Thai Thai

1300 S Stewart St, Carson City
(775) 883-7905

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Jason Mandelli

Food was delicious and the owner was very nice. Will be going again!

Nicole Sorensen

The food quality was terrible. My curry sauce was broken and clumpy as it had been reheated in the microwave. The shrimp had a terrible smell and taste like it was old. Weirdest thing is they sat us outside in the hall and closed the door once guests arrived. They were sitting behind the counter inside the resturant with the older lady sitting there just rubbing the younger ladies back as we waited. It was a very different experience. Won’t be back.


Firt time there and the food was amazing, better then expected! The owner was so nice and was suggesting different dishes and telling us about them. He was so nice and told some funny stories! If you are looking for good Tai food and a chill atmosphere, please go try them. Oh and the Tai tea is amazing, the best I have had! We had a great experience with great food... please give them a try!

Lucy Vang

Amazing food! The owners (husband and wife) are such amazing people. They work hard to meet their customers expectation! Please be patient as there are no extra workers. We walked in late around 8:23pm almost closing hours. Kong and Panida took our orders (khao soi, chicken satay, and tofu spring rolls). Khao soi usually takes a few days to make, but Panida made it so delicious within 40mins. We ate dinner with both owners and had an amazing time. I recommend this place to anyone traveling or lives near or in Carson City. If you’re out of town, I recommend call in advance.

Jody Lediard

My wife and I had completed some ordinary D.M.V. transactions which took about three hours to acconplish. We made an impromptu decision to eat in Carson City before our 35 minute drive back home. By pure chance we ventured into this somewhat inconspicious Mexican restaurant; and we were most pleased with our menu choices, as well as with the pleasant personality of the man who served us. Very possibly, he is the owner. I don't know. His personality certainly added the our most pleasant dining experience. We will continue dining there as everything was very good.

Stephen S.

Great food and great service. This is the best Thai good in Carson City hands down!!

B T.

Taste burnt nasty Thai food. Not very good service. Very slow and language barrier. Very hard to understand

Devin H.

Food was terrible bottom line. The ingredients were nowhere near fresh and there seemed to be a ton of sugar in everything I tasted, except the chicken satay that tasted like it had been cooked a week prior. I ordered beef pad Thai and all I could taste was sweet, burnt noodles, and the beef just tasted off. Not sure which one triggered my nausea, but I had to leave the table for the bathroom. My wife ordered coconut soup, but wasn't able to taste it because the server set a huge bowl with a massive serving spoon in front of her and just left. When the server came back, while I was still in the bathroom with a sweaty mouth and watery eyes, she brought out the cook from the back to argue with my wife that it was supposed to be that way, and that they purposely add sugar! Needless to say, we won't be back and it's too bad because the previous husband and wife owners made good Thai food.

Dingdong B.

awfull food ! not authentic!! just terrible , crap service you will be disapoonted really bad!!!!

Julie N.

I walked in to order Spicy Thai FRIED rice. I've ordered this before and know I said fried rice. I live 25 mins south of Carson city and when I got home I realized they gave me the WRONG order! I called the restaurant when I got home and the owner HUNG UP on me! He didn't let me tell him what happened talked completely over me then hung up! He said I was yelling but I had him on speaker phone so to make sure he heard me I had to raise my voice. He proceeded to hang up on me 3 more times! He said he had paying customers in front of him and had to take care of them. I said I've already paid you and it was wrong and you have no interest in making it right? He said he had my phone number he called me back. He did call back about an hour later explained that he only makes two dollars on a meal and all this rigmarole about the menu about what I chose. I kept repeating that I had said I wanted fried rice. What I got was not fried it was white rice on the side with the meat in a foil wrapping. That isn't what I ordered but he wasn't hearing any of it and just was carrying on and on and then told me that I wasn't welcome back to his restaurant!! I mean WOW! This is how you take care of your customers?? I said OK. I never intended to except if you were going to make my order right! I know small business's are suffering, but this is no way to treat a repeat paying customer!

Peggy S.

Ordered shrimp pad. for takeout a few days ago . The shrimp was cooked properly the dish was very bland very few ingredients, green onions were scarce no egg ,not enough peanuts . I will not order from them in the future . The price was to high for the quality

Lauren Ruiz

I went there the other day and a wonderful gentleman served me. Was so kind and loved my experience. Just went there today to get some bobba and they said they were closed and not taking anymore orders! The site says they close at seven and it was only six. I get it people are tired but it sucked to drive all the way out for them to be supposedly closed an hour early when their sign is still on ://Like I said though. The gentleman that helped us a week or two ago was amazing!

Alisa M.

Just a tiny place in a strip mall, but I was craving Thai and it was near my hotel, so I tried it, and was not dissapointed! I had the pumpkin curry and living in the SF bay area, there is no shortage of great Thai restaurants so I was a bit worried, but it was the best pumpkin curry I've tasted! The trick is to ensure the pumpkin is thoroughly cooked and has absorbed the wonderful flavors of the "stew" and this really fantastic. I got mine with tofu which was also just how I like it. Crispy on the outside and moist and soft on the inside. The prioprietor, Kong, was such a nice man and we enjoyed a lovely conversation. I'd been in a bad mood because of a car accident which stranded me in the area, and his kindness put me in a good mood again. Thanks to Kong and his wife for a lovely meal.

Sydney R.

I wish we had this restaurant in our area! We came during our Tahoe trip, and the food was amazing! The owner chatted with us a lot. After hearing we came from LA, he joked about not wanting to serve us because there are too many food varieties in LA and people are just more picky. However, we tried the food and they were actually better than most Thai restaurants I've been in LA or the Bay Area! The noodles for pad Thai and Pad See Ew were very fresh and had a great texture. The owner was also very friendly and accommodating for vegetarians/vegans. He even offered to use a new pot of oil to deep fry our tofu so it wouldn't be mixed with other meats. (It was $4 extra but we still appreciated it) They fry their tofu and crispy wontons fresh upon every order, and you can really taste the difference. Food was flavorful and delicious. Will definitely be coming back if we are in the area again! Look at that plate of rice hehe. How cute!


I love the owner who served us, he's incredibly friendly. Also there's free small bowls of soup, which is super cool. The food was delicious and very easily customized. Great find at Carson Mall

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