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A&W Canada Hamburger
Halifax Stanfield International Airport, 1 Bell Blvd, Enfield

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Breakfast Plate

“Since A&W is one of the few places I can get a GF option I can tell you what are the good A&W's. This is one of the best I have been to in terms of quality of food especially the plated breakfasts amd lettuce wrapped burgers. And the nicest, friendliest staff that deserve recognition. Thanks for all the delicious food whenever I fly out!Since it is at the airport the price of things are all higher than other A&W's.Dietary restrictions: Lettuce Wraps instead of buns“

2.9 Average48 Reviews
A&W Canada Fast Food
250 NS-214, Elmsdale

“Ok good coffee ☕️-- good customer service. But App is not that good.If the App knows that DrivThru is not open (I could still see a car going in DrivThru) but as per the App if DrivThru is not open ? then don't let me place the order. Instead App let's you put eatables in cart and only when you go to payment page -- it would say that DrivThru is closed.“

3.8 Good89 Reviews
McDonald's Fast Food
257 NS-214, Elmsdale

Customers` Favorites

Mcnugget Meal

“It's a McDonald's, you can expect quick service and low prices as usual. I've eaten here many times and usually have no complaints :) I recommend getting the Quarter Pounder BLT, It's by far the highest quality burger you can get from McDonald's.“

2.7 Average101 Reviews

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