Dunkin' - 314 NJ-15

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314 NJ-15, Wharton
(973) 442-8299



Reviews for Dunkin' Donuts

I usually frequent this place in the morning on my way to work. Morning crew is gold. This is however the 2nd time I've gone I've gone during later shifts,(around 7 pm) and the guy behind the counter seems bothered by customers. Today I ordered one medium iced caramel latte and one medium cocoa mocha latte, both with whipped cream. He kept saying iced coffee and I repeated a few times the correct order and even pointed on the board to what I wanted. He charged me $9 and then handed...read full review
Unfortunately, I cannot give a lower rating for this location. The very few times I have placed an order here it has been an absolute nightmare! Only 1 or 2 associates there are nice, but for the most part the rest are extremely rude and unprofessional. The last order - although was my fault for selecting the incorrect store without knowing - the lady at my usual store told me I can call and they can hold the order to pick up at another time since I was running late for work....read full review

The quality is going downhill fast. I went to 3 DD's at 9 P.M. and all the donuts were stale. The selection was minimal at best. I used to go there for the FRESH donuts and now I'm actively searching for somewhere that I can get donuts less than 12-16 hours old. What happened to

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