East Wok

1300 Ulster Ave # 215, Kingston
(845) 336-2906

Recent Reviews

Ivan Mcdaniel

The menu and service were above my expectations. I truly loved the vibes of this spot. Extraordinary place to take my family out for lunch.

Carina Benson

Ate here 1 time when I was pregnant 5 years ago and had a huge black hair in my food!! Will not eat here EVER again. People need to be alittle more careful and wear hair nets and gloves when serving the food.

Rafael Rodriguez

I usually enjoy eating here

Zechariah Freeman

This place is excellent and broad, the menu was delightful and the prices were very economical. quickly, effective service and very attentive staff members. Highly recommended.

Matthew Madri

awesome family business, always great food!

Mike Hollywood

Love the people and the food. Grandpa eats there every week when we play chess at the mall.

mason longendyke

Exceptional service

cynthia pratt

Nice portion of food, reasonable priced, food very fresh , staff very well mannered .

Mikaela Monroe

It has delicious food

2D Clout God

love it

Greg Jones

Food is always tasty


what can I say...it's always consistent.good food for a great price. you can not beat there spareribs fall off the bone kind. Everyone makes a stop there even if it's just to grab takeout yum ! night off from cooking. words every working gal Luvs!


The food here is very good!! Not much in the way of atmosphere, but Clean and friendly. Dine in or take out. I eat here about once a month for years, it's the best Chinese food in the area!!

Erika Blumberg

This place is actually called Kingston Wok and it is very good. I am surprised that it doesn't show up here because it's a lot better than some of the places I've tried on this list.

Chris B.

Although I never really adequately say how much I like this place when I get to the mall, their food is always adequate. Although Chinese affects my stomach(from all the MSG Chinese adds), I've only had one time(last night) when this place didn't affect my stomach at all. Even though they say they don't add any MSG into their foods, they must be doing something to the foods that makes most stomachs the way they area. The best item I've found that actually looks pleasing is the Sweet and Sour Chicken. It's sweet to my mouth's palate, but not too sweet to taste unappetizing. When this chicken doesn't look all that appetizing, I tend to go with the Bourbon Chicken(however, read on for incident one time). In late January 2012, I and a few members of my family ate here. We had the Bourbon Chicken. Although the chicken was baked correctly, it just didn't taste right; something was a little off from the way bourbon chicken should taste. Anyway, there were other people in my family who didn't have this place's food. I left the mall feeling borderline okay-starting to feel sick and dizzy. By the time I reached Wal-Mart by car, I felt a bit on a high, a level as if I had food poisoning in me. As soon as we drove back home(one of the people who didn't have from East Wok), we called the company. We told them about this incident. On the phone, he asked whether we had any other venue's foods(which we never had), and tried to overall blame another place(and not take the blame himself for stuff his business caused). It didn't cause any major medical problems, but just to alert him to the issue. Quantity is adequate. They seem to place an adequate amount of stuff on a plate. Quality and presentation of food always looks pleasing at times. They do give some thought into how the food looks on the plate. They take their time when placing it on your plate.

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