Prik Thai Cuisine

2429 Robeson St, Fayetteville
(910) 491-0256

Recent Reviews

Rob Martinez

We had some Chicken Pad Tai and Red Curry. It was absolutely good. We ordered carryout, and noticed we were missing the spring rolls we ordered when we got home. The store was really nice and credit me the next time we order. The food was 5 stars for sure.

Makayla C.

I've been here a few times now and the food is pretty good. I've tried the pad woon sen and the pad thai. I really enjoyed the pad woon sen, it was very well seasoned and the vegetables still had a little crunch to them. The pad thai, however, I wasn't a huge fan of. It was a little too sweet and the amount of peanuts in it was overwhelming. I'd definitely come back and try other stuff from the menu. I enjoyed dining in as the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. It's clean on the inside but a little small. If you're looking for some good thai food I'd give this restaurant a shot!

Maria Berumen

Their pineapple fried rice is on point. I love that they offer different levels of spice for those of us that enjoy spicy food?️. I always ask for the Thai hot level of spice and I'm pretty sure they always give me medium ?. Still good though!

Christina B.

Delicious thai food! Very fresh, quality ingredients made to order. The eat-in area is small and casual, great for dining in for a quick meal or take out. The restaurant is welcoming, comfortable and clean. Always get professional, friendly service, unlike other Thai restaurants in town which can have spotty or rude service or so-so clean and maintained eating areas. We have tried most menu items and recommend the pineapple rice! It's delicious and we also think they have the best pad Thai in town.

Paul Ceria

Had the Pad Thai and it was good, but couldn't believe that they charged me to sprinkle cilantro kn it.

Chris Durbin

Love this place...fell in love with the the Pla Rad Prik dish the 1st time I had it...the dish is as flavorful and delicious everytime as the 1st time was!! Best in Town

Mashawnda Carver

I've been going here for years for my thai fix and they have never let me down. Dishes are fresh and it is consistently good. Love these guys

Aileen B.

Always get good service here. Food is excellent and the establishment is clean. Food also comes out fast so it's never too long of a wait.

Katie K.

Best Thai in Fayetteville that I have tried thus far. The pad Thai is pretty good. The sticky rice and mango is very good. Also the portions aree HUGE, so lots to take home.

Allie P.

Yum yum yum. Drunken noodles, sticky rice w mango. It's a great stop. Conveniently located and appreciate they get our order right.

Michael Rivers

Looking for a good dinner meal out and something different from the norm? Prik Thai Cuisine is such a place. But be careful on how spicy you want your food or you'll feel the burn like never before. Also, seating is limited so it's better to plan and pay ahead. You get your money's worth in portions so don't worry TOO much about price.

Bailey S.

The food is always good and reasonably priced. I usually get curry or pad woon sen. The only hang-ups are the parking and space inside. There are maybe 4 or 5 tables, so when it gets busy you'd better get take-out. Overall it's worth it.


The place is small and a little old but not bad. They try to keep the place clean but the building is a little dilapidated... the food is good and they're very convenient.

Rodshell Ballew

Loved it was a lil greasy but taste great

William C.

Phenomenal. Best pad Thai I've had in the states. The food was done fast and the staff are very friendly. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a Thai fix. Portions are massive, so bring an appetite or plan to take some home. Great little restaurant!

Kih L

i’ve been here numerous times. best thai food in fayetteville, always fresh, cooked quite fast. ALWAYS good. i started going here in 2017 i tried some fried rice THAI hot. it was so hot that it took 4 days to fully consume and each day it would get spicier lol. ever since i’ve always returned.

Abraham Kono

- We got out order wrong for 3 times

Jesse E.

Hands down the best Thai food in the area. I've eaten at quite a few of the Thai spots around town and this is by far the best tasting they've got in the area. My wife and I went with the yellow curry and paad see ew. Both delicious. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. It's a small spot, not much space on the inside but definitely worth the stop in if you have some time and it's decently priced.

Lisa Jones

Great meal! Pad chicken Thai was excellent. Huge plate full. We both got med/hot- they have 4 levels of heat. Spring rolls were cooked to perfection. Shrimp in the shrimp pas Thai were huge!

Liza G.

Authentic, flavorful, and delicious Thai food in a small family owned restaurant that is comfortable, intimate, and with great service!

Niracha Heng

The best Thai food ever In Usa. I love all the food and staff very friendly

Rosa S.

My sister and I law were undecided of where to go for lunch. We decided on Thai food. We were not disappointed! We were greeted as soon as we walked in- our drinks were out in a quick min and our food was out hot and ready to eat. Our food was amazing. We will both definitely come back again!

Martina Erdmeier

Hands down best Thai food in town!

Kimberly Kennedy

Very small dining room, but the food and service are top notch! They also have 1 or 2 tables for outdoor dining.

Beau Y.

I've been all over Thailand for work over the years and this place has the most authentic Thai food that I've had in the states. Portions are very generous too!

Crystal Pfohl

This is a well kept secret around here. If you are looking for amazing thai food... this IS the place! Just know it is small for dining in. You will be hooked on this place!

Wolfgang Sanyer

I ordered the House Green Curry medium hot and two Spring Rolls. The spring rolls came out extremely greasy. The curry meats were extremely over cooked. I'm not sure about all these great reviews; but, I wasn't impressed nor satisfied. I guess people like the low prices or they're not used to great & authentic Thai food. The reason for the two stars is the Thai Tea I ordered, it was fine.

Anna C.

This place is awesome. It's pretty small inside and it's situated in a mini mall. However you can tell they really care about their establishment. Inside it's very well decorated and clean. And the food is exceptional. I usually take a picture but it was so good I got to digging in before I could snap a shot.

Cherie C.

My husband and I love Thai food. Whenever we travel we usually eat Korean, Thai, or Vietnamese. The food here was overpriced for what we got and wasn't very good. I ordered the Thai beef salad and my husband ordered Massaman curry. We also ordered spring rolls. All of the food was cooked prior to our arrival. I 'm not sure how long ago the meat was cooked for my salad or hubby's curry but it was already cooked and just assembled when we ordered this the super quick service. My salad arrived with cold, hard beef and the most basic salad set up. The ingredients weren't cooked together to get the flavors to marry. The curry was very watered down and thin. I will say that the service was great and quick but the food was very lacking.

Mr. P.

It was ok. My sweet and sour chicken was basicly fried chicken fingers with a small bowl of sweet and sour sauce. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing.

Zazie Soros

Amazing food and great service. Wether you want to eat there or just to pick up something to take home it's a perfect choice.

Matt R.

My favorite place for Thai in Fayetteville. I drive from Grays Creek to Robeson St. just to grab takeout. Excellent quality, fresh and so very good. Try the Pad Prik if you're unsure what to choose, it is amazing!

Alex C.

The best Thai food in town. I have been to many Thai restaurants domestic or abroad. The fry rice here taste as good as other best ones. Highly recommend! The service is also very nice too. Besides taking out, it is also a good place to sit down and enjoy some good food.

Jacqui C.

Pad Thai was good even with medium spice still good heat. Best serving of mango sticky rice I've ever gotten at a restaurant. The amount of sticky rice made it look like I got a small mango but when you piece it together it's a whole mango, sans seed and side pieces. A heaping amount of coconut milk/cream which made it perfect to take home after I was so full after half of my Pad Thai. Took home a solid second meal's worth of leftovers and I can't wait to dig into my sticky rice after all the coconut milk has been soaked up.

Steve Knoblock

The Pad Thai is very good. Up there with the best I’ve had, The noodles are not too hard or too soft. The green onions were fresh. The sauce gives heat all the way through the meal, even on the mild. The Thai Tea is excellent, made the way I like it, with the condensed milk floating on top of tea. The water is great here, unlike most restaurants that serve tap water, this is either filtered or bottled. The gyoza are some of the best I’ve ever had, crispy and flavorful.

Jacqueline Diaz

Wow! First day in Fayetteville and just wanted some delicious Thai after a long trip. That was the absolute best Thai food I've ever had in my life!!! We got fresh rolls, they had steak and shrimp..and the dipping sauce was incredible. Not your traditional peanut sauce, it was sweet and savory with a bit of spice.

Dalene Hepburn

I love how authentic the food is. The service is good. The dining area is kinda small so if you are a big group this might not work for you.

Sprite 7.

Wow! First day in Fayetteville and just wanted some delicious Thai after a long trip. That was the absolute best Thai food I've ever had in my life!!! We got fresh rolls, they had steak and shrimp..and the dipping sauce was incredible. Not your traditional peanut sauce, it was sweet and savory with a bit of spice. Also got Tom Yum Shrimp much flavor, delicate yet fresh and powerful. Also had the cashew chicken...holy moly, it was incredible. Sorry, no pics...we devoured it. We plan to try every dish on the menu in the coming weeks, cant recommend this place enough.

Steve S.

Never sat down here but the takeout is amazing. Drunken noodles and pad Thai are easily my favorite. Probably the best time I have had in the central Fayetteville area.

Nora Rachels

Beef Thai Basil is wonderful!