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1592 Argyle St, Halifax
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I love World Tea House so much. The teas are so delicious (my favourite, Caramelized Pear, tastes like dessert), staff are so kind and helpful, and the drinks they make in house (tea lattes, tea with cider, etc.) are delicious! I really like that the tea is made with all natural, organic ingredients, and that they are fair trade and all the owner’s own recipes. I love how knowledgeable the staff and owner are; it’s clear from photos of his trips to tea farms and tea full review

First tea shop I visited when I moved to Halifax. Staff were more than amazing assisting my with picking a tea that accommodated my grocery list of food allergies & sensitivities. Extremely knowledgeable staff and a beautiful shop.

Great tea, super helpful and friendly staff - they always have good suggestions. Many of there teas can get more than one steep. Great place to work - lots of outlets and quiet. Lots of natural light. You get your tea pot and either a large mug or a smaller cup - go for the smaller cup otherwise my tea gets cold too quickly ;)

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Black Tea‏

Assam Premium Ctc$12.00
Brought to you from the sewpur tea estate in india, this ctc crush, torn, curled grade assam brews up strong & fast w/ a wonderful malty flavour & little astringency.
Ceylon Black$12.00
A light brew from the venture estate in sri lanka. Takes very well to a touch of honey or lemon. Makes a refreshing light iced tea as well for the hot summer months, add a slice of lemon to amplify the already present citrus notes in the tea.
Coconut Black$12.00
Black tea from india, blended w/ dried coconut shavings unsweetened & flavoured w/ organic coconut. Smooth, exotic & tropical, imagine you are on the beach no matter where you are in the world.
Darjeeling 2Nd Flush Selim Hill$12.00
From the beautiful picturesque hills of darjeeling, nestled on the slops of the himalayas, the selim hill tea estate produces this delicate cup of tea. It brews a light sweet cup w/ floral notes & a slight honey sweetness.
Earl Grey$12.00
Our blend of organic black teas are hand picked from select gardens in sri lanka. The full bodied leaves are then blended w/ precious oil of bergamot to create a superb citrus bouquet & great finish. Make your afternoon tea-time perfect w/ this timeless classic.
Earl Grey Lavender$12.00
Our earl‏ grey lavender tea elicits sweet, fragrant floral notes followed by a rich & citrusy finish.
Golden Yunnan$12.00
This certified organic black tea is harvested from yunnan's ancient tea trees. Golden yunnan has expertly oxidized, evenly graded leaves & big, golden buds.
Irish Breakfast$12.00
A combination‏ of hearty black teas from china (keemun) & india (assam) to get your morning off to a bright start. As its name implies, irish breakfast tea is an ideal accompaniment to a morning meal. Combine the strength of assam & the slight smokiness of keemun in your cup for a robust brew.
Kenya Fop Milima Estate$12.00
This east african tea garden, built in 1929, produces a sweet, full-bodied orthodox leaf reminiscent of a top grade assam. It yields a rich & fruity/floral cup w/ no astringency. With a clear, amber liquor, it makes a wonderful, hearty morning tea.
Mango Black$12.00
Select indian black tea flavoured w/ organic mango extract & safflowers.
A delicious full-bodied black tea from southwest india, nilgiri is a lesser known region than india's more popular growing areas of assam & darjeeling. The environmental conditions in nilgiri are perfect for growing quality, tasty teas. Perfect hot or iced.
Naked pu-erh stems from yunnan, china & delivers a deep red infusion w/ a sweet woodsy aroma & mild earthy finish. The finish is a medium thick body w/ slightly floral notes & a lingering hint of honeysuckle. It can be steeped multiple times in a sitting without yielding a bitter effect. Pu-erh tea is an excellent coffee alternative traditionally touted for its many rewarding benefits. This particular pu-erh is cooked & has been aged for about 4 years.
Raspberry Black$12.00
Select black teas from northern india, flavoured w/ organic raspberry, brews up a sweet fruity cup. A best seller for our iced tea collection. Blends well w/ other teas as well, try it w/ our mango black tea for a fruit blend.
Tali's Masala Chai$12.00
According to the ancient science of ayurveda we need to have a balance of all six tastes throughout the day. Our fusion of organic assam tea anchored in cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves & other spices, is finely balanced to create the perfect aromatic blend. Sages in india are known to infuse the tea w/ milk & sugar.
Vanilla Black$12.00
This blend is decadent & creamy w/ the sweet enchanting flavor of real vanilla. We use excellent vanilla extract & grade a whole vanilla beans that we hand chop each time we make this blend.
Assam Tgfop$12.00
A mid-summer harvest brought to you fresh from the sewpur tea estate in assam india. This robust tea brews a strong dark malty cup w/ a natural sweetness from it's golden leaf tips. Goes excellent w/ milk and/or sugar. An excellent breakfast tea.
Cinnamon Fig$12.00
A delightful blend of black indian tea, cinnamon & figs.
Coconut Cacao Puerh$12.00
Pure bliss!‏ This unique blend of organic loose leaf pu-erh w/ cocoa nibs & coconut provides a smooth, round, robust, yet sweet flavor w/ a mild hazelnut finish. Steep multiple times to experience a different flavor profile w/ each brew.
Darjeeling First Flush Soureni Estate$18.00
First pick of the year from the organic soureni tea estate in india, this darjeeling is a rare treat. Brews up a light delicate cup w/ notes of sweet vegetable & honey. Get it while supplies last!
Earl Grey Crème$12.00
Organic high grown estate black tea hand blended w/ fragrant oil of bergamot & a touch of french vanilla. A remarkable blend w/ fresh citrus notes followed by a rich & robust finish.
Ginger Black$12.00
Black tea from india bended w/ organic ginger.
Hot Sweet Cinnamon$12.00
Indian black tea blended w/ cinnamon bits & cloves to deliver a spicy sweet cup.
Keemun was developed in the mid 1800s w/ small leaf tea bush varietals native to eastern & central china. This keemun offers a smooth, semisweet flavor & a subtly smoky & rich pine aroma.
Lapsang Souchong$12.00
Traditionally carried by camel across asia from china to europe, this tea would arrive w/ a signature smoky aroma from the fires that the caravans burned for warmth. Still popular today, the organic leaves are smoked over pine needles & yield a distinctive aroma that goes especially well w/ savory dishes.
Monk's Blend$12.00
From the pristine gardens of a northern indian monastery emerged this inspired blend of three select black teas. Steeps a dark caramel colored infusion w/ crisp notes of apple & a light malty finish.
Orange Spice Black$12.00
Select black tea from india blended w/ orange peel, cinnamon & cloves. A delightful citrus cup w/ sweet spice follow up. Perfect for sipping on a cold evening or as an after dinner tea.
Pu-Erh Tuo Cha$7.00
Our famous pu-erh tea is formed into small bowls. When infused w/ water, the bowl loses its form & transforms the liquid into a soothing elixir. One bowl per serving. Vintage 2009. 5 bowls per tin.
Russian Caravan$12.00
Presenting a tea that owes as much to politics & diplomacy as it does tea husbandry. The existence of russian caravan, a smoky blend of black teas, (traditionally comprised only of chinese teas) is the direct result of a 1689 treaty between qing dynasty china & russia. The treaty brought an end to decades of border conflict between russian cossacks & the manchu people of northern china. As part of the treaty, russia agreed to give up its expansionist push eastward to the sea of japan, but gained direct trading access to beijing. The treaty forever changed the way business was done between the two countries & produced a famous tea blend in the process.
Temple Chai$12.00
A sweet‏ blend of organic assam tea from india, cardamon & vanilla. Brews a sweet strong cup, excellent w/ milk and/or sugar.
World Breakfast$12.00
A breakfast blend from select black teas from around the world. Taste the world in your cup, starting off in india w/ a delicious malty 2nd flush assam black tea. Then off to africa where you are introduced to a fine kenyan black tea. China is the next stop w/ the delicate golden tips of our golden yunnan black tea. Last stop, but certainly not the least is sri lanka where you get the finishing element of this tea blend, ceylon black tea. Together these 4 international favorites make an excellent breakfast tea, ideal for taking w/ milk and/or sugar or as is.

Green Tea

Atama Bancha$12.00
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