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Ordered multiple meals on multiple occasions and orders were missing multiple items. Due to flight time constraints and how busy the restaurant was the manager was unable to process the refund. I was assured that the meals would be refunded after the shift was over but no refund was ever processed. This has happened twice. If you don't get your meal or item, make sure the refund happens immediately or it never will.


We orders two veggie burgers and paid for that. After an hour or so the waiter tells us he only has veggie wraps, so we took those. But the payment was never reversed, so we paid 10$ too much per person, despite explicetely asking to reverse the order. Total rip off. That all despite waiting forever and good that wasn't really good.


We are french and spent the WE in NY with our family from Charleston. We ordered monday the 21th a 1: 15 PM table 51 for 134,85 $ and had a flight at 2:30...we always were waiting until 2 PM but we had no food served and were obliged to leave to get our flight. the employee confirmed our repayment but at this time we are always waiting ! try to avoid this restaurant,it's a trap ! and may be we will intend a lawsuit as soon as we'll be back in France !


I ordered a Cheddar Cheese, peppers and onion omelette with a side of Bacon and a Raspberry lemonade. The lemonade came out first. The waitress plopped it down, grumbled "we're out if raspverry" and walked off. The omlette I got had Cheddar Cheese and Mushrooms. No peppers and onions. The bacon was burnt. Literally... it had black edges and crumbled when you tried to eat it. The hash browns were under-microwaved. The certainly were cooked. Several were still frozen in the middle. The toast came out cold. After my food was delivered, I did mot see anyone until I was done. Then it was too late to send everything back. All in all, it sucked, let alone it cost $30.

Raff Raff

Ate here between a flight. Proceeded to wait an hour for chicken tenders, fries and a beer which I paid 45 dollars for… then got food poisoning. Do not recommend.

Curtis Haynes

Please DONT stop here. I usually give places plenty of time and leeway to fix any issues. It took over 35 minutes to get my meal. When I asked for fresh fries they argued with me about it. Sad to I pay this much money and to get such poor service. Must be the reason they make you pay when you sit down.

Ben Thoma

Turn back now. The food is terrible, and not worth the convenience of mobile ordering. Way to expensive, as well.

che such

utter garbageordered omellete, fries and a coffee.simple enough to make yes?how can you get it so wrong?just awful awful food, it was cold, bland and seasoned with several bags of salt. The coffee was freezing, the cup was half full and tasted like rusty pipe water.the whole dish must have been retrieved from the nearest bin or scraped off the floor.the staff were miserable, slow and just threw the plate at you.poorest customer service ever.the prices were extortionatehow can you charge so much for the slop, gruel, bin discharge passed off as food that they "serve" you?how do the owners sleep at night.they and the staff should all be ashamed of themselvesGordon Ramsey needs to visit this place on hells kitchen.he would destroy them!!!

Jillian Hanson

We waited over an hour to get half our order. My dads Ruben was inedible, my mom never got hers and they still made her wait for it, the drinks themselves were really bad. There was nothing good about this place


Genuinely one of the worst experiences I have ever had in dining. I ordered a cheeseburger with bacon and a Moscow mule. The total, before tip, was $50. Incomprehensibly steep, but fine. Whatever. Then it took about 30 minutes for a decent burger to come out, followed by another hour as my boarding time ticked closer and closer without my drink, which ran me $20. I eventually had to leave without ever receiving my drink. Let me be clear: I arrived here an hour and a half before my flight was scheduled to begun boarding. I had to leave without ever receiving my drink so I would not miss my flight.

Mark H.

Run, the food in awful and the service sucks. Corned beef looked like it was three weeks old. Cold and disgusting

Sharon S.

Bad service ordered a margarita on 8/3/22 for $21.87 from the table waited 30 minutes no drink but the screen said preparing i spoke to the waitress there N she told me my server have left i explained i havent received my drink i was told that i didn't order at the bar so i cNt get no drink only my refund back i spoken to the manager only for him to tell me that hes short workers had 3 calls out and the waitress is by herdelf so thats why she couldnt reach me on time to stop me from ordering i was also told in 24 hours i would receive my refund im now in 48 hours and still no refund 8/5/22 THE ONLY REASON YOU GOT 1 STAR CAUSE YOUR WOULDNT LET ME POST MY REVIEW

Courtney Burns

Foods fine, but customer service was lacking. The iPads for ordering takeout weren’t working well so I wasn’t sure if I would get a text message when my food was ready. It seemed rather busy which is totally OK, I just wish I would’ve been better communicated with as to what the wait time was going to be and how I would be expected to get my order. I had been waiting for a while so I went back to ask someone how long it would be. When I went back to ask a worker, they got irritated and snarky with me which I didn’t think was necessary since I wasn’t communicated with well. I would have appreciated if the worker had just apologized for the wait and kindly explained to me what to expect, but instead, I was met with an annoyed worker who didn’t seem to want to be there.

Temat T.

Loved you could just order from a laptop. Great experience. Waitress was very attentive.

Julio E Vega

After 15 years of travelling for business, I have never had such a bad experience at an airport lounge. I understand technology is supposed to disrupt business models, but this is the prime example of technology gone wrong. Whoever thinks that by implementing dozens of tablets for ordering/paying can replace waiters and staff is sorely mistaken. There are only 2 girls for this busy restaurant at JFK. The girl behind the counter is obviously overworked and has such a bad attitude that I have seen her pick a fight with at least 5 parties while I was here for an hour. She is extremely rude. They call out random items from random orders at the bar and she gets upset when people are confused if its their order or not. She is definitely in the wrong industry and seems to not appreciate her job. You should avoid Loft at JFK at terminal 5.

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