McWhorter Barbecue

104 McWhorter St, Newark
(973) 344-2633

Recent Reviews

Nathan Collins

My all time favorite go to restaurants. Their specialty menu items never cease to disappoint. Their ambiance is cozy and indoor seating is quite clean properly laid out. Good food , great service! Fantastic!

Ivan Kyler

I visit this place a lot since I work in the area. I love how their service is always great and they keep the spot clean at all times. Rates are convenient and they serve large portions.

Harold Moreno

I visit this outstanding restaurant every couple of days because I love the ambiance that is exist in this place. The personel is exceptionally attentive and qualified. The service is certainly fast. Needless to say, the food you get is great. I ate there often and I was always delighted. The price is honest. I highly suggest this place to all my friends.

Allan Womack

The food was outstanding and the shrimp and grilled salmon is so good I love the food there

Lillie W.

Best BBQ in Newark/Ironbound!!!! Great friendly service. Great value. I Love this place and have been coming here for years. The food is always great very tender and moist inside and crispy outside!! Great menu you will not be disappointed. Awesome!!!!

Donna Howard

This is not a fancy place but the food and staff are amazing. Its a place frequented by many police officer's. My family and i often drive almost an hour to come to this place because of the ribs and half a chicken combo served with yellow rice, a ton of fries and a few vegetables. They also serve steak and other meats. If your in the area or not you owe it to yourself to come here you won't regret it and the price can't be beat.

H Sierra

Miss this place since I moved to Maryland. Sat down had a good meal. Got some take out for my ride back to Maryland..

Denise Hutchins

The food is delicious., Always seasoned just right!! And their prices are so reasonable.

Eric M.

Very good food and staff is always nice! Need to get a parking that may be tricky depending the time you stop in but other than that See you guys for lunch!!! Super yummy

Jordan B.

My friends and I were looking for a place to grab lunch while staying in Newark. After a quick search on that good good Yelp app, we decided to go to McWhorter's BBQ, a local churrascaria (Brazilian BBQ) in the area; furthermore, we were all very satisfied with our lunch. Unlike most churrascarias, this one doesn't serve their meat rodízio style (all you can eat); however, when you order, your food comes out in huge portions, so it's not a big deal. I got a full order of the pechuga empanizada (breaded chicken breast) and there was so much food, that I had enough for lunch, dinner, and then lunch again the next day. With all that fried chicken, rice, and french fries, it was a good thing I didn't come here on a keto diet, haha, but there is an option to sub out the fries and rice with a soup or side salad, and there are various grilled meats for those who are being more health-conscious, but I digress. Overall, the food was just bomb. There are some things to be aware of when dining here. The dining area is a tight space, it's doable, but I prefer roomier spaces when I'm trying to eat. They're a cash-only establishment so make sure you stop at an ATM before coming here (or pay the fee at the one they have on-site). Last but certainly not least, if you ask for water, they'll bring you bottled water and charge you for it, which is the bane of my existence, because it's not hard to tell patrons that water isn't free when they order it. Other than that though, the service was very friendly, and I recommend McWhorter's BBQ as a pretty decent place to grab lunch in Newark.

Griffin Cook

This spot simply knows how to satisfy their customers. Always with a very friendly demeanor. The food is reasonably priced, regularly tasty and clean.

Kayian Burr

good food, good amount, great prices

Ruben Jimenez

This place is really good to go with friends and families. The food really good and they have the best prices.

Jeff Lannon

Love this place. Great food, great prices, great atmosphere. I do not live nearby but always eat here when I’m in the area. The interior update looks great too. Thank you Emilio and your staff for always providing great food time after time.

Nephthalie E.

There are many barbecue options in the Ironbound area and I have been to a few but this has to be one of my favorites now! I ordered the half order of grilled chicken breast with rice and a side salad. When I arrived to order takeout there was a long wait for the people who wanted to dine in but there was also a long wait for people who were getting food to take out. I waited about 15 to 20 minutes for my order but it was well worth it. When I first bit into the chicken it was the juiciest chicken breast I have ever had! They are very generous with their portions and the price of my order was only $7! You cannot beat the price and the quality of food. You can see them cooking the meats in an Open pit, which I love. The staff members are friendly and work quickly so it's best to know what you want to order before you get in there. I can easily see myself being a regular here!

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