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46 I Gerard Street, 21 Clinton Ave, Huntington


Reviews for Mobay Breeze

Food was delicious! I loved everything, stewed chicken, beans and rice, cabbage, plantains. I wish they'd be more generous with the cabbage and maybe a bit more meat and a bit less rice. Owners were so nice. Young man needs to wear his mask properly while dishing out the food. I'd definitely go back to try more. They did say that fish dishes must be ordered 24 hrs in advance.

This place is my preferable place. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to visit this restaurant. Whenever I I need a delicious dinner, this is the place that comes immediately to my mind. excellent and all sorts of food and a large list of dishes.helpful crew, and good spirit. And very important, the cost is fair. I recommend this spot with pleasure.

It was all peaches and cream when we walked in, then something went wrong and we had to leave because they were closing the store. And I was looking forward to that mac & cheese and sweet potato pudding. I'll bet it's as delicious as the slamming oxtails I had!!

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