The Nottingham Tavern

9 Mercer St, Hamilton Square
(609) 587-6000

Recent Reviews

tim boyd

Great place. Great food. Great service. Make it a must to stop by

Sean C

Old school local tavern with great prices and staff. They just recently add food which is also great.

Jason Matthew

Lovely local bar with a nice patio and live music on weekends. They just started serving food and it’s great, perfect bar fare. My favorite thing of the bunch though is they play EPL games on weekend mornings!

pam Minuto

Nice place. Great band!! Service a little slow but overall a nice experience

Nick Fratticcioli


Austin R.

Clearly homophobic staff. The "food" they had were pretzels sitting on the bar in clear plastic cups. Tried to say I didn't have a tab open and had to ask 3 times.

Karen Kaye

Great little place to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Looks fantastic since their latest renovations. I have been there several times in the past 5 months, and I always notice another improvement. If you are lucky enough to go on a weekend night, you may see a live band. Give it a try, but drink responsibly and be safe!!

Mark Salinas

Terrific ambiance & very reasonable drink prices. Big outside patio for smoking. Excellent! Good mix of a crowd, young & old.

George Lobo

Amazing place! Nice bartenders!

Theodore Walp Jr.

All the look and feel of a traditional English pub right in downtown Hamilton Square. Warm and friendly staff serving quality draft beers and mixed drinks.

Mia Sam

Nice place but last time I was there, the bartender blew his nose and then immediately started making a drink without washing his hands. Pretty gross. (bartender was an older gentleman on a thursday)

Jennifer DiNatale

Tommy was the best bartender. He was so personable and accommodating I loved him. I will definitely be back because of him

Barbara Genito

Super Dave for karaoke on Thursday’s and Frieda and Billy are the best! So clean and friendly!

Brendan Kelly

Bartender(s) give out free drinks when their boss isn’t looking, be careful if you play darts here, if you miss the board you’ll be borderline verbally assaulted and asked to leave the establishment the next time you come under threat of being trespassed by Hamilton Police. Other than that they pour a beautiful Guinness. Too bad I’m not allowed back after going for a trick shot and missing the dartboard. Also if you’re in the bathroom for more than 5 minutes you’ll be accused of “snorting lines”. Bizarre management, good drinks.

John A.

Last night was my first visit to the tavern, and as a one time Hamilton resident, I don't know how I could've missed this great place. The patrons are second- and third-generation so it's definitely a locals place. And everyone is friendly and welcoming with no airs or nonsense. The staff is attentive and know their stuff. The barkeeps know how to draw a Guinnes precisely correct. :-) I was told the pub was renovated during the pandemic and it's a pleasant and airy space now. I was there for my friend Danny Coleman's Rock On Radio Happy Hour, and that alone was a lot of fun. The music act, Bud B., was very good! I made some new friends and that was a nice gift to start 2022. The kitchen's yet to reopen but word is the burgers will be great.

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