Outdated, Antique Cafe

314 Wall St, Kingston
(845) 331-0030

Recent Reviews

Ben T.

I just had breakfast here and I swear to G-d the jalapeño jack scone toasted with butter was one of the most amazing things I've ever eaten in my entire life. Definitely coming back here!

Emily N.

Best coffee in town! Also you need to get the lbj sandwich-(lemon/blackberry jam& cheese)

Chris L.

Such a cute spot! Love the atmosphere the food and drinks are well. Let me be the first to say the staff here are very nice. My first time here and I felt so comfortable so welcomed. Granted this was pre covid. I would recommend this place to any coffee lover who likes to be relaxed and enjoy peaceful venues.

Edie P.

Fabulous coffee, lovely breakfasts, kind staff. In Kingston, go here for coffee!

Roman C.

The food is an impeccable epicurean delight. The menu was so thoughtfully made. Every meal is perfect. But nothing is perfect, the staff runs around as if they came to make a great business from elsewhere and now that they did they are miserable. No one smiles. No one makes eye contact and there seems to be no happiness. Maybe it's just cause it's winter...

Ralph D.

We're up in Kingston for the weekend.. The "Corona" weekend.. LoL Great spot, we had awesome egg sandwiches, a truly wonderful lemon poppy scone and excellent coffee. Everything you need in the morning. Owner or manager was very conscious of the "crisis" or whatever, and was diligently cleaning and wiping surfaces.. very nice staff

Antonio Cerna

Must stop on your trip to Kingston. Everything on the menu was great. Order the biscuits. Just do it.

Kersten Dryden

My go to in Kingston for breakfast or lunch. Rich and interesting atmosphere, delicious menu items that are creative, scratch made in house, and perfectly spiced and balanced. From soup to eggs to housemade goodies, everything I have had here has been amazing. Love the Golden milk hot coconut and turmeric drink, and the corn taco is my favorite dish so far.

Chisti D.

My go-to in Kingston for breakfast or lunch. Rich and interesting atmosphere, delicious menu items and specials that are creative, scratch-made in-house, and always perfectly spiced and balanced. From soup and salad to eggs and grain bowls to housemade baked goodies, everything I have had here has been amazing. Oh, and a meal here won't break the bank either, whether you are native Kingston or visitor. I love the hot golden milk drink made with coconut and turmeric, and the corn taco with avocado and fresh kim chee is my favorite dish so far (though admittedly I love it so much I haven't tried many other menu items apart from specials and the staff bowl). A space filled with items of olde, with a casual and historic uptown Kingston vibe, Outdated welcomes locals and visitors alike. Definitely visit whenever you can, and plan to stay for a while. It's a great place to meet a friend or make a new one, linger, and look around at the interesting decor and somewhat creepy doll-esque items for sale. I recommend for anyone nearby or visiting the area.

Maria W.

PLEASE WRITE A COOKBOOK!!!! Food here is deliciously amazing and alive with good chi. Sorry for shouting. But Please. Write. A. Cookbook. I had an epic and amazing Spicy maple smoke Tempeh Reuben on sourdough with gouda. I cannot stop thinking about it and I really don't have the spare time to drive back and have another one. My friends each ordered something different for lunch, which they scarfed down with as much relish as I although I was able to snap a pic of each before we all fell to.

Ari W.

Great hippy vegan place to grab breakfast or lunch. I wouldn’t come here for antique shopping but it’s fun to sit among the antiques and eat. Our favorite thing is the cheddar biscuit that comes with the power bowl.

Kersten Chisti Dryden

Laid back, upscale, excellent good and service, reasonable prices. Love it. A fantastic addition to our community

Simran Purokayastha

Eclectic antique decor and furniture (some of which customers can buy) and great breakfast options (including vegan fare!) make this place a wonderful visit on a warm afternoon. Located on Kingston's quaint Wall Street, visitors to the town should definitely stop by for a relaxing pit stop.

Frances Angulo

Enjoy incredible pastries and lovely tea at outdated. Surrounded by beautifully curated antiques and antique chic collections you feel like you’re having breakfast in a bit of history.

Dustin W.

Had a really really great tempeh reuben. Seating could've been a bit more comfortable for a coffee shop-ish place.

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