113 S Elm St, Greensboro
(336) 455-1868

Recent Reviews

Jayden J.

The first time I visited didn't really make a good impression. Everyone was crowded onto one floor with very iffy music. Not very fun at all

Steph O

People were nice but the DJ on Saturday Feburday9th was super rude and mean. I don’t think I will come back because I feel attacked

Andrea S.

Great place until I tried to dance and the security guard pushed me off the dance floor and completely fell and hurt myself, I am not one to post reviews but he was so inconsiderate and literally pushed me off the stage from a 5 feet drop

Hayley Mae

It ain’t it. Lame af and rude employees

Mary Williams

Special shoutout to Olivia the bartender and Lee the bouncer for being great people! Lee is so personable and friendly! We always look forward to seeing him when we go!!! We love limelight lots and the workers there are great!!

Michael Fontana

Me and my friends were anticipating a fun night at your establishment. We drove 40 mins to get there, only for the staff to not allow us in because my friend wore boots. We told them that they can search us, but they refused. Please have a dress code somewhere online that we can look at before we go. Thanks

Greg Curry

I used to go here a lot when I lived in Greensboro. Other than the younger crowd occasionally getting sloppy drunk and occasional fights (nothing more than the usual club scene), it’s a great place for a fun time. Gets pretty crowded during events or Friday nights. This was my Friday night spot bc it’s international Friday’s. Drinks are average, music is great for a younger crowd. 3 floors when the rooftop is open. They offer booths and bottle service too.

Austin Danielson

Awesome place, I found a girl I hung out with before I even got in they play some awesome music and had 1 hell of a di holloween night 10/10 would highly recommend!


I was excited for my birthday but it was a complete let down. They told me i had 5 free people along with my table that could get in but ended up making my bf pay 20 because his id was foreign. The rooftop VIP was pretty small and not worth the money. The DJ was wack and played bad old music not the good throw backs but bad ones. They also didn't take music recommendations and all in all i wasn't satisfied. The bartender who could only pour my bottle was gone half the time. If i wanted to drink out of my bottle i had to find her. I ended up leaving early due to being bored. If the music was better i probably would've had a better time.

Luzaan Van Der Merwe

Best night club you can find outside of Charlotte, I would highly recommend this club for party lovers.

John E Johnson

Awesome venue with incredible sound system and state of the art lighting! 3 different levels, each with their own distinct vibe. Very friendly security and staff! 5 stars, I always have a good time when I go to Limelight!

Brent Yelton

Music is great, vibes are great, overall the whole experience is amazing! Definitely will come back for another great night!!

jamie peeples

Average dance club experience on a Friday night.

Pedro Roldan

Came in on a whim with some friends that saw some adds on fb. Music was great. Bartenders were super cool. All together had a great time.

Maria Lozano

Went out with my friends on a Thursday night and my experience was amazing. The staff was extremely nice, the venue was amazing, and the DJ kept my friends and I dancing all night. Will definitely be back in the near future!

Audrey Muza

I went to college in Greensboro, graduated in 2015. Limelight used to be fun, back when they had the swing. I went out today with some friends from out of town and it was HORRIBLE. The alcohol is cheap, the drink specials were as bottom shelf as it gets. Which doesn't matter We paid full price for what we wanted and the bartender filled the whole cup with ice; i had to tell her to dump most of it. The DJ is awful and arrogant. Every song he played was white washed. It felt like listening to a kidz bop version of classics. Also he doesnt taken requests, we just ended up leaving. It was an awful experience, i should have just gone to bed instead of wasting my time and money. It's so sad that this place ended up like this.

Christian Franco

Best college night and the best international Friday party in NC. Bartenders are great as well!

The First Demon

Place is amazing me and my friend go almost every week

Jane Dow

I was really excited to go to the limelight. My sisters loved the one in NY back on the day and I expected this one would be great too. It was nice inside I’ll say that. But the experience was a let down. The staff as others have mentioned are rude. The music is good but I’m not sure if I’ll go back for a second try.

Justin B

Been here twice, the first time was great, even though the staff are a little rude. Second time we paid $20 to get in, when we walk in only the first floor is open for some reason. Tried to get a refund but the staff would not let us.

Timothy Martin

Me and my homies went to this club lastnight and we had a great time! The staff was very friendly and the security handles themselves very well when people are acting up, I will definitely becoming back.

Angie Boo

Went on a Friday and it was lit! Lots of great people, and great music. Loved all 3 floors! I also went the following Saturday and it was okay. Only the top floor was open and the music was okay. Definitely had 10X more fun on the Friday.

SD Mass


Macy B.

Limelight is the best club in downtown Greensboro. I was greeted by the nicest bouncers and the girls at the door were very friendly. The club has three levels. Downstairs has a full bar, Dj booth and TVs for watching any and every game that's on. The next level also has a bar and Dj booth. At the bar you can request any drink in the world and it can be made with the great variety and selection of liquor. The bartenders are always so nice and punctual when getting drinks. On the third level, the roof, there is a bar and of course, a Dj stand. The roof is a lot of fun when the weather is nice. Personally, I love the energy on the roof. Overall, you should try limelight at least once in your life, I found only quality and professionalism at this club & I will continue to visit limelight.

Maria Lynn Parent

The front door staff are ignorant. They don't know what's going on at any given moment. Nobody has any reason or excuse for the inconsistentsies of this place. FB and online both say 10pm,we arrive at 10pm. However are refused entry and we stood outside until 10:25. Get in, get a table that we sit at until 11:45 when two little girls come kick us and 4 other people off the tables we've been sitting at, claiming they were reserved and they didn't know? So, be rude and disrespe

kaela bishop

this is the best night bar in downtown Greensboro. the staff is friendly and accommodating. we had so much fun!

Verónica Prieto

My night was amazing except for the fact that the guy at the bar was extremely rude. I had to place the order for my friends since they don’t speak English. I made three different orders and three payments. He literally yelled at me "all at once" twice in an unpleasant way. I understand he may be stressed but, wt* is wrong with you? I am a customer and I deserve respect. Place is nice but this type of service is just disappointing.


got charged twice for the same ticket, put in a request for a refund immediately after purchasing, but still haven't heard anything from the organizer. so basically paid $50 instead of $25 (which is expensive in the first place to get into a club) and the place wasn't even full (obviously if tickets are $25 and no one manages the money properly) I'm beyond mad right now. I wouldn't pre pay for this place. sketchy, they basically stole money from us and now haven't heard from anyone.

Vicky N.

-very nice club. The first floor is more of bar hang out. Second floor has a bar but it hang like loft over the first floor and it had dance floor and booths. The rooftop is huge. It has two bars on both sides. It nice bar when it packed and when who ever is hosting is actually hosting. One best parties I had was a foam party on the roof top.

Mike M.

Be careful at this place! On top of the 15$ entry Some random guy was acting like a security guard and charged two of my male friends an extra 20$ to get to the 3rd floor. once we got up there the same guy targeted them again for another 20$ be he claimed my friends red bull was alcohol!!!! If that was actually a bouncer and limelight lets them get away with stealing money we're never going back again! We tried to get security but the guy left sadly!

Stephanie Zavala

Such a Shame Nice place with an awesome latin promoter with UNPROFESSIONAL bouncers!!!

Kaela Burrows

this is the best night bar in downtown Greensboro. the staff is friendly and accommodating. we had so much fun!

Genderson Hernandez

Not the best service at the entrance, I bought my ticket ahead of time, and it was me and a buddy, he bought the tickets and send me the QR code, but my friend enter before me and once I got to the entrance I showed them my QR code and told me that wasn’t enough, I needed proof of the name and purchase, tried calling my friend inside but he couldn’t hear his phone, waiting maybe less than 5 minutes and I was getting kick out for not having the ticket, but that’s not the experience I want to talk about, the workers were rude, especially the lady who told me if you don’t have the ticket than get out of the line and go somewhere else, the guy next to her told me to get out if I don’t have money to buy a ticket, that pissed me off and I took out my wallet and told him “don’t treat me as if I’m poor” and paid for another ticket, seriously worst workers they have, for the owner, please train your employees better or hire new ones, it makes your business look like it’s run by ghetto people.

Nikki W.

Security here is an absolute JOKE. As I was leaving the upstairs restroom someone literally grabbed a fistful of my hair and threw me to the ground. Security, who had been sitting on the bar across from the restroom, did nothing. I went to the front of the club to tell them that I had just been ASSAULTED and they showed absolutely no interest at all. Then I told the police who we're standing across the street and they didn't care either. I literally had bruises on my because of the incident. This place is a total trash pit and I will never go back. I'm still considering filing a lawsuit. Not sure how to answer directly to the response below, but when I spoke to the people out front they told me they didn't see anyone and had no idea who it was. I have a video of my conversation with the police across the street who also denied, on tape, that they had no clue. So to answer your question, what you could have done is actually tell the truth instead of lying on Yelp.

Alexandra Forneris

I am a 120lb female and was dragged down two flights of stairs by my neck for spilling water on a crowd control guy. I screamed that I would leave and begged him to let me walk but apparenly this guy has a power complex and wanted to throw me around like a rag doll. I’ve worked in bars where we were trained to appropriately remove individuals but this establishment is a place for employees to prey on their drunk customers. DO NOT GO HERE!

Brittiany Wilson

I was out on Saturday night and even with the Hurricane Limelight had a great crowd, super awesome DJ, and loved the “hurricane” cocktail! Will definitely make this a regular spot �

Steven H.

I've been here three times and I enjoyed it so much. The first time I went was for my birthday and the bouncer looked at my ID and said "Happy birthday". I told him thank you and asked if I could get in for free, joking of course. He let me in for free! A lot of cool people to dance and laugh with. Awesome music and great bartenders. I can't wait to go back again!

George C.

Visited tonight. We paid are dues. The place was empty asked the lady working the door if we could return with the bracelets they provided. She said yes. When we returned the bouncer said I'm the one who makes the rules and you can't get in for free. But we already paid. We won't be returning. Terrible customer service when the bouncer is on a power trip.

Caden B.

I went here on July 13th 2018 and it was the worst money I ever spent in my life. I'm a white male and went with my 2 black friends and before we even enter the club we were a problem with the bouncers. They said one of use can't wear a plain white t shirt, it was against club rules or something. So I ask if we go back to the car to get a hoodie if that would work and they said yes. We walk back to the entrance and now apparently that wouldn't work either. After about 15 minutes we finally got in bit when they marked your hands with some dumb permanent marker they dont even ask for your arm they just grab it. Now I'm a big guy and am surprised they had the audacity to pull that. After 15 minutes we realized the only people in there are a couple of 40 year old men in a cabana. The bouncer upstairs were rude as can be to. We left shortly after getting there and they didn't want to let us out.

Julissa A.

Super cool three floor club walked to the front and let us in. No waiting in no line. Cool ambiance