also very good.

Jorge E. Estrada

Food here is just great. Arepas are very tasty. Service is fast and the place is always clean. I thing prices are fair. To me 1 arepa is just right for lunch, 2 of them are just too much. The cilantro sauce they prepare, is the best.

Ashlyn S.

From the pictures this restaurant seemed to be delicious! But we were really disappointed. My husband and I both Arepas and just didn't like them. The corn flake just completely over powers everything and just ruins the whole meal. It seemed like the bowls and salads are the way to go. Our food was also sitting on the counter for a while before someone remembered it was there and brought it to us. Expected a lot more! Won't be going here again :(

Jeff B.

Never had arepas before, Guasaca is definitely a good primer. we ordered 4 arepas, chips, and 1 drink. 1 chicken signature, 1 pork signature, 1 custom steak: rice, cheese, onions, 1 custom pork: black beans cheese. Total was $22 Steak was fantastic, super savory, combination of steak, rice, onions and cheese was perfect.. made me feel warm inside. While i was not a fan of the mustard sauce, the cilantro sauce and red sauce add color, flavor, and/or spice. While theyre great, the sauces are not necessary at all to enjoy the sandwich like you sometimes see with other foods. My wife didn't like the chicken as much as the pork, while i agreed it was not bad by any means. I don't really care for pico de gallo but on my wifes chicken arepa, it tasted great. These guys are on groupon like all the time.. In my opinion, groupon restaurants have a pretty negative stigma..after eating here I dont know whether ive been unfair of restaurants on groupon, feel sad that good food has to resort to groupon for sales, or be happy that I can use groupon to get some tasty arepas.. either way, great food, look forward to coming back.


The little hand sandwiches (forgot the name, maybe arepas) were pretty good. We had a groupon so for two it only. Cost is 14 dollars, so it was a bargain. The beef sandwich was good and my husband had two tilapia and said they were good. I. had a chicken with guacamole and thought it tasted strange, but someone else might like it. Quick service, plenty of seating. You do have to pay around three dollars for chips and salsa. Most places have that for free.


Visited this place on my trip to Durham. This place is similar to Chipotle where you could get a burrito, bowl or salad, with your choice of toppings.. Excellent food!

Susan B

We eat here when we want something quick, delicious but a little different. My favorite is the fish with guasaca sauce. The sauce makes everything delicious. If the weather is nice we sit outside.

Myung Jin K.

Great arepa place which offers deceptively filling corn meal type of sandwiches. Because the arepas are already made, they aren't as light and fluffy as those made to order, but the trade off is that you get your meal much quicker than other arepas places I've gone to. I preferred their white corn arepas over their yellow corn ones. The yellow corn arepas were unusually sweet for my taste. The fillings were all delicious. Just grab your napkins before you eat them. They get messy and be sure to wash your hands before and afterwards.

Leighann Breeze

Quick Mexican counter service restaurant. The menu is short but everything is good. There is outdoor seating for people who bring their dogs everywhere (like me).

Grace Dodge

Relatively cheap and super delicious. I’ve only ever had the vegetarian options, and they’ve all been amazing. The guasaca sauce is not to be missed and plantains are always a go to. Always more filling than I expect, which is not a problem in my book.

Yingying Z.

This is probably one of my favorite places to eat in Durham! I love the arepas - not sure how "authentic" they are but they are certainly delicious. I loved the combination of steak, black eyed peas, white cheese, and plantains on a yellow corn arepa. Pretty sad that there is no Guasaca up north now that I'm no longer in NC!

Ann Vogler

Loved this place! Nice quick eat. Recommend the avocado chicken, steak, and vegetarian. We will definitely come again. High quality quick food.

E H.

The Chipotle of Venezuelan cuisine...except way better. This place is clean, and the food is very good. A great spot if you're gluten free. The arepas are very good and filling with a choice of classic or choose your own fillings. The plantain is sweet and compliments the food well. Service is good and quick. I'll be going back one more time before I bounce out of NC. This place would do well in California!

Mike Marchetto

This counter service restaurant makes the perfect lunch. The food is so flavorful, unique, and filling. Pair it with a very walkable part of Durham and you have a great little afternoon.

Marcella Dalrymple

Consistently delicious, staff is pretty friendly and the atmosphere is clean. It’s easy to get addicted to the food here because prices are reasonable... although homegirl did skimp on my plantains this last visit 👀.


Best arepas in town!! My Venezuelan husband and I come here as often as we can because they're so yummy. We have also ordered catering from them. The catering was prompt and just as ordered, with plenty of sauces. The catering portions were significantly smaller, perhaps to avoid mushiness. Maybe this could be resolved by putting the guac on the side or something. Either way, we love them and will always be loyal customers!

Sean D.

This felt like a local version of Chipotle in terms of the style of restaurant, type of food and decor. The quality was clearly better and they had arepas, which were crispy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. If you don't know what you're doing, you can order one of the arepas or bowls on the menu. However, you can also customize your meal too. The variety of sauces and toppings was better than the chains, which makes it worth the additional cost.

Viggy K.

Guasaca is a great, unique food spot in Durham. I've been here a few times and have always really enjoyed the food. Parking can be a bit hard, especially around lunchtime since it's a popular spot, but there are some spots available. The inside of Guasaca is colorful and inviting. I usually get two arepas, one chicken and one veggie, and they are always super tasty. The ingredients taste fresh, especially the guacamole, which is one if my measures of a good Latin food spot. Prices are reasonable as well, so definitely try Guasaca for a quick lunch!

Fred Mitchell

The food here changed my life and I’ve been back 3 times now since first going a few weeks ago. It’s so simple, fresh, and authentic! Check them out!

David L.

One of my favorite places to eat. There's generally parking in the area though the ones closed to Guasaca have time limits. I always get the yellow corn arepas with grilled chicken, plantains, pico and cheese with the green sauce. Service is always fast and there's always table space. It's great for groups of people though you can't combine tables as they are fastened to the ground.

William Ruffin

Super fresh food. Staff norticed rushing some customers. There food is worth the wait. My fiance loves this suggested eatery.

Tonya Mackey

I usually go to the location in Raleigh, however I was near the Durham location. The food taste was the same, but you get bigger portions in Raleigh. Also, the customer service in Durham was subpar at best. My suggestion. If you know the quality, the Durham is perfectly fine. If you had a bad experience in Durham, go to the Raleigh location. If you still don't like it...probably not your speed.

Sourabh Boruah

The best spot near Duke University for a quick and satisfying lunch. Arepas are neither too big, not too small. Just the right size. It may be time to scale up as the queue gets lengthy and it gets quite difficult to find a spot to park. Some seasonal perturbations in the menu, and a few more vegetarian options would be an icing on the cake.

Jon G.

Killing it- Guasaca is a go-to for us after being burrito bowl addicts at other places... The ingredients and components are better all around (as Little Dipper is to The Melting Pot, Guasaca is to Chipotle): from the corn arepas, signature avocado dip and salsas- not only are they somewhat unique, but more flavorful. Adding cilantro and the red 'hot' salsa to our meals with a side of 'Guasaca dip' and chips ... The there is the price: maybe a $1-2 more than the corporate chains but you actually can get as much food, yet tastier leftovers. We are sold, please open one closer to our house (it's the only thing that keeps us away) Some folks talk about difficulty ordering at the food line. I would agree, some of the seemingly 'annoyed' order takers are no longer around much..... but now I have taken to ordering in mostly Spanish and it helps a lot, never mind keeping the foreign language skills fresh.

Michael S.

Not bad on food flavor, and counter servers were quite pleasant, but they definitely lose a star for no recycling.


This spot is delicious. Recently stopped by for lunch and got an arepa with the chicken/guac mix and shared some guasaca (guac mix) and chips. The food is cheap, filling, and unique - and really have some amazing flavors to offer. The arepas are a Venezuelan bread made with corn, so are a good bit different than your typical meal. Will definitely stop back soon!

Chris K.

This spot is delicious. Recently stopped by for lunch and got an arepa with the chicken/guac mix and shared some guasaca (guac mix) and chips. The food is cheap, filling, and unique - and really have some amazing flavors to offer. The arepas are a Venezuelan bread made with corn, so are a good bit different than your typical meal. Will definitely stop back soon! Why would you ever go to a chain fast food spot with this gem available?

Alisha Jones

Braised tilapia salad was amazing!

Lele B.

YES! Why are there not more arepa places out their?! This places gets it. Great customer service and truly excellent fast casual food. We did the build your own arepas with the avocado chicken. They have many options for toppings including black beans, black eyed peas, coleslaw, etc. The cilantro sauce is excellent. You must get a side of chips & guasaca which is similar to guacamole with more veggies.

Morenita Luviano

Seriously? I paid $2.50 extra for two sides of guasaca sauce and I got this? Not worth it.

Brie Dorsey

I am never disappointed with this place. The food is great and the service is quick. If you’ve never had food from here try going during an off time. It gets super busy for lunch. But the staff is really nice and can help you to understand the menu.

Johanna Elsensohn

Happy to report the Guasaca in Durham is just as tasty as the original on Lake Boone in Raleigh. It's easy access with ample parking and has a bigger eat in and outdoor space. Seems like it could be rather noisy during peak times - I was having a hard time being heard by the server. But like I said, the food was great so that won't stop me from coming back!

Norma Jean Christesson

Not really authentic Venezuelan. No quasacaca sauce. Pork ( Areapa De Cochino) was shredded instead of cubed. Just not anything like the true Venezuela

Ruby K.

I love Guasaca so much. Food is fast, fresh, and delicious. Two chicken arepas for me are pretty filling. The cilantro sauce is amazing, and if you like spicy food the red sauce is really good too. If you have room, get the chips + guasaca (kinda like guac but better) - it's bomb!!!