Chipotle Mexican Grill

1217 Ulster Ave, Kingston
(845) 336-5036

Recent Reviews

Keenan Lopez

Absolutely a spot worth trying, the food is great and fresh, the costs are fair and it is consistently neat here. Keep it up.

Rueben Ramirez

The bag of chips are always only a quarter fill otherwise the food and service is great

Ranjith Kumar

The food tastes delicious. But the quality they serve is relatively less compared to other chipotle's

Jane Zalsky

Always very clean and quick. Friendly staff.

Julie Miranda

Accepting American currency when there is no notice on their door stating "card only payment". Asking people for "exact change" payment, instead of giving change back to customer. Not deny legal tender from people who don't have cards to pay or exact change to purchase meals. You are ruining the economy by doing this to people.

David Deck

This spot clearly knows how to treat their clients. Consistently with a super friendly demeanor. The food is conveniently priced, always flavorful and clean.

scott parker

chicken was a little fatty, but rest tasted very good

Kathryn A.

I normally love chipotle and order from here every few weeks. Have never had any issues until today. My fiancé's burrito had corn salsa instead of the tomatillo. And my bowl had half the usual amount of rice and twice as much sour cream. It also looks like it was dropped or something because everything was smushed to one side.... really disappointed that we drove 25 min from catskill for this.

Joaquin Barber

I call this unique place from time to time because I love the good mood that is outline this restaurant. The staff is extremely attentive and professional. The service is awfully rapid. Not to mention, the food they serve is good. I have been there more than once and I was always satisfied. The payment is fair. I highly recommend this place to to all.

LaToya Boyd

Not the best customer service, I ordered a burrito and a salad. The salad had minimum amount of salad and toppings. The burrito ripped while being wrapped, the employee just dumped the inside onto another tortilla throwing out half of the filling along with the ripped tortilla. Now the food was not of the best quality, the chicken left a burnt taste in my mouth and the steak was extremely chewy.

Om Ekanath Akarapu

I didn't experience the taste as in ideal chipotle bowl, but the crew were very good in responding and restaurant looked clean.

Barbara Carlew

When you have a food allergy, and they take the time to clean the counter down for you and get fresh ingredients, they deserve 5 stars!

George Beuselinck

Fast and friendly service, removed one star for lackluster carne asada.

Google User

Placed an order through my app for two (2) identical salad bowls so I wouldn't have to wait and could just grab my order - that's the point. Got there, my order was ready so I grabbed my bag and noticed it felt a bit light. When I checked, there was only one bowl. I brought my receipt back and told the cashier that I was supposed to have two bowls. She looked at the receipt and told the girl on the line that there was supposed to be two. Said girl made the other one and handed it to me.. no sorry about the confusion from anyone, nothing. It was just a really odd experience and I still had to wait, which no biggie. It was the interaction that left me scratching my head.

Cas Miska

Fast service by friendly employees on the food line,, good portions, clean restaurant. Steak was tender and perfectly seasoned. Can’t wait to try again next time.

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