Burgerim Gourmet Burgers

98 Halsey St, Newark
(973) 273-1911

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Danielle DesJardins

This time was not a good visit food was not made right ! I got charged for extra burgers was not pleased at all!!

Nolan Peters

Super tasty. Really nothing but great experiences here, so I will be back. It has a good feel to it.

Echannah Walker

They put cheese on my burger and didn't ask me if thats what wanted or what horrible I will never go back there again no stars for me..

Kabriya Malik

As a former employee, I wouldn't recommend this restaurant if you prefer a sanitary environment. While working here, I've first-handedly witnessed a fellow employee (working on the grill) drop food on the floor and proceed to serving it. Upon notifying the owner, she'd informed me that although she hadn't witnessed it herself, she had dropped sandwich patties on the floor herself, picked them up, rinsed them off, and then served them because "It had only been like five seconds". She has also said to me that a guest was "Creepy" because of the way he'd spoken (a speech impediment) and said he was "Even creepier because he's a med student". In contrast, some of the employees had been nice, compassionate workers.

karla alvarez

If you ever had a Burger out in California.....you have to try this place!!! I had “The American” burger it was amazing. Prices are reasonable and location is good. Service was impeccable and absolutely magnificent!! The place is now called “Global Burger” it’s under new management. I definitely recommend this place and I’m definitely going back!!


Food was banging. I recommend this place to everyone!!!

Two Divas and a Party (2Divas)

Great variety of burgers and I enjoyed the slider packs of two and three because you can mix and match burgers.

John Gorton

I admire this restaurant! They offer superb dishes, their menu is varied, The chief cook in that restaurant is a professional, I enjoy very much tasting all their dishes. The dishes are always tasty, the attitude towards the visitors is efficient. I often go to this restaurant and I was never unsatisfied. I recommend it with no hesitation.

P Campbell

Love the selection, except we're out of salmon with I REALLY wanted - had to settle for chicken (which was pretty good too)

Leslie Crooks

The burgers were a little small with a very thin slice of avocado but the chicken with well-seasoned the overall taste of the burger was spectacular


The food is average at least. It was my first time in the place and decor is septic and very militant. The menu is precise but provided options from beef to fish to lamb. The cost was something to question. I paid 13 for a SMALL 1/3LB burger with a side of onion rings (six in total) it appears to be one small onion probably prepared at the location. The burger was flavorless and salty. The onion rings were bland. It was definatley not worth the money. However there were a lot of people coming in..so if your into the appearance of excellence of yuppy cuisine then enjoy. It is a burger King want to be but it will never be. Go eat somewhere else. By the way the employees were friendly courteous and took pride in their work.

justina ugwudibarrow

The lady at the register was rude she used her hand to wipe her snot then gave me the bottle water with out washing her hand then when asked how long food she had a attitude said it take 10 mins but I waited 20 and she didn’t tell me I had options on the bun the menu had a glare from the sun didn’t see

Mary Price

Quick service, burgers were good. Nice size, fixed the way you want it. I had onion rings, tasty but fried too hard for me. My sister had sweet potato fries and she enjoyed them. Definitely a find on Halsey St, Newark!

Justin Robinson

I have to say there burgers are good. I do recommend that they bring the impossible burger to this location.

L. A.

I really wanted to like this place. But I just couldn't vouch for a place that takes 20-25 minutes to get your order out to you. My husband and I came here today for lunch and the food was okay but they were skimpy on the BBQ sauce for the dry aged burger. To add to that, we spent my whole lunch break waiting for the food to come out. The customer ahead of us told us we might want to reconsider eating here since she had been waiting so long...I should have listened. Smh..I think they had one person putting together all the food orders in the back..not a good idea. I do like that they give you the option to switch your bun choice to either GF bun or lettuce wrap, but that didn't make up for how long we had to wait. And you'd figure a burger joint has some good milkshakes to go with the burgers, right ? Wrong! This place uses those pre-packaged QuikCheck milkshakes that you stick under the mixer as their milkshake choice! SMH Overall, I wouldn't recommend you come here if you want to grab some yummy food during lunch..you'll waste your whole lunch time just WAITING on the food.

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