Gold Street Market

257 Gold St, Brooklyn
(718) 522-2572

Recent Reviews

Robert Kemp

This is where I get my smoothies and breakfast from

Sufia C.

Came here, the only place that was open late night, during this pandemic, food was great, service was quick and good as well. I've been looking for Loacker's Quadratini hazelnut wafers everywhere and this place had them. Also this place has a variety of hot food options, plus they make fresh smoothies.

Geo hustler

When I work at night there was no place to eat when I found this place I never went nowhere else every night I work I do my best to make it to them great customer service excellent food always fresh any employees are wonderful thank you Chino

Jay Y.

I live right next door and this place is fantastic! It's open 24/7, the prices are great for what you get at the deli, and the food itself is great too. It's great because I can get things like smoked salmon or chicken salad cheaper than Wegmans or Trader Joe's . The shakes are great but I found out that they put half and half and sugar syrup in it, so I have to stay away from those... although a little indulgence every once in a while doesn't sound like a bad idea. The grocery prices are a bit expensive, but then most bodegas are more expensive compared to wholesale markets. Once you get past that, a midnight snack from here doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Damon L.

Every single time I come here past midnight they try to inflate the prices and charge extra thinking that I won't notice. Every single time I call them out on it and they make up some excuse for it. It's extremely unethical and it's not a proper way to run a business. I live right next door so you would think it's in their best interest to maintain customer loyalty. I've slowly tried to avoid coming here but I will not be stepping into this establishment until they correct their ways. Please let me know if this happens to you because they shouldn't feel as though they can take advantage of customers.

S Macon

Clean, nice and the food is good. Just somethings are over priced.

Gra C.

Good place to grab food for work, always tasty and fast . Also staff members are nice!

Nancy Wu

Order a order of curly fries and an order of normal fries. The normal fries were underdone and over half of the curly fries were inedibly overcooked. Not good for eight dollars of fries.


Fresh food

Lisa Crumpler

Nice store.

Marcus Clarke

Who heats up an Italian sub?

Gregory Moore

Best food ever

Salmon King

Best food ever

Cierra B.

What's extremely sad is that I come here all the time ordering different things, one of which the spicy buffalo chicken wrap with no tomatoes this is the 3 time that I have order this and was given anything the first couple times it was great but now it has gotten out of hand usually it chopped up chucks of chicken..... yesterday I received a wrap with turkey and blue cheese and buffalo sauce I will insert the picture below I'm beyond pissed .... I'm done

Liz A.

I love how it is open 24/7. The staff is nice but I think the food is not such good quality. It is also very pricey for the quality. For the prices, the market should be in downtown Manhattan. I ordered a turkey sandwich and they gave only a few slices with extremely bland turkey meat and soggy lettuce. I was disappointed.

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