Gaetano's Pizzeria

250 Genesee St, Auburn
(315) 255-3305

Recent Reviews

Brittany Baity

Absolutely love there pizza..


We have been ordering from Gaetanos for years. We love their pizza! Sauce is yummy!

Andrew Walter

Good pizza if they would ever answer the phone I've called 3 times the last week and no one picks up.

Mr Dymock

Food is pretty good but that's when you are able to order it. I've called this place 6 times in the last month and the listed hours on google say its open but no one ever answers the phone . The 1 time I did order the guy at the counter was really nice albeit clearly overworked as he seemed to be running the show alone . Higher more staff correct your listed hours and you will be in decent shape .

Aaron Forjone

Always a great sheet and best price in town, usually under $25 and if you like a thin crust, this is for you if you want a fat bready one try

Sean D

Claim to be out of large and mid sizes right after opening. If you don't want the business just don't answer the phone. Dont lie and say we're out of everything I chang my order to.

Isabel Guerrette

Best sheet pizza you can’t get by far. If you’re looking for good customer service and a clean environment this is not the place BUT if you want the best SHEET pizza with extra cheese this is the place to go.

Sharon Conway

We vowed NEVER to go back. And we won't.

San Francisco 4.

This place is a joke the little punk behind the counter is a rude little boy there dryers aren't working

Christine Strecker

Can never get anyone to answer the phone. Prefer over angelos as that has gone to hell too. Guess on the search for a new pizza place

John Grant

The pizza was very good except that it was a little crispy this time but I love my pizza's from this restaurant!!!

Glenn Loomis

I have to say worse pizza place in Auburn, dry no sauce, thick crust thin crust, I'll never come back

Martha Moy

If I could give zero stars I would. First off, the hours on the sign are not right. I'm a delivery driver and Everytime I go there it's closed. Also, they seem to always be out of something when I actually get an order when their open. The biggest issue? The kid that runs the place and has his picture all over the walls! He has no business working with the public!!!! Totally unprofessional and rude!!!

Ann Leonard

I preordered 2 sheet pizzas for my sons bday and had atleast 60 people there. I called them 2 days ago and changed my time to 4pm and they said no problem. My brother went to go pick it up and they were closed! This is not good service!! I will no longer give them my service! Very disappointed

Cherie Roberts

Stopped and got a calzone on the way home from work, haven't been in for a couple years. That calzone was delicous! The young man working had it ready in no time and i truly enjoyed it and will return!

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