Korai Kitchen

576 Summit Ave, Jersey City
(201) 721-6566

Recent Reviews

Sultana Z.

Authentic food, flavorful without being overly spicy or oily. Gives me my bengali fix when I cant make it back home. The entire staff is amazing as well. It truly feels like a meal at welcoming bangladeshi home!

Maruf M.

Love their foods! It felt like all homemade food eating in my home dining! Pure aroma of authentic bengali foods!! Owner and stuffs were so nice too..

Uzma Kabir

Ordered a mix of food from there...beef tehari, fish with rice, lentils and bhorta...everything was fresh, completely delicious, truly home made flavors. The people are super nice! Cannot wait to go back and visit when buffet is open again! This place is a gem.

Bobby P

The best! The experience of being in there the first time, going back, and of course the Biryani when it's on the menu :p

Steven K.

Had a fried fish dish delivered and man was it delicious!!! It's really hard to get tasty fish in the US so pretty pleased to see these folks have several on their menu.

Diana Y.

One of the best Bangladeshi eateries in Jersey City. The flavors are always on point! I love the unique variety of dishes. The staff is extremely welcoming. You can taste the passion and love in every bite. Highly recommend!

Ankita P.

My favorite go to spot , I have ordered from them couple of times now , the taste is always same . If you are a fish lover and looking for Authentic Bengali style fish theirs is as best as it can get . Delivery is always on time and love the little personalized note on the delivery bag . Small things make a big difference.

Sravya M.

Korai Kitchen is the definition of comfort food. Everything from the moment you walk in brings a smile to your face.Service- Nori and her mom are great hosts. They always explain the dishes and help you in picking the food that you would satiate your palate. You could tell when speaking to them that they are truly passionate about the food and the culture. Food- Eating at Korai kitchen feels less like eating at a restaurant and more like eating at your friend's house whose mom is an excel and indulgent cook. All the dishes have a wonderful unique home made taste and leaves you feeling fulfilled and nourished.I would highly recommend eating at Korai kitchen. It is one of the rare establishments where you can tell that the aim of the chef is not just to make good food, but to also actually see people enjoying their food.

Bob S.

This place is really good. It's like having homemade food. The ordering is really good. They haven't messed up my order ever. The food is fresh and taste really good. This is a place I go to once a month on the regular that I have never been disappointed

Willow E.

Tried Chicken Biryani and Chicken Curry. Chicken biryani tasted good , not too spicy and rice was. cooked well. However , it was so oily , could see oil floating at the surface. Same with chicken curry , very very oily. Suggest they cut down on so much oil.

Wendy W.

If you want a dining experience that will transport you back home with all its comfort and warmth, Korai Kitchen's got you covered. It's a cozy little place, and Nur-E, the owner, is so sweet and friendly. She runs the restaurant with her mother, who cooks all the delicious Bangladeshi food on offer. I knew I was in for a real treat right off the bat, because the paratha was fantastic; fresh and buttery, slightly crispy on the outside, and perfect with all the curries and bhartas. I didn't take any pictures of the food descriptions so I'm struggling to remember what we had, but it was all very good, and there was enough variety for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. I tried chicken and goat curries. There was a fragrant and tasty chicken biryani with sneaky, insanely spicy green peppers... avoid those peppers if you can't handle spice! The dhal was good, and the cauliflower was sooo soft, tender, and delicious. The bhartas were all very flavorful. There was supposed to be a 1.5-hour time limit, but since it was relatively quiet when the four of us went, we pretty much just stayed until closing time, relaxing, having cha (so good and with unlimited refills!), and enjoying dessert. We had an option of either rice pudding or vermicelli noodles in sweet milk. They were both pretty tasty, but I definitely preferred the rice pudding. I hope to revisit once everything opens up again!

C F.

Delivery from Korai Kitchen made my weekend infinitely better. The food is really fresh and home made - we got a mix of items including the aloo bhorta, egg curry, haleem and chicken korma. Just pair everything with rice and a bit of lime and you are good to go! I definitely overate but completely worth it :) They deliver to Manhattan if you call and order (there's a small delivery fee).

Stewart B.

I had to try this place. The place is small and parking is an issue. Tried this place before the corona virus outbreak. I think everything here is simplicity where all the moms are in the kitchen. I think I loved the fish and the egg items more than the chicken. Went there on a Sunday but still didn't see goat curry (so disappointed!!). I loved the shrimp shutki, the payesh, misthi doi, egg curry. The buffet is expensive, but worth it.

Donna Howard

Our family just enjoyed their delicious buffet. The food is continuously brought out fresh from the kitchen. Service is excellent. Wonderful partnership with mom and daughter. Glad we got there early as it started getting busy as we were finishing our meal, and it's a small restaurant. Also saw people doing 'boxes to go.' Yum! Will be back!

Antione B

Had the buffet take out during jury duty, got the chicken and egg curry over rice with some veggies. Decent about of food, under $10, and didn't take long at all. Food was excellent and fresh, place was clean, staff was very personable

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