Taaza Bistro Greensboro

2698, 1216 Bridford Pkwy M, Greensboro
(336) 285-7878

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Karl K.

"We take our spices very seriously", stated the kindly young lady who was taking my order.  I had inquired as to their heat levels. They have "mild, medium, hot, extra hot, and desi". I have discovered that these terms are relative from place to place, with no consistent, quantifiable definitions. "Hot" at one restaurant may be the equivalent of "extra hot" at another, and one restaurant's version of  "desi" (a.k.a. "Indian hot") may differ from another just down the road. Something in her eye told me not to go full desi this time, so I went with extra hot. It was perfect for me, which means it was blow torch hot. Manglorean shrimp: what a picture perfect seasoned shrimp dream! Chicken saag: delicious from top to bottom, beautifully seasoned in a generous spinach base.  Basmati rice: perfect texture and consistency with excellent taste. Galic naan: fresh and delicious, a perfect way to help tamp the flames of the extra hot saag. So whether you are doing take out or dining in (it is beautiful inside), Taaza is a top spot for excellent Indian food.  Could I have handled the desi? I guess I will have to find out.

Austin T.

Best Indian in town. The chicken 65 is great for an app. Vindaloo is the most consistent and tasty I've had in the triad. Fish curry is great. Madras is good. The saag is very good. Pretty much anything that these guys put out is awesome. I want to say thank you to Mogan for giving a great experience every time.

Brandi M.

I think I have only ever give a 5 star review one time in all my yelpin days..... so bravo to Taaza. We were staying nearby during the "COVID-19 shut downs" and we tried out this Place for take out and I'm oh so glad we did. If we lived in the area this would be a regular spot for sure. Wow! When picking up, the interior was chic and so clean and when the foot opened the best aroma smacked you in the face The dishes we tried were: Crispy okra Sweet coconut naan Vegetable Chetinad Navaratan Korma Oh my!!! :) excellent. Customer service was excellent everything was hot and fresh even when I got back to the room, and the spice was perfect

Kayla Mulisano

Thoroughly enjoyed 3 out 4 of our meals we ordered for delivery today! Perfectly cooked & spiced. The 4th was a tad disappointing as I guess we didn't realize goat is served bone-in and that put us off a bit and mentally struggled trying to eat it. When it's served within a dish covered in sauce, you don't think to do anything except just scoop it with your fork, not dig through to make sure your meat doesn't have bones! It would be nice to be made aware like other menu items that clearly stated "bone-in chicken" or the like. I guess we're just supposed to know?

Tuesday P.

Wonderful food! We order take out/door dash from here all the time. Best Indian food in the triad. Their Chicken Tilka Masala is to die for! And they listen when we ask for lower amounts of spice. If you love Indian food, you're really doing yourself a disservice by not checking this place out!

Janelle Triola

the BEST food around!! the service is amazing and the food is even better!!

Stoney M.

Pretty good food and service. My only concerns were I wanted her to bring both our plates at the same time. Watching the other person eat is kinda weird. Keep your finger from being smkghtly in the bowl lift the plate from the bottom.

Chanda W.

I eat here at least once a week. My favorite are the vegetarian dishes. This atmosphere is really nice, although I only order to go. Really good food. I also like that the food is spicy. When you ask for spicy at most places they tame it down for their customers. If you can't handle heat, stick with the lowest spice level when ordering.

Jo S.

I absolutely adore this place! The food is always tasty and I like the range of spice level. I strongly recommend the palak paneer

Jo K.

I absolutely adore this place! The food is always tasty and I like the range of spice level. I strongly recommend the palak paneer

Muhammad Islam

Foods are awesome, friendly staffs, nice environment... but one thing, if you are spicy food lovers, tell them about the level of spice you wants... they normally serve with less spice, which sometimes seems not tasty for spice lovers... it’s little expensive, but worthy spending money there...

Meena P.

My favorite Indian restaurant in the Triad, and I've been to most. Specializing in both north and South Indian food which is rare, usually it's one or the other. Huge space, outdoor there's a few seats. Always busy whenever I've been, but we never wait long. It's worth the wait though. Great varied menu, honestly I always get the South Indian food as I love it, and it's the only place in the area that has it. Staff is very efficient and well trained, some of them have been there forever . There's a bar with some great mixed drinks, which is rare in an Indian restaurant. I ordered the masala dosa, which is a huge paper thin pancake made of rice flour, thin and crispy and rolled with a potato curry filling and they serve it with a Sambar which is a spicy lentil soup and some chutneys. It comes out and everyone always stares because it's so big! But I love this and the sambar is always nice and hot and tasty, I crave this thing a lot. We also got the chicken tikka masala, which comes with rice and ordered the garlic naan. This classic dish they do fabulously, big chunks of chicken and a great creamy tomato sauce. The naan here is awesome always hot straight from the tandoor. Crunchy if the outside and soft inside. Perfect. My mom got the gobi Manchurian, in the appetizer menu, but enough for an entree it's a great small plate too. Mixed veggies battered fried and this amazing sauce covering it with sautéed peppers and onions. We always leave here satisfied and happy, I can't say enough good things about this place, anyone with a palate for spice should go. Love that the staff know us now too! Taaza is a great addition to Indian cuisine in the Triad.

Snuggie N Pepper Munroe

The food was excellent. Didn't catch the gentleman's name, but explained the menu and was genuinely concerned that we were pleased. This will be added to our frequent dining list. S H Munroe

Nathan Southwick

Absolutely DELICIOUS dinner to be had here! Our waitress was fantastic and so helpful; she noticed our vegetarian diet and made some fantastic suggestions. Good cocktails too! I'll definitely be back!

Shawn Davé

Great place, great service, great food. Mohan was super friendly and attentive. Will be back again anytime I come back to the area.

R Conner

Awesome place. The owner is very down to Earth, and a real cool dude. Food is amazing, and staff is great. This is the only place I will eat tofu.

Joe B.

What an awesome experience at Taaza Bistro on our visit to furnitureland South Carolina. Ordered butter chicken, wasn't on the menu but server said it was available, all I can say is wow, just so flavorful and I'm very familiar with Indian cuisine. Garlic naan was great. Lollipop chicken was super flavorful blows away any chicken wings place. Aloo Gobi was fire , just great . Dosa was also really good but milder flavors if you don't want a big dose of curries. Halal options were a big plus . Service was on point. Definitely one of the best I've had , too bad it's far from home.

Danielle R.

I've been going to Taaza since it opened. I can't believe I haven't reviewed it yet because it's SO YUMMY! They serve both northern and southern Indian cuisine. Their lunch buffet is an excellent deal. For $10 you get a bunch of dishes to choose from, a salad bar, sauces, and something for your sweet tooth. My favorites are the paneer, rice pudding, and these sweet dough balls that remind me of pancakes in syrup. I went fir dinner the first time the other night and found the prices to be very reasonable. First off, I probably hadn't been in the restaurant for at least a year and yet the owner recognized me right off. He knows his customers. I was debating two lab dishes vs paneer and he suggested combining lamb with paneer sauce. SOLD. My goodness, was that freaking delicious! It was plenty for two solid meals. The lamb was so tender I could cut it with a fork. And it was so tasty I'll admit I picked the bone up and cleaned it dry. My friend had the lamb saag, which was spicy and flavorful. I loved it! We ordered some garlic naan as well which was delicious as always.

jeff spry

Enjoyed the buffet however be careful with the chicken as it was cut with the bones in and was difficult to figure out where they were so I bit into too many of them. The chicken was thighs so the bones were big and not obvious. Great flavors and very reasonable buffet price.

Mary Hites-Souders

This was our visit and we loved it! Food was great and staff was very nice

Dennis Cooper

good food, great service. try it, you'll like it.

Lisa F.

THE best Indian food we have ever had. Wait staff is excellent and the menu has many choices. Prices very reasonable. We were seated very quickly and the food is "wow"! This is authentic rich and spicy Indian food. Try it. You will not be sorry.

Maxine Younger-Salazar

This just did not taste like a indian food too me. We went for lunch. Service was fast and professional. But, the food just seemed to lack spice/flavor. It was the first visit to the Greensboro location. And, I doubt if I will return since are so many other Choices for Indian food.

siobhan james

I absolutely love this location. They are always prompt kind and informative. The food is 100% AUTHENTIC and the over all atmosphere is relaxing and neatly organized. 5 stars

Maureen Smith

Taaza Bistro's food was phenomenal! I especially appreciated the friendliness of the staff and their aim to please and make you feel at home. I highly recommend. In my opinion this is the best of it's kind in the area.

KukiThe Barbarian

I am so glad I was able to find a delicious Indian food restaurant in NC. Has all the typical Indian dishes and even a large variety of Naan bread.

Ebony C.

My 1st time eating Indian in Greensboro and it was a great experience the food was awesome hospitality was great really love the place!

Chrish C

First time ever eating Indian food so I had NO idea what I was eating. Other reviews mentioned the chicken curry at the lunch buffet having tasty coconut undertones, so I got it, and it was AMAZING. Everything else I pretty much mixed together and it was also mind-numbingly good. The food is spicy, but filled with flavors I’ve never experienced before. Step out of your boundary zone and try this place. BUFFET IS LESS THAN $11!

Michael Fortney

I have been to this location twice now and had exceptional experience both times. Service was attentive, offered good recommendations and kept water glasses filled. The food both my fiance and myself got was very flavorful and cooked perfectly. We will definitely be back again.

Erica Peoples

The service was awesome. I felt welcomed and taken care of. The food was, what we say in the south. " smack ya Mama good" very authentic and super yummy. You will leace with a happy full belly guaranteed

Jordan M.

This place was fantastic. I had dinner with a couple of friends here for the first time and was not disappointed. The only minor hiccup was a fairly new and inexperienced waitress but she was very nice. I had the chicken biryani and a 1947 Indian craft beer, it was great quality and tasted as expected. I look forward to exploring the menu further, the owners wife was rather helpful in guiding me through and made sure that I didn't make an overly spicy decision. I didn't try them this time but there was also a selection of Indian wine offered on the menu.

Ömer’in Maceraları

We went for dinner! Overall, we used to like Indian food. It smelled good but we were not really satisfied with food for some reason. Staff was nice but service was little slow.

John M.

Wow. What a let down. No where to wait .. folks crammed in at front door. Hostess acted as expediter and waitress/busboy. 3 other waiters .. lost and confused. Ordered samosa --- inedible.. so overcooked could barely cut through. Poppers at beginning ..undercooked and were slid on the table like an inconvenience. Thought we would give a chance on chicken vindaloo / korma... 45 min no food we departed.

Ömer’in Maceraları

We went for dinner! Overall, we used to like Indian food. It smelled good but we were not really satisfied with food for some reason. Staff was nice but service was little slow.

Melissa Cato

Delicious Indian food in a nicely decorated space. They will accommodate your spice level preference. The owners always make us feel welcome and are happy to help us find just the right dish.

Lauren L.

Taaza was just ok. Wasn't impressed with their curry. Not very creamy or rich but it was salty.

Cindy Hunter

Food was good. They served at a wedding this weekend. But they left a complete mess for their customers to clean up. The leftoevers were left in bags with food and grease all over the outside of the bags. At the end of the night, the family in their nice clothes were trying to figure out how to transport the leftovers without ruining their cars. They refused to take their own trash to the dumpster, so customers were left with big heavy bags of sloppy trash sitting in the middle of the reception area. This is not someone you want serving for you at an event as special as a wedding.

Rizuki Kuramasu

You can get a nice buffet here. With pretty reasonable price. The choice is not that much but you can come here and enjoy their curry. The hint of sweetness came from the coconut milk and it makes the curry amazing. Worth tying for. But don’t expect too much since they don’t have that much choice dishes in buffet.


You can get a nice buffet here. With pretty reasonable price. The choice is not that much but you can come here and enjoy their curry. The hint of sweetness came from the coconut milk and it makes the curry amazing. Worth tying for. But don’t expect too much since they don’t have that much choice dishes in buffet.

C M.

Best Indian I have had in years. To be clear I have eaten Indian not only all over the US and all over the world (including Mumbai and Delhi) but also home cooked meals, and this may be the second best I have ever eaten. Were I local I know this would be a regular haunt. In particular make sure to try the Labadhar Paneer! Why are you still reading this review and not sopping up gravy with a hot butter naan?