210 W 1st Ave, Roselle
(908) 620-1030

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Jen Cee

I’ve tried several times, each time thinking maybe it’s just a bad day. But each time I go it’s a negative experience. Either the service is slow, I get an attitude from the employees (I get it, I wouldn’t want to work there either), my food is wrong, or even cold (I live 5 minutes away so there isn’t a reason for it to be cold). This location is awful. Worth the extra 20 minute drive (there and back) to the Garwood location

Scott S

I really dislike going to this Wendy’s. The drive through line is always long, they totally ignore you on the inside, and they forget to me me something almost every time. The food is always tasty though.

Samuel Roman

Very disrespectful well today I was there at 8:00 p.m. when I got to the window and they gave me three cups of soda on my order they said to me they did not have the cup holders and I asked her do you really don't have those cup holders that I really need.I only got two cup holders in the car and goes move beat it

Camille Crichlow

I ordered delivery through the Wendy’s app. Paid extra fees on top of the receipt amount. My order is completely wrong and I got a dialup internet sound effect when I called the store number ?. I ordered a big bacon classic and got something else. I HATE onions and taking them off won’t help remove the onion flavor ?. It’s supposed to have lettuce and tomato. This really sucks because I’m starving and still don’t want to eat it. I called corporate and they were closed for the weekend. I noticed it was still through door dash so I called them and they couldn’t reach the store nor corporate either. On Nov 3rd Wendy’s emailed me for details about what was wrong and I replied right away but I still have no update nor partial refund about it…

Chris Castellano

Solid Wendy's. Sometimes you never know if you're going to get a "Good" or a "Bad" wendy's.This one's always got what you want in stock, and available (even if it's a chili potato at 2 am).Friendly, fast, and in a good spot.

Outer Banks

Just had a awful meal. Unfriendly service. Cold fries. Asked for a fresh chicken sandwich instead was given a reheated sandwich... definitely not fresh. You can't bite into a fresh sandwich ... it would be too hot. The team working the shift on 10/15/22 @ 7pm simply did not care, including the manager! Poor.

Doris Nicholson

Food was as usual but their drink choices are very limited for my dietary needs and restrictions. I won't be going back there again, I'll find another site to visit.Food: 4/5

Quyloon's Tutoring-Teaching & Mentoring Services

Did not get order right and seemed to be frustrated when order needed to be confirmed.Kid-friendliness: Good deal on kids meals on Tuesday evening at this location.Parking: Available but not as safe.Wheelchair accessibility: Somewhat tight.

Irizarry M

NOT SURE BUT 2nd or 3 shift I was there around 7: 40pm the young girl with mixed hair long with dreads & lose pieces of wavy hair DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO COUNT MONEY! Or! Or WAS HOPING.. "I DID NOT COUNT MY MONEY! BECAUSE SHE WAS STEALING FROM CUSTOMERS.! And got really Nervous when I put her in the spot! Gave her 20.00 for a meal that was 7 bucks. And some change. She gave me back 2.26 cents.. then did not know the difference of what she gave me and the rest she owed me. SHE WAS POCKETING MONEY FROM CUSTOMERS


The friendliness of the staff was good but then our order wasn’t right.

Suzette Howard

The food was horrible the nuggets were cold my chicken sandwich was cold and dried out. This was my first and last time eating there. The workers need training

Claudia Robinson

This Wendy's is losing the fast in fast food. The drive thru window is so slow. The food is quite salty. Definitely you get what u pay for.

Rey F.

Place needs upkeep at the tables but the food was good. Nice piped music. Very cordial associates

Alina Kaminski

Food was OK, although from under the heater lamp, not freshly prepared. Did not receive any receipt but I am sure I got overcharged as somehow items ordered abd received did not add upnto their posted pricing. Long line of drive through cars and pouring rain but that has nothing to do with the register. Will not patronize this Wendy's again.

Francisco Alves

They need some guidance on how to operate efficiently. They had 1 employee on register during lunch hours with a long line of customers and they looked totally lost. They need to understand that people stop there for a quick lunch not to stand around for half hour.

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