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In Speedway, 841 Ulster Ave, Kingston


Reviews for Dunkin' Donuts

Honestly all they ever do is hire incompetent people. It's not hard to follow simple directions and give the customer what they ordered the first time CORRECTLY. I asked for a bagel NOT toasted with cream cheese and they gave it to me toasted. Do you understand how gross warm cream cheese is? That part might just be me but either way it takes more effort to make something wrong and have to remake it then get it right the first time. Their food is just really gross in general their...read full review

This Dunkin' Donuts was truly a DREAM. I have never been so impressed with a DD like I was this morning. Fresh, hot bagels, soft donuts, and delicious and carefully made drinks. Not to mention how kind and quick the staff was. Truly shook. Amazing work

This is an unusual review in every way. I went through the drive in for an iced tea. They have really great iced tea. The man at the speaker when you drive up had the best voice I've ever heard in customer service. When I got up to the window I told him that. So polite and nice. He should do voiceovers. Such a great voice. See I told you it is an unusual review

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