1232 Ulster Ave, Kingston
(845) 336-2100

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Anthony Whilden

The food is usually hot but always check your bag to make sure they got your order right.Really tasty


Enjoyable evening meal with my family

Kimberly Wagner

Rude!!!! I rolled up with my kid and husband in the car through the drive thru. The guy taking orders screamed at me because he wanted me to move my car forward, when there was a car in my way. He kept yelling about me having fifteen feet when the car in front of me was about 5 ft in front of me. Then he took my order snappily and with a nasty tone the entire time. Wayyyy over the top. Then, after I paid, the next window held my food out the window, practically threw it in my lap, tried to insist I had a shake not on my receipt and then tried to tell me I had the wrong food instead of just giving me the happy meal sitting in front of her. Rudest McDonald's I've ever been to.

Paul Laibach

It's McDonalds... what is there to say :-) The service here is consistently good.

Delroy Galimore

Team was completely impatient when taking order and the manager who was smoking outside, came inside and handed the order abruptly and didn’t wash her hands given the pandemic that we are in. I know it’s McDonald’s and not a five start restaurant l, however, something must be done about the continuous disrespect that is given to customers. Do yourself a favor and go to Moe’s instead.

Javier Seda

Awesome workers great food

Ron Davidson

People were short, and dinning room was closed still.


No gloves on the guy putting the lids on my coffee so his bare hand was all over the top,and about 10 other drinks lined up that he did the same too.

Gregg Pugliese

I love McDonalds, fast, tastes good and a fair price.

Lisa Caston

The cheeseburgers are like really thin and has a mushy consistency .but the chicken nuggets are delish

Shona Chestnut

I love their fries

Roger Hamilton

Can't get breakfast all day they say you can but after 2 pm you cant

Donna Butler

Ordered Double Big Mac Meal no onions. Box was tagged such but inside I was given a regular big Mac. So I overpaid.

Robyn P.

I went to McDonald's on Ulster Avenue last night after having previously ordered food at the nearby Panera. At Panera, the girl at the delivery window was handling currency and handing out bags of food. She was not wearing gloves, or a mask, and there was no sneeze guard across the window. I chose not to actually take the order I had paid for. I drove down to this McDonalds and ordered. They had one person handling the money, wearing gloves, and another handing out the bags, also wearing gloves. In addition, there was a sneeze guard. I felt much safer at McDonalds, and right now, that is really important.

Frank Schaefer

Wife and I went there for breakfast. Service was polite and quick and had a good fast food meal. We will go there again sometime.

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