Palais De Jade

960 W Moana Ln, Reno
(775) 827-5233

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khizar hayat

Restaurant is quite clean neat ,Staff is well manner nice communication but I found the lack of taste Restaurant is all about taste this is why I give 2 stars taste was not as I was hopping not satisfied at all with taste.

Cynthia Kirkland

Hands down, Best Asian Food, in this part of Reno. Friendly staff, nice ambiance, extensive menu!

James Hung

I have been coming here for over 2o years. I moved away and come back to see family. Every time we go for dinner the food quality, great service and a clean and tidy atmosphere awaits you. Of the hundred plus times going I have NEVER been disappointed. They take excellent care of their regulars. Would recommend again and again.

Dennis L.

It was pretty good. Been a couple years since we'd had Palais De Jade. Beef Broccoli taste was average as was beef. We did order a couple of the house salad, kinda plain. The peanut dressing was good. Nice decor, and the staff was alright Overall I'd rate the food, service and location all about average.

Scott J.

Great food excellent service. My wife and I shared one of the family combos. We enjoyed greatly. We however will not be bringing families as the price is too high to bring families to.

Rhonda S.

Over priced and not very good. I ordered takeout and the cashier wasn't friendly at all. Disappointed because I remember it being so much better.

Shiloh C.

I went here after seeing a great review, and it did not disappoint. I liked the darker atmosphere; very date-friendly. The food was good; I especially enjoyed the Po-Po platter. Everything we order came family style, and within reasonable time. It was not very busy when we went, the staff was all attentive and friendly. I would like to come back and dive deeper into the menu!

Senida Muratovic

This used to be our go to spot for Chinese and a restaurant we frequented for several years. That is until last night. We ordered our usual dishes-Mongolian beef, pork fried rice, Kung Pao chicken, and beef chow fun to go. I initially realized there may be an issue upon opening the containers when, honestly, all 4 dishes appeared to be the same color. The Mongolian beef was maybe 90% onion slices, the chow fun was colorless and also contained an atrocious amount of onions. We get these dishes all the time and have never had this happen. Upon eating, we realized the taste was odd and the noodles had a burnt flavor to them despite not appearing burnt. The fried rice and chicken were as expected. Needless to say, we didnt finish the meal and ended up tossing it all. I decided to give the restaurant a call once one of us began to feel ill and the response was less than stellar. According to Alicia, other customers were asked about their experience and said their food was fine. She also stated what the Mongolian beef is supposed to be mostly onions and the burnt taste must just have been a poor response to the spices. No where in the conversation did she attempt to truly take into account our experience and she also refused to refund the two out of 4 dishes. The overall conversation leaned towards us having a unique experience despite other reviews here highlighting similar experiences. This is a real bummer because Palais is probably the best Chinese in town but I guess we will have to give somewhere else a shot. The moral here: good luck and hopefully you don’t have a bad experience!

Sean Kinsley

Nice, clean place to get good food. The service is always great and the food is tasty. No Coke, but we will forgive this

elias Adame

We ordered the Shanghai dinner for two and the fried rice was spoiled. We told the server because it not only smelled bad but it tasted worse. He offered to substitute for white rice we said no and at the end the manager expected us to pay for the full price. We did not agree and he only took off $4. The servers are nice too bad management is not. We do not recommend this place at all.

Michael T.

Palais de Jade is a solid staple of Chinese cuisine in our community. Beloved by older generations and being rediscovered by the younger ones, the food and service here always hit the spot. The menu is filled with all of the Chinese American faves from General Tso to beef and broccoli, each done deliciously in pretty large portions. My personal favorites are the orange peel beef, lo mein, and after tonight, salt and pepper shrimp. These dishes are done a bit differently than other local spots and have merit beyond the other versions too. The shrimp are lightly coated, fried, and seasoned with a salty and spicy rub. The orange peel beef has the crispy texture I love in this dish and also has the true essence of orange with sweet and bitter. The Lo mein is packed with all the proteins and veggies, and wok fried to perfection. Anytime is a good time for Palais. Lunch is an incredible value too! Have you been? It's time'

Mark S.

Palais De Jade has had some ups and downs but currently it's the best Chinese food in Reno. Love the atmosphere. Perfect for conversation or a date night. So glad to report this place is back to how good it once was!

Roselle D.

I am fed up with Palais De Jade. Their prices are becoming exorbitant and the quality not that good. I recently traveled to Seattle and San Francisco. Tried Shrimp with Walnut Prawns. They were fresher and cheaper. Both places had Walnut Prawns mixed nicely together for $18. each. Palais de Jade is $22.00 and they just throw prawns and walnuts separately in a box not mixed together. Not much sauce and the walnuts had so much sugar glaze on them it was nauseating. Then I paid $16 or 18 dollars for moo shu vegetables. When I opened the box I was surprised how small a portion the vegetables were. Just barely enough four four pancakes, and overpriced. Palais de Hade are getting greedy. They are not as good as some of the great dishes you find in Seattle and SF, and more expensive. I paid 45.00 for one shrimp with walnuts and vegetables. If their chef was that good, maybe. But he or she is not. Try Kwoks Bistro a better value

Claudia Jojola

Food is tasty, but too sweet for me. I added chile paste & chile oil to alter sweetness, it was OK. And, for 2 dishes and hot tea, my bill was $34.Too pricey for one person. No combo plates on menu for one person, only for 2 or more persons served family style. Beautiful, clean and nicely decorated, nice people, but too pricey for one person.

Dominick Manochio

Unbelievably delicious some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever eaten in my life. There’s not many good Chinese restaurants in Reno this one is definitely a new favorite ??

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