Ganda Sushi Express

8008 Surrey Pl, Queens
(718) 380-1818

Recent Reviews

Eric Collins

This spot is one of my favorites! Reasonable prices, large dishes and the staff members are always super nice.

Elliot Mercado

I told my friends about this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I go their often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The the cooking is tasty and the team is very friendly and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place we enjoy a pleasant evening. warmly recommended.


A cute little sushi spot. The owners were so friendly. Sushi was tasty and they had like 50+ rolls to choose from so there’s definitely something on the menu for everyone. Down to eat here again whenever I’m in the area.

Donald Watson

Definitely a spot worth visiting, the food is excellent and well prepared, the pricing is convenient and it is consistently neat there. Fantastic work.

Ana Haynes

I love their food.

Justin R.

Hard working family run sushi spot, they all use facial coverings, and won't turn you down for calling in near closing time

Steed Wells

I go there once in a while to treat the kids to sushi.

Ridah Bhatti

I love this place. Everyone is so nice and food is always amazing. Very affordable as well.

Jalen Garcia

I had a wonderful experience at this restaurant. We enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere and the meals. The staff members are super friendly. I’m glad we eventually decided to try this place.

Amanda M.

Everything tasted great and was on time. I would order again soon I needed the make some adjustments because of my seafood allergy and they're ere totally fine with it. Great service.

Kelly K.

Not worth the money and the quality of food wasn't there. I know they worked hard to stay open during the pandemic which I really appreciate.

Bhavin Tanna

Great food, great people, nice place. What more can you ask for?

Ivan Liriano

Food is excellent and a very friendly atmosphere

Rakin Hamid

Delicious food at great prices and speedy service. The staff is quite friendly and the son of the owners is a cutie pie as well.


So I want to start off by saying I've been a frequent customer of Gan Da Sushi over the years. Living right in the neighborhood, I love to support local businesses, being a business owner myself. On the Evening of April 26th, I called my wife and said hey, I passed our sushi spot and they're open(Consider the pandemic at the time)! She said let's go. Well that excitement was short lived. We drove down the blocked, walked in and proceeded to the counter. At the time, the chef was the only one visible. Before I was able to thank him for being one of the only sushi businesses open, he said.. "Oh you want to order, sorry TWO hour wait!". My goodness, Hello would of been nice.. smh. I Usually deal with the Lady or I think the son, that knows my order and even knows I dont want any sauce on my spicy salmon and like Extra Soy Sauce with my order.. This was such a Turn Off! Ok I get it, you decided to open and your Online SALES were Booming.. But Always remember your Customers who held you down when things were business as usual. And those days will return. The days you thanked me for ordering all those Salmon Pieces and Please Come Again. Well Gan Da Sushi Management/Owner, you've lost this Customer. I'll Gladly hop in my car and drive down the Grand Central and patronize the lovely sushi spots in Forest Hills. Matter of fact, if anyone is looking for a great sushi location. It's called Sushi 33, 63-56 Booth St, Rego Park NY. The lady's in there are so nice and the chef as well. Prices are great! Please check them out.

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