Five Guys

1551 Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst
(716) 424-0129

Recent Reviews

T.J. Day

Good fries and milkshakes but hardly worth the price. Service was great.

Andrei Kozak

I really like their burgers here!! Bring back the cherru milkshake it was so good!

Jay Stack

Just picked a lunch order during the busiest time I have ever seen there. The lady who was the owner or manager could have been teaching a class on customer service and the crew that was working with her were like soldiers driving the charge through the rush. Complete example of "never let them see you sweat" on display! After working in customer service for 25 plus years I was in awe! Great job and great food!

Annette Nunn

So this Five guys on Niagara Falls blvd is only getting 2. stars because the food was done correctly and consistent with others I have been too. That's where the positivity ends. First we walked in and the door says hiring 20.56 hr average pay. Ok they don't deserve that for the way this place looked when we walked in. The floor was sticky. Every table was not wiped down. I asked for a towel so I could wipe down the table and the kid hands me a dry napkin! Then I said can you please send someone over to clean it. So a kid comes out with a wet napkin wipes one table off then the next.....then if this doesn't gross you out he picks up some trash with that napkin smooshes down the garbage in the can with that napkin then wipes the next 3 tables with the same napkin! We are in the middle of a pandemic people! I should have complain but no manager that I could tell was around. Every kid working looked like they were young 15 or 16 and you can't fault them for poor management CLEAN UP YOUR RESTAURANT BEFORE SOMEONE GETS SICK!

Kristen Telaak

I love my cheat days at Five Guys! Got a milkshake on my last visit. Yum! I was surprised when I looked at the menu for the milkshake add -ins! Customize the you want, with bacon as one of the options! Yep, bacon! I did not get the bacon, got the Oreo! YUM!!

XBelow Playz

Awesome burgers super quick service !!! The milkshakes are one of the best in town.The whole bag was full fries?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark Lauer

never leave hungry,good food fast

Debbie Damico

Food was good but there is no way to talk to anyone because the music is club level loud. Miserable time. You can only say to someone “I’m sorry can you say that again?” What did you say? It was the worst couldn’t wait yo get out of there.

Valerie Brown

This Five Guys is the best in town, by far! My boyfriend and I have eaten at others in town but this place is fantastic!!

Harkunwar Bhatia

Great burger experience, they do their burgers like no other. And the amount of fires they load up in regular orders is enormous! Loved the store layout and ordering experience.


Solid as always. No hotdogs buns when I went so I have to have it on a burger roll but overall solid. Fries are always A1

Evelyn K. Wilmore

No lemon for ice tea. No hot tea.

Max Brown

Always the best fast food burger around up here

Benjamin Pritchard

Good food great guys cooking and waiting on us. Pricy but we knew this going in. Will be back.

Laura Sikorski

Very clean restaurant. The service was great, and the burger was delicious.

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